Baby Boomers Are Fulfilling Their Bucket Lists

June 22, 2014
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With ample time to travel the globe, it’s no longer just exploring the hidden gems of Australia, or a luxury cruise in the South Pacific that tickles Baby Boomers’ fancy. A new survey has revealed that Baby Boomers are proving that age is just a number, with many creating ‘before I kick the bucket lists’ to fulfill during their golden retirement years. One of the top items? Travelling into space aboard Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

The study, commissioned by Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to mark the release of heartwarming comedy Last Vegas, also found that despite their taste for exploration, younger Australians are still judging a book by its cover, with half of grey nomads claiming that the younger generation are substantially underestimating the resourcefulness and willingness of their elders, to live life to the fullest.

The survey reveals Baby Boomers are a generation of Adventurers, open to new experiences and more intrepid in comparison to their younger counterparts. Nine out of 10 have a passion for adventure, whether it’s space travel, living abroad for an extended period of time, or acquiring a new hobby, Baby Boomers are thirsty for the new and exciting.

Ray Lewis, a Baby Boomer and founder of GreyPath, the number one website in Australia dedicated to seniors news, says there is an ongoing stereotype that older generations are over the hill, and living life in the slow lane – however the stats reveal something else: 

“Just like the guys in Last Vegas, during our later years we’re still trying to figure out the secrets to life and the key to success. Despite what our younger counterparts may think, we continue to have a burning curiosity for life and even more so than some of them! Enjoyment remains pretty high up on our agenda, with two thirds of Baby Boomers inspired to learn new things, explore and seek out first experiences. Our age certainly doesn’t hold us back – it’s quite the opposite really.

“We may have a few more smile lines and grey hairs, but our mental age is far younger than our physical age. We’re just as mentally fit and open to experiencing new things as everyone else. Contrary to the stereotype, my generation is actually a bunch of Go Getters! Almost a fifth of us are proactively seeking out everything that life has to offer, like scuba diving, sky diving or learning a new language.

“Beyond a passion for exploration, the study reveals that with age comes vitality for life, spare time and financial freedom to do the things you’ve aspired to your whole life.”

And after working tirelessly to secure a good future for their children and live a comfortable life, boomers are now letting their hair down and celebrating life like never before.  Spending their children’s nest egg on ticking off their bucket list, Baby Boomers are creating experiences and memories which are more akin to the behaviours you’d expect to see from their children, and for some, even their grandchildren.

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