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These Beauty Bloggers’ Makeup Collections Have To Be Seen To Be Believed

These Beauty Bloggers’ Makeup Collections Have To Be Seen To Be Believed

Is this real life or is this fantasy?

Warning: if you consider yourself a bit of a beauty addict with a slightly obsessive relationship with makeup, you may have some heart palpitations while reading this article.

At least that’s how I felt while writing it.

As a beauty editor, of course I love beauty products and have a bathroom full of makeup with all kinds of foundations, 50 shades of nude lipsticks, a drawer full of nail polish, and a variety of fluffy makeup brushes to just mention a few of my babies.

Compared to some of my friends, my makeup collection is big – some would even say unnecessary – but it has absolutely nothing on those of beauty bloggers.

The world of beauty bloggers is fascinating, and thanks to youtube, we can all be part of it. There seem to be different types of videos that are particularly popular with viewers, such as beauty hauls where bloggers share their latest excessive makeup shopping spree with everyone, or so-called GRWM (get ready with me) videos which are basically more chatty makeup tutorials.

BE STILL MY BEATING HEART. Aussie beauty vlogger, Lauren Curtis’s lipstick drawer.

I love them all, but my latest obsession would have to be makeup collection videos in which the biggest influencers share their ridiculous makeup rooms. That’s right, it’s makeup rooms, not makeup bags, like most of us would have.

With some of them stocking more products than your average Sephora, beauty bloggers understandably have to be organized if they don’t want to be suffocated by a pile of eyeshadow palettes and beautyblenders, but some of them have taken their makeup organization skills to the next level and created collections that will literally make your jaw drop.

Just imagine waking up to one of these collections every morning…

1. Desi Perkins uses an IKEA media cabinet and clear containers for her insane collection.

2. Jaclyn Hill shows off some of her makeup on floating shelves and it’s too pretty for words.

3. Christen Dominique has an entire wall of beauty goodness.

4. Brittney Lee Saunders’ drawers full of color-coordinated lipsticks will make you drool.

5. Lauren Curtis will literally never run out of anything, especially eyeshadow.

6. Shaaanxo has so much makeup, she made eight (!) videos about decluttering her makeup.

7. Ashtagmakeuplove’s beauty room looks like a rainbow exploded.

8. And Purplestar02’s collection of over 2,300 lip balms will take your breath away.

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Comment: How do you organize your makeup?

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