10 DIY Beauty Tips For Skin, Hair And Nails

August 6, 2014

Look and feel your best by incorporating some new beauty techniques into your makeup and skincare routine, which will revolutionise the way your skin looks and feels. From how to make your mascara last longer, to softer legs, here are just a few tricks you need to know.

Shaving rash

Ever find that your pores are irritated by constant shaving, and even a shaving gel isn’t doing the trick? Try using baby oil to achieve softer legs and a closer shave. It will also leave skin feeling deeply moisturised, and will avoid rashes or breakouts.

Hair mask

If hair is feeling rough and lacklustre, massage raw coconut oil into the ends 2-4 times a week to repair problem areas. Apply to damp hair for 20 minutes, then wash off well with shampoo and a deep, nourishing conditioner.

Dry mascara

Make your favourite mascara last longer by adding just a bit of your favourite eyedrops. This will keep the formula intact, and won’t irritate sensitive eyes.

DIY teeth whitener

Want to brighten the appearance of your teeth without the use of annoying teeth strips? Simply mix one tablespoon of baking soda and three drops of hydrogen peroxide before brushing all over your teeth. Remember to rinse well with cold water afterwards.

Nail polish remover

Out of nail polish remover? No problem! Apply a clear polish over the existing colour, then wipe off with a tissue or cotton wool. This will completely remove any residue left on the nail.

Perfect winged eyeliner

For a flawless cat eye flick, use a small piece of tape or a post-it note extending from the bottom lash line. Apply primer, eyeshadow and finally trace the line that is left by the tape. Remove to reveal a flawless application!

Shiny hair and scalp

The secret to shiny hair has been hiding in your pantry all along. Rinse hair with apple cider vinegar to increase the level of shine, and also to salvage a dry scalp.

Acne, fat and wrinkle solution

Before you’re tucked into bed, use an ice cube and massage it over your face and any problem areas. This will help to minimise the chance of breakouts or wrinkles. Also helps to reduce swelling, redness and inflammation on other parts of the body.

Chapped lips

Bring life back to dry, chapped lips by combining honey, olive oil and sugar into a fine paste. Then apply directly onto the top and bottom lips in a circular motion.

Know your primer

There are many different types of primers which can be used before applying makeup. Green is use to counteract redness and inflammation, while lavender is a must-have for women who wish to brighten up their complexion.

Make your own using Milk of Magnesia mixed with distilled water and apply with a cosmetic sponge or Beauty Blender.

Image via Southern Girly.

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