How to Remain Cool, Calm & Collected in the Car

April 1, 2000

How to remain cool, calm and collected in the car.

Double up on your make-up and keep a set in your glove compartment, as well as in your handbag. This way, you can apply mascara when the traffic has come to a grinding halt.

I know you may only think baby wipes are for people with kiddies but they are actually a must for anyone who drives with their early morning cappuccino. If you spill coffee as much as I do in the car then these little wipes will get rid of any spilt milk. We all know if you don’t get rid of it straight away you never do.

Keep a bottle of scent in the car. When you spray yourself, you will also keep the car smelling delicious without the aid or some of those filthy scented trees or fake flowers.

Pop custom-made sheepskin rugs on the floor in front of your passenger’s seat to save their heels and make them more comfy.

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