What Does Beauty Mean To You?

March 31, 2014
Jules Sebastian, ambassador, beauty

Being ‘beautiful’ seems to now be perceived as one ideal – think perfect skin, flawless hair, crazy diets, tiny bodies… all unrealistic images that are shattering the self-esteem and self-worth of an entire generation of women and beyond. It’s time to give women back the power to define for themselves what beauty means to them.

That’s why Beautiful You Australia has teamed up with a few select ambassadors, including stylist mum Jules Sebastian, in a new campaign to help redefine beauty, asking Aussie women to share what really makes them feel beautiful.

Women of Australia are being encouraged to take control of what beauty means to them, capture their beautiful moments, share their journey with others and refine the current, one-dimensional definition of ‘beauty’.

Jules says: “When you dress up for a special event or occasion or even for a walk in the park, everyone can feel beautiful by just what they’re wearing. I feel beautiful when I help others feel beautiful just by the way they dress. I also feel beautiful when I spend time with my friend and my family”. 

Beautiful You Australia is asking women to head to their website to stand up, reach out and share their moments of beauty – what makes them feel beautiful. You can also share images across social media using the hashag #BeautyRedefined

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