Babies for Hollywood starlets?

November 28, 2005

Babies for Hollywood starlets?

Number 2 for Liv Tyler?
Also sporting a rather large bump was Liv Tyler this week while she appeared in New York at the glamourous new store opening for Fendi on Fifth Avenue. Liv Tyler was joined Lindsay Lohan, Isabella Rossellini and Sophie Dahl who were all checking out the merchandise at the 80-year-old fashion firm?s newest palace. Giorgio Armani was also there to pay his respects to the premier fashion house. No word on whether Liv Tyler has another one on the way to keep her son Milo, who turns one in December, company.

Believe it or Not?

Cheating Husband caught by Parrott
A cheating husband was exposed after his wife’s parrot mimicked his voice calling out another woman’s name. Frank Ficker, 50, has now been kicked out of the family home by wife Petra, also 50, after she heard their 12-year-old parrot Hugo impersonating him on the phone to another woman. Petra, of Freiburg, Germany, said: “Hugo always liked to mimic Frank and he could do his voice perfectly. ?Frank asking who’s at the door, Frank yelling at our nephews, Frank telling me he loved me. And then one day I heard him doing Frank’s voice, but saying “Uta, Uta”. Petra turned the house upside down and found two plane tickets for a weekend break in Paris booked for her husband – and a mystery woman named Uta. She said: “I kicked him straight out. It’s just me and my parrot now.” Sad but true!

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