Baby girl for Courtney Cox Arquette!

June 15, 2004

Baby girl for Courtney Cox Arquette!

New mum Courtney Cox Arquette
After years of failed attempts, Courtney Cox Arquette has finally given birth to her first child. Coco was born early Sunday morning about a week before her due date. Coincidentally, Courtney went into labor on Saturday night which happened to be her and hubby David Arquette?s five-year wedding anniversary. It is also an early birthday present for the Friends star, who turns 40 today. The stars have publicly announced their difficulties in conceiving in recent years. They have suffered many miscarriages and had begun trying to conceive through in vitro fertilisation. After such a struggle, it will be beautiful to see this family settle into domestic bliss.

Sexiest man indeed
Blooming career for ‘sexiest’ star
Orlando Bloom?s spunk status has been recognised where it counts ? the Troy star has been voted Britain?s sexiest actor. Sky Movies ran the poll, which saw Bloom?s Troy co-star Sean Bean (Odysseus) in second place. The twenty seven-year-old plays Paris in the epic, the son of the King of Troy who woos infamous beauty Helen. But it was his role as Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy that began Orlando?s rise to stardom. He was cast in the role while still a student at drama school. Roles in Ned Kelly, Pirates of the Caribbean and Black Hawk Down followed. In this poll, Orlando has even pipped Hugh Grant, who came in at third, and Ewan McGregor who was fourth.

Bickering with Broderick on The Stepford Wives?
Trouble in “Stepford”?
The Stepford Wives is being promoted as one of the biggest new releases of the American summer. Its $90 million budget, big name stars (including Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close, Matthew Broderick and Bette Midler) and subject matter have all turned heads. But what is attracting just as much attention are the rumours of massive problems on set. An article in the New York Times declared Stepford as ?one of the most troubled projects in years?. Broderick admitted in USA Today that the production was “long” and “complicated”. He tried to quash rumours that any disagreements were major however, saying it wasn?t unusual for creative types to clash. He admitted to there being disagreements between Nicole, Bette and the director, however he was quoted as saying ?I honestly wasn’t there. I now there were some moments of disagreement, but I wasn’t in the scenes that the fights would have happened in. Those who have been in the business for a long time know you can’t do a movie and not have a disagreement every now and then. Comparing it to other movies, I would say this was rather on the low end of tension?.

Nicole Kidman
But what about the movie?
Now it seems that the on-set tensions aren?t the only negative vibes surrounding this movie. After being released on Friday in the US, it seems it hasn?t gone down well with a majority of punters. Reports out of the US say the film is ?clunky?, particularly towards the end. Only 26 of the 81 tracked critics on had kind words for the film. The film is a satiric take on best selling author Ira Levin?s feminist horror novel about a group of suburban men who replace their wives with apron wielding, look alike robots. It was based on a 1975 film on the same name however the modern version has a comedic bent. Guess we?ll have to see for ourselves…

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