How To Be Beautiful

The Fine Line Between Sexy And Skanky

A prominent fact of life is that all people judge each other by how they look and what they wear. Some people attempt to be consciously non-judgmental and try to look past appearances, but they still make unconscious decisions based on initial impressions on whether a person is a potential friend or foe. This phenomenon goes back to the time of the dinosaurs and it’s ultimately how the human race has survived.

It’s due to the importance of making a good impression that people generally take care of how they present themselves. Yes, there are times when you just want to sleuth out so some situations are more important than others, like going for an interview, a night out on the town or going on a date.

During these times if you are aiming for that sexy and sophisticated look and are actually leaning toward skanky, you will be repealing the type of life opportunities you deserve. The most imperative thing in these situations is to know the difference.

So what are they? Firstly, the difference between sexy and skanky is attitude related. Regardless of how you look, if you feel and behave like God’s gift to men, you are probably projecting yourself as skanky. Sexy, sophisticated women don’t pounce, they lure and there lies the big difference.

Traditionally, males are the hunters and that still applies to the battle of the sexes when it comes to work and play. Whether you are being interviewed for a job, at a club or on a date, the majority of men don’t like to be chased. Regardless of the advancement Feminism has made, men still judge women who chase them and prefer the company of women who don’t.

Now, apart from attitude and behavior, how you look adds to the art of luring and seduction. Sexy, sophisticated women have this down pat. When it comes to how they present themselves, less is certainly not more and if you want people to notice your brain instead of your boobs, don’t shove them out there for everyone to see.

Sexy women show just enough cleavage to be alluring, dress their age, add make-up only to enhance their natural beauty, limit accessories and emulate femininity. They avoid revealing clothing like ultra short shorts, skirts or dresses, exceptionally plunging necklines and items which look more like lingerie. They also know how to style footwear. For example; many people refer to long full length boots as cum-fuck-me-boots. If you are going to wear them you need to know what message they are sending and how to style them with elegance and grace.

So, unless you’re heading down to the beach, cover up a bit and let the imagination work its magic. I’m not being a prude either. After years of experience, having male friends, work colleagues and a couple of long term partners, I have an excellent insight into the way they think. It’s not just men either. Other women are probably your most cynical critics and many will notice if you look skanky.

If you are unsure before you step out the door, check out how you look in the mirror. If you’re about to have a wardrobe malfunction and your breasts are about to leap out of your top, stop! If you bend over and get a peek of your underwear, (lets hope you are wearing some) stop! Turn around and choose something else. Plus, if your makeup has you looking like someone else, you are probably overdoing it.

Lastly, it doesn’t matter if you are 19 or 69, if you look skanky instead of sexy, it will make other people uncomfortable. That will limit valuable life opportunities, including jobs, friendships and relationships. Sure, you might get a fair bit of attention, but you need to aim for positive attention to ultimately get the best out of life.

Good luck!

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Sex It Up, It’s Springtime!

Ok ladies, it’s time to strip off those flannelette PJs, get rid of the winter hair growth and bring sexy back! In springtime there are plenty of things you can do to sex it up. It doesn’t matter if you are single or not, either. In fact, if you’re not single, you’ve probably let the winter funk take over far more than the single ladies out there.

Springtime is the best time to recreate your presence. Lose a few kilos or make that overdue appointment at the local beauty salon. If your a DYI type of lady, stock up on products that will get your body back into peak presentation. It won’t only make you look better but it will put the spark back in your step. A confident lady is a sexy lady.


While you’re recreating yourself, head down to the hairdressers and, instead of getting the same haircut, go for something different. Yes, it’s brave and bold but it can also make you feel awesome. Check out the latest styles before you go in and choose something that screams sexy. It’s a great way to get maximum impact for minimal effort.

If you are getting up there in years, shortening your hair can increase your sex appeal. Long hair on older ladies can age them. Sure, it may have looked hot in your 20s and 30s but, in your 40s, it might be time to consider a change. Speak to your hairdresser about a sexy, shorter style rather than layered length. Even hubbies that prefer long hair will be pleasantly surprised at how hot their missus will look.


Having your nails done isn’t as expensive as a lot of people think. It usually lasts up to a month and when you calculate it per day, in many cases, it’s cheaper than a cup of coffee! Instead of going for a subtle, winter tone, go bright and bold. Springtime is all about colour, so why not add some to your nails? If you are a little apprehensive, nail technicians can add just a small splash of colour to the tips, which can brighten your sexy spring look.

Makeup and tanning

Makeup and tanning is a big part of being female but most men actually prefer a natural look. If you want to look sexy, keep that in mind. Don’t overcoat the tan until you’re sporting a fake orange glow. That really isn’t sexy! Use the less is more principle for tans and makeup and that’s how a sexy look is achieved.

If you are unsure of how much is too much, spend a few dollars and go to a professional. They will know which colors suit you and can help achieve that sexy look without going over the top. Being sexy is about bringing out your natural beauty, so make sure you aren’t hiding it under layers of makeup.


Now, the wardrobe… You could head back into the darkness and pull out last year’s spring fashion, but why not spend a few dollars and add some of this season’s flair. Most of us have plenty we can mix and match, so add a few really well-chosen items. Don’t forget about the shoes and accessories when you think wardrobe. Handbags, jewellery and new shoes can add a new dimension to your look.

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Katie Holmes Announced As Olay Global Ambassador

Olay, the world’s number one female facial skincare brand, has announced actress Katie Holmes as the brand’s first global brand ambassador.

In her role, Holmes will represent the Olay global brand campaign, Your Best Beautiful, by encouraging women around the world to never settle and be their best beautiful in their lives and in their skin.

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Holmes says:

“I’m very excited to be the Olay Global Brand Ambassador. Olay is a brand I respect, trust and believe in. I love the products and message to women to never settle and put their best face forward, every day.” 

Olay is available at leading pharmacies and supermarkets.

Lift The Mask For Makeup Free Me

On Friday, August 29, one of our favourite skincare brands will join thousands of Australian women in going makeup-free to make a stand for positive self-image. Kosmea announced their support for cause-related charity movement, Makeup Free Me, to help shine a light on negative self-image, which 90 per cent of women believe is a major issue in today’s society.

This year, Makeup Free Me aims to raise $250,000 for the Butterfly Foundation with 100 per cent of funds raised going to combat negative body image and support those affected by eating disorders.

Kosmea’s founder Marie Jenkins said: “Kosmea are proud to have a very active contribution to charity, including our ongoing efforts in Lethoso, South Africa where we support communities by providing an income to local residents who harvest our rose hips. Closer to home, we are delighted to support Makeup Free Me’s efforts and the importance of addressing body image issues in helping women and g irls to ultimately develop a positive self-image. We’re extremely proud to help support this important cause.”

We asked Marie to shed some more light on the cause and why she believes it is so important:

Can you tell us a little bit more about the Makeup Free Me campaign?

Makeup Free Me is a cause-related charity movement focusing on combating issues of negative self-image in women and young girls. Negative body image, which can lead to eating disorders is recognised as an issue in today’s society by 90 per cent of Australian women. Makeup Free Me are on a mission to address and prevent negative body image around Australia with all proceeds from the campaign going towards the Butterfly Foundation. “Kosmea is delighted to support Makeup Free Me’s efforts and the importance of addressing body image issues in helping women and girls to ultimately develop a positive self-image. We’re extremely proud to help support this important cause.

How can people get involved?

Kosmea lovers can help to support the Makeup Free Me campaign by purchasing a bottle of our Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil up until 7th September. 5 per cent of all sales of Kosmea Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil (10mL and 20mL) will go to Makeup Free Me to help the movement ‘empower women and girls to develop and nurture positive self-image’. Kosmea Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil helps to repair, nourish, and hydrate skin leaving it glowing. Most women will hardly need to wear makeup after using it! You can also register to donate at the Makeup Free Me website www.makeupfreeme.com.au and go Makeup Free on August 29 with the help of Kosmea Facial Cleansing Wipes.

Why is important that we act to change unrealistic body expectations for women?

If we don’t do anything about change unrealistic body expectations we are going to be breeding a generation that is physiologically tainted and how will they cope with brining children into the world if they cannot manage to cope with life themselves. I believe that we need to change the way we think about how we look and start to look at how we think and act not only toward ourselves but others we come into contact with.

What are your tips on getting beautiful, glowing skin – without makeup?

Keep it simple, cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin. I would recommend our Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil as a staple to heal, nourish and repair the skin, to cleanse I would recommend our Purifying Cream Cleanser, and our Daily Facial Exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and prime the skin for the application of our moisturisers. To moisturise I would recommend our day cream our Replenishing Moisture Cream or our SPF30 Moisturising Lotion for the face to protect against UVA and UVB rays.

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What Does Beauty Mean To You?

Being ‘beautiful’ seems to now be perceived as one ideal – think perfect skin, flawless hair, crazy diets, tiny bodies… all unrealistic images that are shattering the self-esteem and self-worth of an entire generation of women and beyond. It’s time to give women back the power to define for themselves what beauty means to them.

That’s why Beautiful You Australia has teamed up with a few select ambassadors, including stylist mum Jules Sebastian, in a new campaign to help redefine beauty, asking Aussie women to share what really makes them feel beautiful.

Women of Australia are being encouraged to take control of what beauty means to them, capture their beautiful moments, share their journey with others and refine the current, one-dimensional definition of ‘beauty’.

Jules says: “When you dress up for a special event or occasion or even for a walk in the park, everyone can feel beautiful by just what they’re wearing. I feel beautiful when I help others feel beautiful just by the way they dress. I also feel beautiful when I spend time with my friend and my family”. 

Beautiful You Australia is asking women to head to their website to stand up, reach out and share their moments of beauty – what makes them feel beautiful. You can also share images across social media using the hashag #BeautyRedefined

5 Secrets of Ageing Gracefully

Most of us worry about ageing by focusing on how our face will look. But as we age, so does your body – your muscles shorten, your bones weaken and you repair from injury more slowly. It is important to not only look after your skin, but your body as well. The healthier you are on the inside, the healthier and more youthful you will look on the outside.

Jason T Smith, renowned physiotherapist, founder of the Back In Motion Health Group and author of Get Yourself Back In Motion shares his five secrets to help you age gracefully.

1. Walk everyday
Walking every day is one of the easiest ways to maintain fitness and keep you looking and feeling younger. The motion your body goes through when walking is similar to the motion you go through as when you run; your arms and legs move simultaneously together. The benefit of walking over running is that you’re not putting as much stress on your joints and therefore minimising the risk of damage.

You can walk for much longer periods of time than you can run (unless you are super fit!), and it is easy to incorporate into your everyday activities as incidental exercise. Walk up the stairs, walk to the train station or even walk to work if you live close enough.

2. Focus on your abs
As we age, that fit toned tummy seems to almost disappear. Sagging stomach muscles are one of the first signs of ageing. A strong core helps your posture and balance, which can make you look and feel younger. One of the main reasons for back pain is bad posture. If you strengthen your stomach muscles, your posture will improve and back pain can be better managed. Your abs are also important for your balance as they are the centre of your core. I would recommend exercising your core 2-3 times per week. Sit on a physio ball and see how well you can balance by drawing your stomach in and moving your pelvis side to side.

3. Eat healthily
A diet that lacks in nutrition will age you both internally and externally, with obesity proven to accelerate the process of ageing. Eating a healthy, balanced diet low in sugar is the best anti-ageing medicine! Eat plenty of whole foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables and lean meat. Avoid highly processed foods as these are high in fats, sugars, salts and plenty of other nasties that may accelerate the ageing process. Drinking 1-2 litres of water a day is beneficial to help eliminate the toxins in your body.

4. Squats
Squatting isn’t just a great thigh and buttock toner; it’s one of the most natural human movements – think of how many times a day you stand up from a seated position. If done properly, squats help stimulate muscle growth and develop muscle mass throughout your whole body. This movement also spreads nutrition from foods your body has processed into your organs and glands. Squats help to keep your body healthy on the inside, whilst keeping your youthful look on the outside. Start with 10 squats a day, and increase over time, for health and body benefits.

5. Moving regularly
Consistency is key! Start small and increase your exercise weekly as your fitness levels improve. However many times you exercise per week, keep it consistent. You won’t see results if your exercise regime is irregular.

Jason Smith is the founder of Back In Motion Health Group, Australia’s leading provider of physiotherapy and related services. Jason’s new book Get Yourself Back In Motion is available at Back In Motion practices around Australia, major book retailers and online bookstores, RRP $34.95.

How to be beautiful

Kathleen Baird-Murray is the author of beauty bible How to be beautiful she’s got the answers to the questions on everybody?s lips…Why does being beautiful have to cost us so much money?

Actually it doesn’t. Eyelash curlers are inexpensive and make a huge difference to the face, especially if you have shaped your eyebrows beautifully first. A touch of sun (I know, you’ll hate me for saying this as I know if I were being truly responsible I’d advocate staying out of it completely) is hugely uplifting, and a good night’s sleep is the best beauty remedy of all.

How do I get the perfect haircut every time?

Go where the people with good haircuts go. Ask a friend who has great hair where she goes, getting the name of the actual stylist and book only with them. Bring pictures in, being aware that of course you can’t be transformed exactly into Nicole Kidman/Kylie/that model in Vogue in the Calvin Klein ads, but you can take something from their style – a choppy fringe, a shade of blonde, a flick at the ends. Take risks – some of the best haircuts I’ve ever had have been when I’ve said to the stylist, “I’m bored. Do whatever…but keep the length.” Be realistic – a hairdresser can only do so much. Remember cut is but a third of what makes a great hairstyle – colour and condition are just as important.

What’s the biggest mistake women make when choosing makeup?

There are probably two – getting the wrong shade of foundation, and doing the same old thing for years on end. The first is easily rectified either by heading down to your nearest Prescriptives counter and getting a Custom Blend foundation made just for you – a brilliant, brilliant service that takes about half an hour and gives you a formulation with just the right texture, finish and colour for your skin. Or ask for a sample, and test it in daylight on your jawline. You’re looking for the shade that disappears without a trace into your skin. The second mistake – well, sometimes it’s worth challenging your image of yourself and heading to a department store for a free makeover. They’ve changed a lot since the days when all consultants had orange faces and white coats, and many are trained makeup artists who won’t pressurise you to buy the look they’ve just created.

Eyebrows – wax or tweeze?

I know people who swear by either method. What is more important than how you remove the hairs is the shape in which you remove them. If you have time, visit a professional once to get a really good basic shape, then maintain it as the hairs come.

Make up brushes – do we really need so many?

How many is too many? Even makeup artists can’t agree on how many you need, so I say go with what you feel you can use skillfully. Personally I don’t use many at all, because I’m too lazy and I like to travel light. I apply foundation with fingers if I need it, use cream eyeshadows to blend colour on my eyes, and use my fingers to apply a tinted lipgloss. Even my blusher is a cream blusher so I can apply it quickly with my fingers. Having said that, there’s nothing more luxurious than having a well-equipped make-up bag with the best brushes, and the time to use them properly. Practice and you’ll see a difference.

Concealer – a girl’s best friend. But which one to choose?

The idea is to draw light into the areas that most need it, such as under eye shadows, for which you need a slightly pink toned concealer to counteract grey tones. For spots, the last thing you want to do is add pink to a reddish bump, so go for a yellow toned concealer.

How to be beautiful a thinking woman’s guide to beauty is available from the SheSaid bookshop.

Botox :The Upshot

Botox. Everyone seems to be doing it. Celebrities faces are all looking pretty ironed out and smooth these days. So smooth in fact that we all want a little bit of what they?ve got, but some of us just can?t work the whole thing out. You know it can get rid of wrinkles and that?s a bonus, but what is it really?For a start, Botox is Botulinum Toxin Type A. It comes from a deadly bacterial toxin. This toxin is found generally in canned or preservative food. It has, over the years been purified for beauty and cosmetic use. It works something like this: the wrinkle in question is injected and temporarily paralyses the muscles around it so it can?t move anymore. Really the upshot of this is that if your face can?t move, then it can?t make that annoying wrinkle you?ve grown to despise.

Botox is performed, in most

cases on the wrinkle at the top of the nose-the furrowed brow between the eyebrows. There are other places – the forehead, other lines and crow?s feet around the eyes. It takes approximately ten minutes, there is only a slight sting – like a bee stinging the skin and it?s effects last three to four months. The difference is obvious almost immediately and oh yes that bit?it costs around $400. You?d also probably want to know that the celebs who love it are Madonna, Cher and Meg Ryan. As if you can?t tell anyway!This is the good news about Botox. The bad news is that there are possible side effects: possibly headache, respiratory infection and nausea. Sometimes there can be faint bruising or a dull ache around the site of the injection. Also there have been instances where weakness has occurred in other muscles. In even rare cases, temporary drooping of the eyelid has occurred. All of the side effects of regular use are not apparent now?we?ll have to wait until they all get old to see what happens to their faces. The choice is yours, but we think prevention is better then a cure, so here are some products if you don?t fancy $400 a pop every four months.

Prescriptives Magic Invisible Line Smoother:

Gel-based, soothing and it does what it says it?s going to do. Approx $71

Origins Grin From Year To Year, Brightening Face Firmer

The best for dry, and losing its lustre kind of skin. Soy bean and rice bran oils offer a natural solution. Approx $54

Another absolute must is to wear sunscreen everyday and remember?DON?T FROWN!!!

Beauty Flash

Banish bad hair daysWhy is it that it never looks as good as when they do it?

Haven?t you always wanted to know how to blow-dry your hair the way they do? Contact Wild Life Hairdressing in Sydney and get the pros to show you how to look ultra groomed without breaking the bank. They offer one-on-one blow-drying courses that are specifically tailored for a girl who wants to look good all the time. Telephone (02) 9955 4990 for further information.?

Jar of Goodness

Who doesn?t want perfect skin? Answer: No one. Now thanks to Estee Lauder we can have it. With the recent launch of two hot foundations, So Ingenious Multi-Dimension Makeup SPF 10 and Loose Powder…we will definitely be able to cover any misgivings. Available at David Jones, Grace Bros/Myer and selected pharmacies nationally. ?

Resort Report

If you are heading up North (we mean, Noosa Heads-north) than you had better take a

detour to The Ikatan Spa and Balinese gardens. Just 10 minutes from Noosa Heads, the day spa can be likened to a visit to Bali. Owners, Katrina Thorpe and Nicholas Pilditch have created a heavenly destination for any weary traveller. At The Ikatan Spa you can enjoy wet-and-dry body treatments. Our pick would be the Balinese Boreh ? this will detoxify and energise you. Don?t forget to book in for a haircut while you?re there ? a top quality hairdressing service is available on site. For details go straight to www.ikatanspa.com or telephone (07) 5471 1199. ?Addicted to Dior

The caption says, ?admit it? and we?re happy to. We are loving Addict, by Christian Dior. It is a strong and sultry fragrance designed to make you want to wear it all the time. The keynotes are Bulgarian rose, vanilla and musk and together they make up an exotic and heady potion. The scent is one that will become a classic.?

You little beauty

If you are lucky enough to be in genteel Melbourne, then you should definitely indulge in a little retail therapy at Kleins Perfumery in Fitroy. Jam-packed with some of our favourite beauty lines, like Aesop, Burt?s Bees, L?Occitane, Savon, Amelie & Melanie and many many more, it is a bohemian mecca for beauty lovers. Don?t panic if you?re not heading to Melbourne in the near future because there is good news. The owner Andrea Birnie is about to launch her first mail-order catalogue just in time for those Christmas presents. Kleins Perfumery, 313 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, or telephone (03) 9416 1221 and get your name on her list pronto. ?