8 Gender Neutral Beauty Products That Are Actually Amazing

Beauty products suitable for everyone, literally.

Rock The Red Eyeliner Trend And These 6 Other Surprising J-Beauty Faves

Venture beyond K-beauty with Japanese beauty products that never fail to surprise. 

How A Haircut Changed My Life

I wanted to say I was done hiding behind girliness.

Life After Lip Fillers: Kylie Removed Hers — Can You?

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SOS! Five Hair Emergencies And How To Fix Them

Some ‘dos can’t be undone — but for everything else, there’s a fix.

Kim Kardashian And Chrissy Teigen Are Rocking Some Crazy Skin Art

New skin art by A. Human goes waaaay beyond body modification as we know it. 

7 Shampoo Alternatives That Will Save Your Hair (And Wallet)

What to use when traditional shampoos just don’t wash. 

8 Ocean Themed Beauty Products To Dive Into

These products will leave you feeling fin-tastic…

Here’s How Hard It Really Is To Go From Black To Blonde Hair

Blondes may have more fun but brunettes definitely spend less time in a salon…

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