Beauty buys for November

November 2, 2004

Beauty buys for November

Lalisse Acne Solution
Pimple creams all seem to be about marketing to teenagers striving for the fresh-faced perfection of Mischa Barton on The O.C. While these creams may or may not work on youthful faces, a more mature face requires a reliable, adult product to deal with those occasional breakouts. Enter Lalisse Acne Solution. This discrete amber cylinder holds a serum designed to intensively blast oncoming blackheads and whiteheads. It encourages the bodies natural defences to increase blood circulation and clear the pores in an effort to reduce irritation. Although the scent is very distinctive (apparently fragrant grasses) you only require minimal applications before your pimples are a thing of the past.
RRP $19.95

Bloom Shimmer Body Cream
This slightly tinted cream is very refreshing on the skin. It provides a light shimmer, not extreme enough to make you feel like a 14 year old at a blue light disco, but enough to make you feel ready for a night on the town. The tint is perfect for this weather, where you haven?t quite developed your tan but you?re already into singlets and other skin revealing outfits. Perfect for the d?colletage!

Palmers Cocoa Butter
This product has long been a favourite. The thick, yellow cream smooths well over the skin, instantly refreshing and moisturising even the driest skin. It?s a combination of two acids, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) or Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) to combine as Multi-Hydroxy Acids. The result is this cream removes dry skin cells on top to uncover the smoother skin underneath. Plus the combination of pure cocoa butter and vitamin E means your skin feels divine!
RRP. $9.95.

Plus here’s what SheSaid readers had to say…
“I would have to say that the best moisturiser that i have ever used is ”palmers cocoa butter”.It leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth, it also firms the skin and helps fade stretch marks and scares.
But the best thing is it smells yummy!” – Dannii

“Having very sensitive skin, being allergic to many scented moisterisers, I have found Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E very good for my skin. It moisterisers my skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.” – Sharon

Academie?s Velvet Gel-Cream for the Body
This is a very light, but amazingly hydrating cream that soothes dryness and irritated skin. It contains pure apple water (probably the reason for the great smell!) as well as Aloe Vera. It also contains an Active Restructuring Ingredient which penetrates the skin to provide deeper activity.
RRP $79

No it isn?t a typo, Myer have exclusively released a new range of female and male fragrances called ?sexual? and ?sexual pour homme?. The male fragrance was Bloomingdales No. 1 selling men?s scent for December 2002, and it isn?t hard to figure out why. The fragrance is described as Woody Oriental with a combination of ingredients such as Indian Sandalwood (well known for its aphrodisiac properties), Indian Basil and Asian Sage. It creator Michel Germains reportedly studies ancient aphrodisiacs and set out to create fragrances to spark the sexual emotions for both men and women. Put it on your man and find out for yourself!
RRP Sexual pour home Eau de Toilette $98 for 75ml
Sexual Eau de Perfume $145 for 75ml

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