How To Contour Your Face

July 24, 2014

Contouring is a secret weapon that makeup artists have been using for years to highlight certain features, and make the face slimmer and more angular. All you need is a few makeup products, brushes and the right technique to contour your face the right way.


Regardless of your face shape, the same three products can be used to achieve a stunning result – only the placement and technique changes. All you need is:

  • Foundation, 1-2 shades lighter than your skin
  • Foundation, 1-2 shades darker than your skin
  • Bronzer
  • Real Techniques Your Finish Perfected Stippling Brush, $22.99
  • Beauty Blender Single Sponge, $24.95 (damp)

Round face

Usually characterised by a circular face the entire way around, this shape is full and has a soft chin and full cheeks. Rounder faces usually require more definition around the forehead, cheekbones, under-eyes and chin.

How To Contour Your Face

  1. With broad strokes, apply the darker foundation around the forehead, under the cheekbones and on the bridge of the nose. Don’t forget to frame the jawline as well as the chin to achieve stronger structure in the face.
  2. Take the lighter foundation and apply onto the centre of the forehead, down the nose and the apples of the cheeks. It is best to apply the highlight with your fingers since this will blend naturally into the skin.
  3. Then with your damp Beauty Blender, carefully soften out the harsh lines across the face. A Beauty Blender takes a little more time, but will give you a flawless airbrush finish.

Heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face has a long and pointed chin, with higher cheekbones which curve into the jawline.

How To Contour Your Face

  1. Take the darker foundation and apply onto the temples of the forehead. This will soften up any harsh lines, and create a beautiful base. Then bring the brush down under the cheek line. Feel free to contour the brow-bone and bridge of the nose.
  2. With your fingers, highlight the centre of the forehead, apples of the cheeks, ball of the chin and also the centre of the nose.
  3. A concealer brush will give a precise highlight over the lash-line, on the smile lines and highlight the cupids bow. Then blend out carefully with a Beauty Blender before applying the finishing touches to your look.

Square face

A square face often has petite and angular features – especially around the jawline and forehead.

How To Contour Your Face

  1. Apply the darker contour around the perimeter of the face, focusing above the eyebrows. Drop down and follow the nature curve of the cheek line before emphasising the edges of the jawline.
  2. Add a highlight (lighter foundation shade) to the centre of the forehead, down the centre of the nose, above the cheek contour and the under-eye area.
  3. Your Beauty Blender will now create a soft definition throughout the entire face. If you don’t have a Beauty Blender, use a stippling brush instead.

Images via Lipstick Alley, Living In The Moment Blog, Instagram

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