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Beautiful bods (con’t)

Beautiful bods (con’t)

1. Sohum
Sohum have a delicious range of body products with a variety of different scents. You could easily be worried about the initial strong cherry smell of the White Cherry Silk Bath? but don?t be! These bath salts leave the skin feeling smooth and soft with a mild smell once dissolved. Ideal for a long relaxing bath. The Sohum ? Fig Perfume Balm is a new favourite product and can be used on occasion instead of a perfume. The fragrance is appealing and lasts for hours on end without losing intensity. The Fig Deluxe Bath & Shower Cr?me foams beautifully, leaves the skin moisturized and wonderfully scented. The best thing is that these products are all Australian owned and made!
RRP: White Cherry Silk Bath $17.95, Fig Perfume Balm $13.95, Fig Bath & Shower Cr?me $19.95 Stockists: (03) 9416 1114

2. Alchemy Orange Blossom Body Wash
This body was is perfect if you have very sensitive skin. The Orange Blossom scent is refreshing and quite uplifting, great to use everyday in the shower in the morning as gives your body a real wake up call. Other beautiful fragrances include Sandalwood, Lavender, Jasmine.
RRP $11.50

3. Ethos Stimulating Body Scrub
This scrub is great if you need a really good strong scrub, maybe after a long flight, greasy massage, session of jelly wrestling or in preparation for a spray on tan, as this is not for the faint hearted. This scrub is a thick paste like consistency with bits of earth clay and tea tree powder in it. As with the rest of the Ethos range it is 99.25% natural.
RRP $32.70.

4. Mukti Botanicals
With everyone going organic these days, the Mukti Bath and Shower Gel with ?certified organic ingredients? is a real winner. The unique combination of ingredients, too many to list, creates a relaxing and calming bath that doesn?t leave your skin feeling greasy, just cleansed and rejuvenated. The calendula, chamomile and rosemary combined with coconut and grapefruit create a unique scent that makes you feel like you are bathing in some exotic island retreat! Great for a stress reliever! Apply the Mukti Body Lotion straight after the bath for the full effects. The body lotion is quite thick and doesn?t a huge amount to cover your body but does need to be vigourously rubbed in. The scent of coconut oil and macadamia oil are subtly mixed with citrus extracts leaving your skin moisturised yet not overpowering. Great for thirsty winter skin.
RRP Bath & Shower Gel $16.50, Lotion $18.95

5. Clarins body products
The Clarins Relaxing Body Polisher
is as close as you will get to having a body scrub like in a salon at home! The sugar and sea salt crystals mixed with essential oils and plant extracts from Geraniums, Chamomile and Basil give this body polish it?s unique fragrance which is perfect for the home made scrub if you don?t have time to go to the beauty salon. After the body polisher it is well worth adding the Clarins Relaxing Body Balm to your home spa treatment. The relaxing body balm leaves your freshly polished body feeling satiny smooth and smelling yummy enough to eat ? this could be as the body balm has extracts of sweet almond, marshmallow and linseed!
RRP Body Polisher $62.00, Body Balm $58.00

6. Kosmea Rose Hip Hand & Body Lotion
The Kosmea Radiant Hand and Body Lotion to give dull winter skin a moisturising and sweet smelling freshen up. The use of calendula, grapeseed and evening primrose oils ensures this cream is easily absorbed into your dry, thirsty skin. Great for fans of floral scents as the rose and rosewood oils have quite a strong lasting scent.
RRP $24.95
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