Throwback Thursday: What Is The Banting Diet?

September 10, 2015

The Banting Eating Plan is a weight loss program adapted by William Harvey which ultimately relies on high fat, and low carbohydrates for optimum weight loss. This may seem a little startling if you’re coming from a balanced diet, but is used in a variety of modern weight loss programs including the popular Atkins diet.

The idea of banting refers to keeping a low-carbohydrate diet which focuses on consuming foods high in fat, and feeding your body what it deserves. A few main objectives include eating sugar in moderation, and cooking most of your main meals from scratch.

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Which foods are allowed?

Banting encourages the consumption of high fat (avocado, eggs, olive oil, fatty fish), moderate protein (salmon, lentils, chicken), plus a variety of leafy green and crunchy vegetables which should be used as snacks to fuel the body.

Although this sounds relatively easy from a beginners point of view, most foods should be cooked from scratch so you know exactly what ingredients they contain.

Which foods are not encouraged?

Since this is a high fat, low carbohydrate diet, the consumption of grains don’t find any place within banting. If you’re finding it difficult to cut them out or go cold-turkey, switch to whole grains since they are a much healthier alternative.

Similarly, sugar (both natural and artificial), is also discouraged since it is viewed as an addiction. The same rule applies for fruit; rather than thinking of fruit as a healthy snack throughout the day, it is viewed as a sweet instead. Keep fruit to a minimum, and enjoy a crunchy vegetable as a substitute.

How does banting actually work?

The idea of banting seeks to eliminate unnecessary eating or snacking, and focuses on a clean diet which is made mostly from scratch. It is an entire lifestyle change which doesn’t encourage the consumption of processed foods, fruits, sugar and grains for a long and healthy life. Combined with regular exercise and physical activity, banting will get your body back on track without loading on the extra kilograms.

Are there any side effects?

Since sugar is not encouraged, many people usually feel tired, experience intense migraines, suffer from an upset stomach, and even have the symptoms of withdrawal decreases sugar levels. This is often referred to as the low-carb flu, and will only last a short period of time. To combat this, get involved in swimming, running, or yoga which will get your natural energy back.

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