Balthazar Getty’s Wife: Why I Took Him Back After The Sienna Miller Affair

September 21, 2010

Balthazar Getty’s Wife: Why I Took Him Back After The Sienna Miller Affair

Balthazar Getty says his fling with Sienna Miller hasn’t ruined his marriage.

The ‘Alias’ star – who was spotted with the topless blonde beauty on board a yacht in Italy in July 2008, shortly after his wife Rosetta had given birth to the couple’s fourth child – explained his fashion designer wife Rosetta Millington is “understanding and spiritual” enough to give their marriage another try.

He told Harper’s Bazaar magazine: “Here’s the bottom line: it was a very challenging time for everybody involved. But I loved and missed my family too much not to make it work. Rosetta is understanding and spiritual enough to let us try.”

So why did Rosetta take him back? “I believe we go through things in a public way to help other people get through it. I’d love to talk about it more with people when I’m clearer about it,” the fashion designer says.

She adds: “I’m going to have to explain this to my daughters one day. I chose not to act from ego because I just felt like it would be too crushing for my children.”

Balthazar and Sienna are believed to have called time on their romance after the ‘Factory Girl’ actress became frustrated at Balthazar’s lack of willingness to finalise his divorce with Rosetta and move to London.

A source said at the time: “They had such an animal attraction in the beginning. Now the dust has settled and they’re talking about the future, there are a couple of things they have been rowing about.”

Following the split, Sienna claimed she felt she was at war with women for embarking on the relationship.

She said: “I have really experienced the judgment of women in the past year. It’s women who are holding us back. It’s women who are judging. I find it sad. We say we want to be on an equal path, but men don’t sit around bitching at each other.”

Sienna is now planning her marriage to Jude Law after getting back together with her former fiance in October 2009.

So what do you think? Would you take your cheating spouse back? Even if you have 4 kids and 10 years of marriage behind you?

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