How To Beat A Bloated Belly

August 13, 2015
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You’re exercising and eating properly, but for some reason you just can’t banish that bloat! Sometimes last night’s dessert is the culprit, but sometimes you’re clueless. However, you don’t need to be destined to suffer bloating for the rest of your life – there are some easy fixes. We show you exactly how to beat a bloated belly!

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Abdominal bloating happens when your stomach feels full and tight from a build up of gas in the small intestine. It’s gross, we know – but this is what makes your stomach visibly swollen. For all the tips and tricks on how to get a flat tummy, read on!

Avoid Salt

Adding salt to your food may taste delicious, but you’re not doing yourself any favours. Salt is often hidden in foods too without you even knowing it – the food might not even taste salty. Some common culprits include pre-packaged sauces, soups, crackers and dressings. Reducing these salts in your diet can help reduce bloating. If you want some added flavour in your food, try switching salt for herbs and spices.

Eat your food slowly

When you eat your food quickly, you end up digesting a lot of air. This leads to poor digestion and makes your stomach bloat. You can ditch the fast-eating habit by putting your fork down between each mouthful or by chewing slowly and savouring each mouthful of your meal.

Have a 3pm snack

If you’re anything like us when 3pm rolls around, you’re hungry and reaching for anything with sugar to keep you going until dinner. Sure, this will spike your insulin and give you an energy burst in the short term, but after you’ve had that boost of energy, your insulin levels will drop dramatically shortly after and leave you feeling lethargic and hungrier.

On the other hand, many people don’t eat at 3pm because they’re too busy. This leaves a long gap between lunch and dinner, during which time your metabolism starts to slow and your blood sugar starts to drop. By the time you eat dinner, you’re starving and you eat larger portions in record times, which leads to bloating.

Eating a snack high in protein or wholegrain carbohydrates mid-afternoon will keep you going the healthy way. Nuts and wholegrain crackers are always a good choice.

Stress less

Anxiety produces cortisol and cortisol is the stress hormone that stores your bodies fat. Even if you’re following a healthy diet and exercising regularly, over-working yourself or stressing too much can undo all your hard work. Try meditation or deep breathing exercises to calm you down.

Go green

Filled with antioxidants, this delicious drink can help speed up your metabolism and prevent bloating. Two to three steaming cups of tea – or ice tea – can work wonders for that stubborn fat around your abdomen.

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