Beauty Secrets From The NY Makeup Show

May 17, 2011

Beauty Secrets From The NY Makeup Show

The hottest makeup artists at The Makeup Show from YSL to Smashbox share their expert beauty tips with SheSaid! By SheSaid Editor, Julia Blanter.

Flawless Canvas

To create the perfect canvas, mix a little tinted moisturiser with loose foundation on your hand and blend over the face with a foundation brush, starting at the nose and forehead and brushing out towards the hairline. Don’t forget to do the eyes and down the neck. Then do your concealer, dotting lightly around the eyes and any blemishes. Finish with a light dusting of high definition powder to erase all pores and create a flawless finish – Val Hernandez, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics.

Perfect Brows

To create the perfect brow, start by pencilling in at the arch, not at the tip of your eyebrow. That way, you can create an even arch on both eyes, then just feather in the rest of the brow – Eve Pearl.

Instant Smokey Eye

For an easy smokey eye, just use your eyeliner pencil. Apply a thicker line along the lash line, then around the crease area and a little on the eyelid closer to the nose. Then take a smudge brush and blend, blend, blend! Fill in any gaps with a little eyeshadow. And the staying power using an eyeliner pencil is amazing – Dell Ashley, YSL.

Do The Eyes First

When doing your makeup, do your eyes first before anything else. That way you can remove any fall-out without ruining your foundation/concealer/blush – Lori Taylor, Smashbox.

I’ll be bringing you more makeup tips from the celebrity makeup artists at The New York Makeup Show this week!

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