Is Beauty a Curse or a Blessing ?

September 1, 2000

Rate looks, body, intelligence, sense of humor and compassion in order of importance?

You lose your virginity to the first two, and you fall in love with the second two. No! Seriously, I tell all of my good single female friends that: “People stop looking when they see the inside”, so that would definitely mean that looks and body take a second place to a good sense of humour in an intelligent person. In this particular question I would probably rate passion or being passionate over compassion because that’s what I look for in a person.

For a fling?

Well! I’ve been having a fling with my girlfriend for seven years and I never get tired of rolling around with her body and looks, but I know that it is what’s inside that keeps me coming back.

For a long-term relationship?

I don’t think you can have a relationship with just a body! Can you? A relationship is what it is because of the interaction you yourself have with your spouse. I think you can place a certain amount of value on the criteria you set, in order to find the one your looking for. But if you don’t bend and stretch on your values here and there you might go through life very single and very lonely.

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