3 Beauty New Year’s Resolutions

January 2, 2014

Going to sleep in your makeup…lazy with moisturising your skin…most of us could improve our beauty routine, so what better time to get serious about your skin than the new year? Follow these three simple beauty resolutions from Sanctuary Spa’s skincare guru Nichola Joss for glowing, healthy, youthful skin from head to toe.

Resolution 1: Remove your makeup
From time to time everyone falls victim to hitting the sheets without taking off the shimmer, but sleeping in your makeup regularly (and sometimes just once!) can clog your pores, leading to problems including acne, dryness and red, inflamed skin. Nichola says: “do the double cleanse.” First, use an oil cleanser like the Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Cleansing Oil to remove traces of makeup including waterproof mascara and liners. Nichola suggests cleansing a second time to thoroughly remove all the grime of the day, while working the product deep into the pores for naturally dewy, clear skin.

Resolution 2: Start a skincare routine
According to Nichola, having a regular skincare routine is essential for gorgeous, healthy, glowing skin. First, do the double cleanse. Every 2-3 days, follow with a gentle exfoliator to even out the surface of the skin and remove cell build up. Toning is often the forgotten step, but Nichola says, “always tone (with a toner like Sanctuary Spa Pore Refining Toner) after cleansing. This not only rebalances the skin, but removes any trace cleansing particles, making sure skin is super cleansed, balanced and refined.”

Nichola also recommends facial massage, saying “work your day cream into the skin for a couple of minutes, working the ingredients deeper into the skin to get the real benefits. In the evening always use a facial oil and send 3-4 minutes massaging it into the skin.” For the best results, follow the oil massage with your night cream and serum (like Sanctuary Spa Power Peptide Serum) and get a good nights rest. Finally, wear SPF, even in winter.

Resolution 3: Moisturise your body day and night
For body care all year round, Nichola insists all her clients massage the Sanctuary Spa Body Butter into their skin every morning after bathing and again in the evening. Nichola says, “moisturising helps to feed and nourish the skin while improving the tone, texture and firmness of the skin and muscle tissue.”

Nichola’s top body beauty tip is to add body oil (like Sanctuary Spa Body Moisture Spray) to your moisturiser for extra massage purposes. Nichola says, “Massage helps to break down fatty deposits that are lying under the surface of the skin and improves and tightens the surface of the skin so that you immediately get the appearance of smoother skin.”

What are your beauty resolutions for 2014?


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