Party Hosting Tips : Be the Hostest with the Mostest (Cont.)

July 1, 2000

Modern Manners
Being a great hostess is a dying art, one that we’re keen to revive. A little consideration goes a long way…
  • Don’t get too dolled up (unless you’ve stipulated formal dress on the invitation). It will make guests who have turned up in jeans feel uncomfortable.
  • Send out invitations or call at least a few weeks ahead, especially around this time of year when there are heaps of parties on.
  • Don’t invite people at the last minute if someone’s dropped out – it will make them feel like they’ve been invited at the last minute because someone dropped out. If you’ve ever been in the “second batch” list, you’ll know how offensive this is.
  • Always make sure everyone has a glass in their hand and none of them is empty.
  • If you’ve invited guests who don’t know anyone keep an eye on them and introduce them to other friends with whom they may have some common point of conversation. Then leave them to it. eg “Roger, come and meet Carolyn. She collects antique fountain pens too…” Never leave any poor soul standing alone or wandering around like a friendless dag.
  • Feed your guests. It’s amazing how many parties you go to where a scabby bowl of chips on a table is all they give you to eat. Pass trays or plates food around yourself as well as leaving on tables for guests to nibble on. It will give you a chance to chat to people. You can also recruit a shy friend or someone who’s not good at the social stuff to pass food around too which gives them a way to get into the swing of things.

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