Be an Eco Fashionista!

January 11, 2010

Go green in style with Eco Fashionista! This online chic boutique has all you need to give the planet a break without sacrificing your fashion cred.

Wearing your eco-conscience on your designer sleeve has never been easier thanks to stylish online boutique Yes, green is most definitely the new black and this Melbourne-based business is leading the charge with earth-friendly labels certain to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Eco Fashionista’s high-end clothing and accessories are proudly made from organic, sustainable, recycled and vintage fabrics, all developed through environmentally conscious production processes and under fair working conditions. Only the best will do and products are sourced from Australia and abroad.

Founder Alex Hume began the business when her son was born. “The arrival of Max fuelled my quest for a greener lifestyle for me and my family,” she says.

Not that Hume was willing to sacrifice her love of beautiful clothes. Or turn preachy. Make no mistake, the Eco Fashionista approach isn’t about evangelising, sacrificing or guilting anyone into major lifestyle shifts. Instead, Hume has built her business on attractive, quality products with an ethical pedigree that make it easy to be both stylish and green.

That means no scratchy fabrics, no murky colours and no lumpy shapes. Thankfully eco-fashion has come a long way since the reign of cheesecloth, emerging as a truly fresh take on luxury.

“We select our featured designers for their look and serious design credentials, as well as for their shared eco-fashion mission,” Hume says.

All items sold on the site have their eco-credentials listed to take the guess work out of shopping green. Whether it’s an Australian-made Ecoya soy wax candle or an IVANAhelsinki chemical-free, screenprinted cotton dress from Finland, you’ll know exactly what makes it a sustainably smart buy.

Other labels to love include Minna from the UK, Australia’s Cylk, Ashley Watson recycled leather goods, NYC-based organic-cotton champions Loup Charmant, Fifi Bijoux luxury fair trade jewellery plus vegan-friendly (and seriously cute) Spanish shoes from Beyond Skin. is your one-stop shop for clothing, accessories and jewellery with a heart. Going green has never looked so good.

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