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Bad Boy Beckham

Bad Boy Beckham

Bad Boy Beckham

The not-so-golden couple Becks and Posh
In news just in, golden boy David Beckham is in hot water over an alleged affair with a former personal assistant. Tabloid newspapers around the globe have picked up the story that suggests that the England captain and Rebecca Loos carried on an affair in Madrid between September and December while his pop star wife, Victoria, was in England. The Sun (UK) newspaper estimated the couple had spent only 54 of the past 224 days together, with Victoria based in the UK in an attempt to relaunch her floundering pop career. As more details of the reported indiscretion surface, including teary admissions by Rebecca Loos and her family, media pundits are speculating on the impact of this event on Beckham?s marketability and reputation. “He’s a huge star, this won’t diminish his popularity,” Celebrity publicist Max Clifford says “In some ways, people would argue, it would increase it.”

At least he’s got style
David Beckham: sharp dressed man
The good news for soccer ace David Beckham is that he has just landed the title of Best Dressed Man of 2004, but also Best Dressed Man ever. The captain of the English football team pipped dapper British actor Jude Law to the post in this year’s ranking by GQ magazine, with fashion designer Tom Ford and David Bowie in third and fourth place respectively. “(He) has liberated the style warrior in us all – and for that we salute him,? said the folk at GQ.

Orlando Bloom
Best-dressed men of all time
Also making the annual top ten were spunks Orlando Bloom and UK footie star and Calvin Klein undies model Freddie Ljungberg. Featuring alongside Becks in the poll to determine Britain’s 50 best-dressed men of all time, were Winston Churchill, who came second, followed by Terence Stamp, David Bowie and Orlando Bloom. Both lists are complied by 500 celebrities, designers and style aficionados.

SJP – Definitely a fashionista
Sarah Jessica Parker gets kudos for fashion sense
If anyone needed further proof that Sarah Jessica Parker was a fashion guru then her being presented with a Fashion Icon award would definitely cement her position as the style queen. The 2004 Council of Fashion Designers of America fashion awards will be presented to SJP on June 7 at The New York Public Library. The council choose the star of Sex and the City for her “personal and professional commitment to fashion, and for her quintessentially New York style.” Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Ralph Rucci are nominated for the women?s wear designer of the year award and nominees for men?s wear designer of the year are Kors, Sean Combs and Ralph Lauren. Wouldn?t you love a wardrobe filled with those designers!

Heavenly Hiraani Tigerlily
Weird Celebrity Baby Names
Some celebrities do some pretty bizarre things and the worst bit is that the world reads about it in the tabloids. Imagine how their kids must feel, particulary when it’s their names that is the subject of ridicule. Check out the names of these celebrity offspring. Ocean Alexander, Sonnet Noel and Issabella Summer, sons and daughter of Forest Whittaker; Blue Angel, daughter of Dave ‘The Edge’ Evans from U2; Homer, son of Matt Groening; Richard Gere also has a son called Homer; Hud, Speck Wildhorse and Justice sons and daughter of John Mellencamp; Free (he later changed his name to Tom), son of Barbara Hershey; Earving III, son of Magic Johnson, Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom, Pixie and Heavenly Hiraani Tigerlily, daughters of the late Paula Yates, Bob Geldof and the late Michael Hutchence; Michael Samarie, daughter of Conni Marie Brazelton; Sailor Lee, daughter of Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook; Zowie (he later changed his name to Joey), son of David Bowie; Sage Moon Blood, son of Sylvester Stallone & Sasha Czack; Moon Unit and Dweezil, daughter and son of Frank Zappa. Freaky…

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