BBQ Pineapple and Yoghurt Recipe

January 3, 2014

Start your day with this luscious cafe-inspired breakfast of BBQ pineapple topped with Greek yoghurt and crunchy macadamia nuts.

Serves 4

1 pineapple
2 cups Greek style yoghurt
4 tbsp crushed macadamias

1. Cut the pineapple lengthways into eighths.
2. Grill on the BBQ for a few minutes on each cut side of the fruit until you see nice caramelised grill marks.
3. Serve each quarter with a small bowl of Greek yoghurt topped with the crushed macadamias.
No need to peel the pineapple – it looks divine with the skin still on. After cooking, just run a knife between the skin and flesh and cut into segment, but serve the dish intact, on the skin.
Recipe by Dr Joanna McMillan for Australian Pineapples.

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