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November 23, 2009

Want to dress like a celeb? Fashion stylist Beate de Camp shows you how to find your perfect personal style minus the diva antics!

As a fashion stylist my job is to help clients finding their individual style for their physical appearance and life style. I feel great satisfaction seeing their confidence and style grow with my assistance.

Whether it’s classic, sporty or sexy, a personal style gives you a unique look and helps define your personality. Having your own style lets people know what you’re all about. Knowing your personal style is not difficult once you start listening, observing and noting.

Top fashion styling tips

Start with knowing who you are on the inside. Know your own tastes and preferences as well as your positive and negative physical features. There is no time for being in denial.

Listen to others. Make notes of comments you receive when you wear a particular style and/or special colour. Do you have a special item in your wardrobe you feel comfortable every time you wear it? Do you get compliments?

What is the style and/or cut? Is it long, short, fitted, striped, printed? What colour is it? Whatever it is, you look great in it! Stick to it and find similar pieces for your wardrobe.

Invest time and thinking into your outfit. The most stylish people don’t magically conjure their outfits into existence (not even me). If you don’t have time in the morning prepare your outfit the night before. What style do you want to represent? Does that shirt go with these pants? Which shoes will suit? Is it suitable for the day planned? And remember accessories. They are very important and can give you the final touch on an outfit.

Get to know your body. Is your bust big, your tummy, do you have skinny or short legs, etc. All this is knowledge that helps you finding your own style. Don’t think that just because it looks great on the model it will look great on you. Does it flatter your body? Does it make your shoulders wider? Does it emphasize your waist?

Take your time when going shopping. If you’re hopeless and always end up buying things you never wear maybe a shopping list is best and you will get less distracted. Don’t always listen to the sales assistants and follow your instinct.

When trying something on you either look good in it or you don’t. If you’re not sure don’t buy it and maybe think about it (you can always come back). Can you wear it with anything from your wardrobe? Does it emphasize your killer features? Don’t buy anything on sale you wouldn’t buy for a full price. It will only end up in your wardrobe waiting to be worn (which most likely will never happen).

I hope the tips are helpful and you already started finding your personal style. It will help you making investments in your wardrobe rather then buying on impulse. You should note a difference once you start receiving your first positive feedback from family and/or friends!

Beate de Camp
Fashion Stylist & Personal Shopper

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