Beauty Secrets of a French Woman

August 6, 2012

French facialist Christine Clais has over 20 years experience as a skincare expert, and shares her personal beauty regime and diet secrets.

As a French-born Facialist, I am often asked to share the beauty secrets of French women. So, here are some of them.

Daily skincare regime

Most French women understand the importance of a good homecare regime for their skin. From a very early age, they have seen their grandmothers and mothers unfailingly treating their skin, as part of a twice-daily beauty ritual consisting of at least cleansing and moisturising their skin. Naturally then, they emulate these home beauty rituals. In my case, I remember ‘Bonne Maman’, my paternal grandmother, telling me about the benefits of using good quality products and the importance of looking after my skin everyday.

So look after your skin every day, face and body!

Regular professional facial treatments

French women like to have monthly facials at reputable salons where their facialist performs a comprehensive treatment, including skin exfoliation, extraction of blackheads, massage to stimulate skin oxygenation, and the application of a professional mask to hydrate, nourish, purify or soothe the skin. Following a treatment, the therapist prescribes some products for the client to take away; these usually include an exfoliator and a mask so the client can perform a weekly ‘mini facial’ at home, to ensure continuous improvement in the client’s skin between salon visits.

In-salon treatments, in combination with regular home treatments, greatly contribute to improving your skin’s appearance.

A balanced diet: everything in moderation!

In French society, quite a lot of emphasis is put on looking good; this is especially the case for women. Eating well is vital. Good eating habits include controlling your weight; this has to be worked on, considering that food is a natural obsession! Most women spend a lot of time on planning meals, shopping for ingredients and cooking nutritious, balanced meals, incorporating plenty of vegetables. Normally, meals include an entrée made of crudités (a raw salad which may contain carrots, celery, tomatoes or cucumber), followed by a little meat or fish served with fresh vegetables of various colours, as well as some lettuce and a little cheese; and, perhaps to finish, a piece of fruit or some yoghurt.

Our skin needs a well-balanced diet consisting of nutrient-rich, fresh foods, with enough proteins, fruits and vegetables. Vegetables and fruits are the best anti-oxidants and contribute to keeping your skin younger looking for longer.

Visit Christine Clais, the French Facialist for more information.

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