Beauty questions answered!

December 7, 2004

Beauty questions answered!

Ever a question about beauty and skincare but not sure where to turn? The answers are here thanks to the SheSaid Beauty Advice Panel. Deborah Scicluna, From Institut Esthederm has answered three questions on the best ways to look after your skin. If you’ve got a pressing skincare concern, email with your question.

Question: Just wondering if you could tell me of any good products that clear/fade freckles and pigmentation? Price is not really an issue. Just after something that actually works!!

Answer: Freckles – yes they can be cute, and an unwanted sight to our appearance. As freckles are part of our genetic makeup there is no chance of fading them all together. However, we can prevent them from becoming darker and more noticeable by ensuring that we use a block out every day.

A treatment program that is designed for all women who wish to have an even and porcelain like complexion is the whitening program. This can be made up of a salon treatment and/or home care. A whitening program will give the skin an even, radiant, and transparent looking skin.

Pigmentation – a pigmentation spot is a visible irregular colour on the surface of the skin, which is due to an irregular amount of melanin deposits in the skin. Many woman are subject to these dark spots due to ageing but it also can be caused by internal irregularities, for example pregnancy, hormone imbalance etc.

You are able to obtain a lightening result on the specific spot by using products that contain natural active ingredients, such as mulberry, grapefruit, bare berry, and liquorice. Products specifically made to treat pigmentation spot should be purchased from your beauty salon. However, if you do not cure the cause of the pigmentation, it will return.

Special Note: If pigmentation has been around for more than ten years it will be virtually impossible to obtain a result as it has gone too far into the skin.

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