Beauty On The Run

February 15, 2002

We’ve decided to combine exercise with a fantastic new beauty product so you can learn to get fit and get beautiful at the same time. Lux has created four handwashes in four themes that enable you to keep your hands clean and moisturised while on the run. Gotta love that!


All you have to do is pack what you need, strap it on your back and start walking. It’s as simple as that. You’ll get away from it all and come back in better shape. Going up and down steep trails with a heavy back pack burns calories – actually around 4,000 a day. It also builds strength and pushes your aerobic endurance to new heights. Did we mention leg muscles? Hiking works those quads, hamstrings and calves like no other exercise? Best of all Hiking relaxes your mind and helps you release stress – all while enjoying nature’s best views. When you do get back from a day of hiking don’t forget to try Lux Skin Sense Hand Wash in Calm. The gentle fragrance of chamomile and geranium will not only moisturise your skin but cleanse it as well.


Always wanted to experience an unbeatable high? Kayaking will do it for you. Whether you’re paddling the white water rapids of the Penrith Whitewater Stadium in Sydney or touring the Brisbane River, kayaking lets you develop upper-body strength and incredible balance all while you have a duck’s eye view of the world. Besides those fabulous triceps, you’ll develop flexible muscles in both your upper and lower back – all the way around to your abdomen. The only Lux hand wash post kayaking is Splash. Splash contains natural extracts of juniper and wild jojoba which are known for their purifying and toning properties.

Camping really is the quintessential way to really enjoy all that nature has to offer. Free your spirit, relax your mind and dream as you stare into a campfire, lie under the stars or wade in the ocean – far, far away from your work. With more than 3000 national parks in Australia there really are thousands of amazing places to pitch a tent. You’ll be the only ones for miles. Don’t forget to pack Embrace Lux Hand wash to keep your hands smelling and feeling beautiful while outdoors. Embrace contains natural extracts of Neroli and Ylang Ylang, which are known for their warming and sensual properties.

Mountain Biking
If you’re looking for perfectly, toned thighs and sculpted calves, you can do a million leg lifts or you can get on a bike and take to some of the most interesting bike trails. Mountain biking is one of the most demanding and fun ways to get into super shape. Your legs and lungs work hard on moderate trails and you’ll be pushing yourself to new heights, literally. After a good ride don’t forget to try Divine Lux Hand wash. Divine has a delicately uplifting scent with natural extracts of jasmine and lily which are known for their moisturising and skin softening properties. Perfect for bike weary hands.

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