Beauty Horror Stories

April 6, 2011

Beauty Horror Stories

Ever had a beauty treatment go wrong? Check out these horror stories! I had an oxygen facial two weeks ago that was supposed to leave my skin glowing. That night my skin started to itch like mad, a rash broke out over my face, neck and shoulders like I had chicken pox and huge welts crept up all over my face. I tried not to scratch but it lasted two days. Horrible! Julia, SheSaid editor.

My friend went for an arm wax and the beautician had no idea what she was doing. You’re supposed to rip the hair against the growth and the beautician ripped the wax with the growth, leaving her badly bruised and with patches of hair. She left before the woman got to the other arm! Dani.

My husband bought me a day spa package which included facial, body scrub, massage, manicure and pedicure. I expected it to be a half day affair but they rushed through it in 1.5 hours, so while one woman was giving me a facial, another was giving me a painful pedicure, so it was the opposite of relaxing! Make sure you know what you’re buying when you pay up for a package! Kathy.

I went to a cheap laser salon in a shopping centre and got so badly scarred on my bikini line that I am now suing the salon! Debbie My work colleague had a Brazilian wax at a salon that she passed every day on the way to work. The therapist did a really bad wax job, ripping skin off – and it was just before a romantic weekend away with her husband for their anniversary! When she complained the owner defended the therapist and told her she didn’t need her business. My colleague couldn’t believe it! She’s since found complaints on online forums for this salon. Irina

Have you experienced a beauty horror story?

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