Beauty and Career Tips from Elle Macpherson

October 18, 2010

Beauty and Career Advice from Elle Macpherson

Elle says:

Elle Macpherson wears foundation to suit what she’s doing. The supermodel says one of her top tips to looking good is to apply different types of cosmetics for different events as she likes to separate her looks.

She told Stylist magazine: “My advice is to always keep it simple. I drink about three litres of water a day, and use good sun protection. I also believe every woman should wear different types of foundation according to her day. The type I use can completely change of it’s the day, evening or if I’m doing business and I’m putting on a work face.”

Elle, 47, is known as The Body, thanks to her stunning figure, and says she maintains it by doing lots of exercise. She said: “I like sport. I’m like a jock, the kind of person that will get up on holiday at 6am and surf, paddleboard, then go snorkelling, then go for a run, then do a yoga class. I just love the community of sport. I often go to an old-fashioned men’s sweatbox gym where you just do circuit training and sit-ups and push-ups – that’s really fun.”

Elle is the new host of Britain’s Next Top Model and tells young girls:

My advice [to young aspiring models] would be to get an education. It’s much more interesting for girls to be educated and be beautiful because there are a lot of simply pretty girls out there. The ones who get ahead are the ones who have a curiosity, a flexibility and a natural instinct with some cultural understanding, plus a willingness to learn…I wanted to create business in new ways and to step away from the modeling agency method at the time. I was interested in licensing and branding—sometimes I wanted equity and I looked for longevity.”

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