Banish Bingo Wings With Strong Triceps

Claudia Wood

While half the world is in the sweater season, the other half if taking some time off in the sun. Whichever season you’re in, you’re probably also trying to find a way to cover up those bingo wings or stuff them into sleeves. Luckily, bingo wings can be banished. Yes, it is possible to get rid of the wiggly, wobbly bits that sit under those arms. As Denise Austin says, we can always use some “sexy arms!”

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If you’re reading this article thinking, “I’m safe, no bingo wings here!” then read on for some exercises to add to your workout to ensure that those bingo wings stay at bay!

1. Overhead triceps extension

Add some weights to your workout to build muscle and burn up the fat that lives in the back of your arms. Hold one weight with both hands above your head, hands facing forward. Slowly lower the weight down your back to your shoulder blades and raise it back up to starting position. Feel the burn in your triceps after completing three sets.

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2. Tricep pushups

A tricep pushup is just the same as a normal pushup, except the hands are placed right under the shoulders. When lowering down into the push position, the elbows should be close to the ribs and not pointing outwards like a normal pushup; instead they should be pointing down towards the feet. They’re hard, but once you start to strengthen yourself, your toned arms will be well worth it.

triceps workout, women's fitness, tricep, body tone, bingo wings

3. Tricep kickbacks

Using a bench for stability, place your left knee on the bench. Hold your weight in your right hand and lift the arm so that your elbow forms a right angle. Slowly straighten your arm back behind your body and then return to starting position. Make sure you really squeeze your tricep as you go.

triceps workout, women's fitness, tricep, body tone, bingo wings

If you’ve tried to eliminate your bingo wings in the past, just remember: living a healthy lifestyle means making the right decisions about what goes in your mouth, not just which exercises your body does.

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