These Are The Beauty Products You Should NOT Use Every Day

April 15, 2019

The less is more approach can sometimes work wonders.

We all have our beauty routines and rituals.

Whether it includes an elaborate skincare regime, double coating our lashes with mascara, or brushing our hair 100 times, we tend to use our fave beauty products on a daily basis.

While daily use is perfectly fine with most cosmetics – in fact, most products encourage consumers to use them every single day – there are certain things you should use more sporadically.

As it turns out, there can be such a thing as too much of a good thing, as cosmetics like primers and ingredients like retinols have to be used with caution.

So if you’ve been having a lot of bad hair days lately, or can’t figure out why your skin feels irritated, chances are you’re using one of the following products too frequently…

1. Exfoliators

Everybody loves a deep cleanse and the squeaky clean feeling it leaves on our skin, but if used more than once or twice a week, exfoliators can seriously damage the skin. Many exfoliating products contain microbeads or other scrubbing agents that can cause micro tears in the skin when used too frequently.

Especially sensitive skin may react with redness and inflammation, and in bad cases, over-exfoliating can cause acne and scarring. Keep your scrubs usage to a couple times a week, and if you have sensitive skin, consider using mild chemical exfoliants which use acids or enzymes to reduce the buildup of dead skin cells with no need for physically scrubbing the skin.

2. Hair masks

Deep conditioning hair masks are great at making hair feel soft and restoring shine, but don’t use hair masks like you would use your shampoo. As most hair masks nourish and hydrate hair with oil-based ingredients, they can leave it quite heavy and weighed down, which is why it’s important to shampoo and condition your hair after using a hair mask, as well as limiting your mask sessions to twice a week.

For thin hair types, applying a hair mask even just once a week can be more than enough to keep hair healthy without adding too much weight and buildup to your mane.

3. Retinols

Retinol has become a bit of a buzzword in skincare – and rightly so as it’s one of the most effective ingredients to reduce fine lines. However, skincare containing retinol should be used with caution.

Retinols are Vitamin A derivatives used to boost cell turnover, which can visibly smooth the skin’s surface, but it can also irritate skin when used too often. If you’re a newbie to retinol, start introducing the ingredient slowly, only using it twice a week before going to sleep. After a few weeks, you can increase the frequency if your skin tolerates it.

Be aware retinols will sensitize your skin to UV rays, so avoid using any form of it in the morning – it’s best to stick to PM use only.

4. Dry shampoo

It’s pretty save to say dry shampoo is a lifesaver on the dreaded day three of most women’s hair washing cycle as it keeps greasy roots at bay and revives lacklustre hair. While there’s nothing wrong with using dry shampoo two to three times a week, using it every day can damage your hair.

As dry shampoo adds texture and body to your hair, some may be tempted to use it even straight after a wash, however, this will make hair dry and brittle as the powder strips our strands off the natural oils our hair needs. So to avoid split ends, avoid using dry shampoo daily.

5. Primer

Using primer before foundation is a great way to create a smooth base, but the reason your skin looks more even after application is because primer settles into your pores. Especially silicone-based primers tend to clog pores, which can lead to breakouts when used too often.

Try and limit using primer to those days when you need your makeup to last really long or look extra flawless, but stay away from it for your everyday makeup routine.

6. Matte lipstick

Matte lips have been all the rage ever since Kylie Jenner started her world domination with her Kylie lip kits, but as fab as a matte pout looks, using long-lasting matte formulas every day can seriously dry out your lips.

Instead, use more hydrating formulas in between your matte lip days, or if you’re absolutely hooked to matte, at least show your lips some TLC during the night by using a lip mask treatment to restore moisture.

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