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March 29, 2005

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Question: I have blonde hair and fair skin but with a yellow undertone. My eyes are brown. They are big and definitely my best feature but I am not sure which shades of eye shadow suit my colouring. Most fair skinned people seem to suit pastels but with my yellow undertones I don?t. Any suggestions on what colours would accentuate them (especially for evening)? ? Judith

Answer: I do not believe that there are hard-and-fast rules where make-up is concerned, but here are some basic concepts that may help you when experimenting with colour for your skin type.

– Make-Up or Foundation ? If your skin is pink use make-up with yellowy tones and if your skin is too yellow, use pink undertoned foundation. Applied lightly, it can even out skin tone and hide blotchiness. It should feel like a second skin, not a mask.
– Groom eyebrows ? They are the most important feature and most expressive feature of the face.
– Eye shadow ? Try natural taupes, brown and ivory and experiment with contouring to best accentuate your big brown beauties. Complement your eye make-up with eyeliner and mascara. Why not try adapting the methods used by the make-up artists for Uma Thurman ?vulnerable and sexy? at the same time.
– Blush ? Neutral for day, gloss for evening could be an alternative.
– Lip Colour ? Barely Nude Lip Gloss or shimmers will highlight your lips. Add a little colour for evening wear.

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