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Say Goodbye To Fake Tan Fail in 2 Minutes With THEIA

Who hasn’t had a fake tan fail at some stage? We’re talking orange palms, streaky legs and not to mention those terrible stains on light clothes and sheets. That’s all about to change with the help of THEIA – the first express tan remover that requires no scrubbing at all! All you need to do is spritz and wipe.

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Creators Brie Stevenson and Michelle Young have launched THEIA on crowdfunding site Indiegogo and need your help to bring this revolutionary, game-changing product to fake tan lovers worldwide. Each purchase of THEIA on Indiegogo helps to bring the product one-step closer to department store shelves and creating a world free from bad fake tan.

Say Goodbye To Fake Tan Fail in 2 Minutes With THEIA

The idea for THEIA came to Brie Stevenson – a makeup artist with 16 years experience – after years of seeing and hearing her clients’ fake tan horror stories. “I’ve had women in tears countless times before big events,” she explains. “My clients complained about the extreme measures they’d go to remove their tans. I’ve heard stories of people using industrial level kitchen scrubbers and even cases where they resorted to Ajax and Napisan baths.”

How does it work?

THEIA is a two-step system. To use, you simply spray the THEIA Express Tan Remover over any fake tan residue, wait two minutes, then wipe clean with THEIA removal cloth.

Say Goodbye To Fake Tan Fail in 2 Minutes With THEIA

Follow by spraying the Liquid Micro Peel onto skin and begin small circular movements with your hand. The multi functional micro peel removes any remaining tan residue, removes dead skin cells, restores pH levels and leaves you with a boost of soothing, anti inflammatory botanicals.

Say Goodbye To Fake Tan Fail in 2 Minutes With THEIA

So put down those toxic chemicals, stop scrubbing your elbows and knees and make sure to contribute to this amazing cause! THEIA is now available from $34 USD on Indiegogo. #goodbyefaketanfail

Interview: Fashion Blogger Vydia Rishie

As part of their new Beauty of You Campaign, Priceline has teamed up with a variety of ambassadors to celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of all Australian women. SHESAID was lucky enough to chat with Melbourne-based fashion blogger, Vydia Rishie about her favourite products from Priceline, how to feel good from the inside-out and got some general beauty tips – which we all seem to love!

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First of all, what’s your number one tip on staying healthy on the inside?

For me, it’s all about balance. If I’m eating healthy, that in turn makes me want to exercise regularly as well. Once you get out of that routine, you fall back into your old habits like grabbing a piece of chocolate and finishing the whole bar! It’s all about maintaining balance and moderation.

What are some of your favourite makeup looks to create on yourself?

I love a minimalist look, but I’m a huge fan of winged eyeliner at the moment and I could probably do that as my everyday look right now. So I definitely love winged eyeliner and lots of big lashes – playing up one feature is one of my tricks. Keep it simple with a little bit of blush and a nude lip.

Since we’re in Priceline, what is your favourite skincare product to use?

My number one has to be Bioderma Crealine H20 Cleanser & Makeup Remover, $29.99 – everyone loves it! It’s such a cult product and everyone in the industry will have it on hand at a photo shoot. It’s just the best makeup remover ever, especially if you come home a late night since it’s so easy to use. It’s also great for girls with dry skin since it doesn’t make it feel dehydrated afterwards.

SHESAID Interviews Fashion Blogger Vydia Rishie
Bioderma Crealine H20 Cleanser & Makeup Remover, $29.99

What about your favourite makeup product from Priceline?

I would probably have to say false lashes. When you take a lot of photos, you’ll find that your makeup fades out, but a set of bold, false lashes can really make a difference.

HESAID Interviews Fashion Blogger Vydia Rishie
Eylure Ready to Wear Pre Glued, $9.99

Do you prefer the band, or individual lashes?

I love the band! Individual lashes can get a bit fiddly for me, but the band is just so quick and easy to apply. But for an event, I would definitely prefer individual lashes since they look more natural.

Since winter is just around the corner, what are some of your beauty tips for the season?

I actually have super-dry skin and I love to layer my skincare. Obviously getting into that routine is really important and it can get a bit tiring some days, but getting into a regular routine of washing, exfoliating, toning and applying a serum is really important. Serums are my little trick! Pop a moisturiser over the top and it’s really hydrating for the winter time.

What are some beauty tricks which have been passed down to you?

My mum loves anything which is natural like Burts Bees, so using organic products on your skin. But I think it’s also equally important to feed your body from the inside out. Your inner beauty definitely drives your outer beauty.

10 Crazy Beauty Tips Which Actually Work

Cotton tips, sanitary pads and sticky tape… Who knew that these products could also be used for your makeup? Make the most of your beauty routine and try the following 10 crazy tips and techniques today!

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1. Cotton tips

While this one is a little average, they’re extremely handy and really easy to get your hands on. Dip a cotton tip into micellar water to remove mascara stains, apply highlighter and even create a signature smokey eye.

2. Coffee grounds

Notice a little cellulite making an appearance on your thighs or stomach? Simply combine a handful of coffee grounds with some lukewarm water, then apply in circular motions over the area. With time, they should diminish completely.

3. Ice water

If you’ve given yourself an impromptu manicure and need it to dry ASAP, fill a bowl with icy water and submerge your hands in it every few seconds. It will help to set your nail polish without creasing it.

4. Sanitary pads

Do you ever notice fall-out from your eyeshadow after creating a smokey eye? Simply cut a panty liner in half, then stick it just under your lower lash line. It will catch all of the colour without ruining your makeup. This one can’t be too out-there, especially if Chloe Morello uses it!

5. Red patches

For nasty rashes or red patches which might occur as a sign of stress, simply cool two teaspoons in the freezer and place them over your face. Spoons help to cool down the area without causing additional distress to your face.

6. Face primer

Do you suffer from extremely oily skin? You should probably try Milk of Magnesia. Although this product is actually a laxative, if applied directly onto the skin it has a matte effect on any oily patches – trust us.

7. Broken nails

Fix those broken nails by cutting a tiny piece of fabric from a tea bag, then applying it directly over your nail. After you’ve done that all you need to do is paint over the patch to seal it in place.

8. Puffy eyes

Keep puffy eyes away by chopping raw potato and laying it directly on the most sensitive parts of your face. Potato is full of starch which helps to decrease any puffy or hyper-pigmented patches of skin.

9. Haemorrhoid cream

Did you know that haemorrhoid cream works perfectly to keep dry patches of skin away? The super-concentrated formula is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, especially during the colder months of the year.

10. Sticky tape

Create that perfect winged liner by using some sticky tape as a general guide. Place it directly between your lash lines, draw it on, then carefully remove for a flawless cat-eye flick.

What are some of your crazy beauty tips? Share in the comments below!

Image via Chloe Morello

Popping The Pimple Myths: Skincare Facts Vs Fiction

Have you ever got a massive pimple – and short of putting a paper bag on your head – wondered what the hell you’re meant to do with it? Or what about your skin pigmentation, following multiple pregnancies: what can you do about that?

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Answers are at hand here thanks to paramedical aesthetician Sia Hendry, founder and owner of leading Sydney chain of skin and laser cosmetic clinics, You by Sia, and a cosmeceutical skincare range by the same name.

 With five clinics and more than 14 years experience, Sia (pictured) says she’s a bona fide skincare expert. Her core philosophy is “caring for skin from the inside out”.

skincare, beauty tips, pimples

Here, SHESAID put her to the test with these common skincare problems and concerns.

What are some top skincare myths?
Many people with oily skin believe that they need to use a dehydrating, astringent skincare formula to balance out their oily complexion. Few people realise that by over-drying the skin, it causes the sebaceous glands to panic and go into overdrive, thus producing more oil than usual. The key to finding the perfect balance is a skincare routine which regulates your sebaceous glands by cleansing away dirt, makeup and excess oil, without stripping away your skin’s natural and necessary oils.

Another popular myth is that those who suffer from aged or damaged skin tend to see the symptoms on the surface of their skin, panic and attempt to erase it with abrasive exfoliation treatments or harsh chemicals. Few people realise that the ageing process actually occurs in the deeper layers of skin where collagen and elastin is produced, and that by treating the cause beneath you are not only reversing the years, but prolonging results for years to come.

Non-Abrasive Ways To Exfoliate Your Skin

Is it best to pop a pimple or leave it be?
We know it’s tempting, but you must leave blemishes alone. To avoid spreading bacteria and the risk of acne scarring, your best bet is to treat the cause of issue, not to pick it. My best advice to those suffering from regular breakouts is to let a professional gently unclog your pores and remove the congestion. Once the excess sebum is removed from the pores, I would recommend an appropriate skincare routine to control excess sebum and ensure the skin remains nourished and balanced.

What are the most common skincare problems for young women?
The majority of my younger clients tend to suffer from blackheads, breakouts, acne scarring and also skin dehydration. All of these issues can easily be addressed and prevented so long as we work with the skin, as opposed to against it. There should never be a need to damage the skin with harsh exfoliation treatments or chemicals, no matter how bad the problem may seem.

Is it best to cover a pimple with a blemish-agent or let them breathe?
Depending on the formulation of the blemish-agent, you may reduce the bacteria within the blemish and perhaps even dry it out, however you are not treating the cause of the blemish which is where the problem lies. When fighting the battle of blemishes it is primarily important to maintain a skincare routine which will deliver antioxidants, botanicals and gentle exfoliants to the deeper levels of skin, all whilst assisting with the appearance of irritated or inflamed skin. Depending on the severity of the issue, I would also recommend a course of our signature Inside Out Peels. This exclusive treatment normalises the oil production levels within the skin without the use of any harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients.

5 Drugstore Moisturisers Under $15

Is cleanse, tone and moisturise the best skincare approach?
Not many people realise that there is actually no need to tone! Whether your toner is built to rehydrate, exfoliate or simply remove those last spots of makeup, this is all a job your cleanser should be doing by itself. Strictly speaking, you should be using a cleanser to wash away dirt, make-up and excess oil, followed by a serum to infuse your skin with a beneficial complex of vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

Can you combat skin pigmentation caused by pregnancy?
Absolutely! Depending on the severity of the pigmentation, a combination of laser technology and active cosmeceuticals can be used to address visible signs of hyperpigmentation on the face and body. Once treated, it is important to prevent further pigmentation from occurring. The best way to avoid further pigmentation is to apply a sunscreen each morning, rain or shine, which will block both UVA and UVB rays. Sunscreen must be applied every three to four hours if you’re outdoors.

Is good skin just about having good genes? Why do some people “look good for their age”?
Naturally, genes do play a big role in our skin’s appearance, contributing to the way it looks, feels and even how it ages. For example, many with olive skin types tend to age much slower than those with fairer skin. That being said, so long as the skin is treated correctly, it has the potential to be better than ever. I believe in addressing common skin concerns at the cause, rather than simply masking the symptoms. Combine this along with a top quality sunscreen and you will be set for life!


What are some top skin foods?
Diet and lifestyle play a huge part when it comes to a healthy complexion; my best advice to those looking to feed their skin is to keep meals and snacks as pure and natural as possible. A multitude of nutrients and vitamins can be found in the simplest of foods, whilst avoiding all the preservatives, chemicals and sugars that come with many pre-made foods. My top five foods for radiant, healthy skin include:

Avocado: A rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids, avocados have got you and your skin covered from head-to-toe.

Nuts and seeds: Walnuts and sunflower seeds in particular are both rich in essential fatty-acids; a great source to keep skin soft and supple.

Kale: This green machine includes nutrients which absorb and neutralize free radicals created by UV light – including wavelengths which can get through your sunscreen. It also contains a large amount of vitamins C and A, both of which help to keep the skin firm.

Extra virgin olive oil: Loaded with antioxidants and fatty acids, extra virgin olive oil is your skin and hair’s saviour! Whether consumed or applied topically, olive oil is a great way to fight the cause and signs of ageing.

Dark chocolate: Yes ladies (and gents), it’s true: dark chocolate is good for your skin! It’s rich in cocoa, a plant compound with high antioxidant levels which helps to hydrate skin and improve circulation.

Dark Chocolate - Bad Or Beneficial?

Image via

What do you think? What skin beauty secrets do you swear by?

What Is The Morocco Method Detox?

Ever heard of the Morocco Method? This hair detox has been used for years and basically all about using holistic methods to look after your hair.

If you’re looking for a sulfate-free alternative, the Morocco Method is the best way to give your hair some natural loving.

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Below are just a few benefits of the Morocco Method, especially if your needs little TLC every now and then.

Avoid soap

Using too many suds in your hair can strip the scalp of its natural oils. If you’re looking for a little detox, invest in shampoos and conditioners with no added Sodium Laurel or Laureth Sulfate which usually cause the most damage. Natural shampoos replace these chemicals with cocamide diethanolamine (DEA) which is actually made from coconut oil.

Switch it up

Rather than using the exact same shampoo and conditioning treatments, keep your scalp guessing with new products. Rotate your haircare on a regular basis so your scalp doesn’t rely on the same ingredients – otherwise your money is going down the drain!

Hair rinse

Treat your hair to a rinse at least once a week to remove excess skin and oils from the scalp. This is particularly handy if you suffer from a dry scalp which is producing too much dandruff.

Use an apple cider vinegar rinse to carefully exfoliate the scalp without making your skin extra sensitive afterwards. Simply rinse with warm water and leave hair to air-dry.

Henna as dye

Rather than damaging your hair with peroxide and other nasties to achieve that perfect colour, use henna instead. From blonde to black, there are a variety of natural-based hair colorants which are semi-permanent, but won’t leave your hair feeling dry and brittle.

The Morocco Method Detox

Morocco Method Natural Henna Hair Dye: Light Blonde, $9.50

Image via Wiki How

Global Beauty Trends: How To Use Henna in Your Hair

Want to naturally colour your hair without any added toxic chemicals? Henna has been used for hundreds of years on skin, hair, and even nails as a semi-permanent beauty trend and is still just as popular today.

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Different types of henna

Neutral henna: This is the standard green powder which is used for mostly hair and semi-permanent tattoos. It should smell like freshly cut grass and is of a fine consistency.

Red henna: Using red henna will most likely stain your hair a red-orange colour – this is most commonly used to create a bright, vibrant colour.

Black henna: Finally, black henna is actually of a dark purple consistency and is used for body decoration. It typically stains lighter skin tones, so make sure to use this with caution.

Colour your hair with henna


1 thick brush

1 large spoon


1 container with a lid

500ml whole or full cream milk

200g henna or mehendi powder


  1. Pour 250ml of the milk into a large container and the rest into a cup.
  2. Combine 2-3 tablespoons of henna or mehendi powder into the container and mix well.
  3. Pour the rest of the milk into the container and keep mixing until you have a fine paste. Use just a splash of water to clean the sides of the bowl and combine the rest of the mixture.
  4. Add some filtered water into the container, then pat it lightly over the paste. Store in the fridge overnight and allow it to develop.
  5. The next morning, your paste should look like a whipped paste. Apply it on clean, dry hair and work your way from root to tip. For pale skin, apply a moisturiser on your hairline so it doesn’t stain.
  6. Let the henna develop for 2-3 hours and wash out with lukewarm water.

Image via Wikipedia

How To Remove Gel Nails At Home

Gel nails are the easiest way to keep your colour without a touch-up for weeks on end, but how easy are they to remove? You have a few options – return to your nail salon, and for an additional fee get them to remove it, or simply use some of our tricks below and do it yourself at home.

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What you need

Acetone or nail polish remover

10 cotton balls

Aluminium foil


Cuticle stick


  1. Using the rough side of a nail file, carefully rub down over the top of your nails until the gloss wears away.
  2. Wrap each nail individually into a cotton ball with acetone and one thin layer of aluminium paper. Press it down firmly over the top of each nail, and work one hand at a time.
  3. Wait for at least 10 minutes for the acetone to carefully remove any gel polish off the nail bed. After this, soak your hands in a bowl of warm water, then remove any remaining pieces with a cuticle stick.
  4. For extra hydration, use a thick moisturiser and lather it over your hands and nail bed before relaxing for the night. Then move onto the next hand and repeat the process again.


Easy! Would you try this method at home?

Images via XO Vain, Now 921

How To Easily Apply False Lashes

Why leave it to the professionals when it can easily be done at home? We’re talking about falsies, that is! Not only are they really easy to apply (and we say this after years of struggling), but they can actually transform your entire look. So, what are we waiting for? Below are a few insider techniques which will help you to apply your own false lashes at home.

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What you need:

Lashes (entire band, individuals, corner)

Small scissors

Eyelash glue



Liquid eyeliner


Before applying lashes

  • Firstly, you need to determine the type of look that you’re going for – this could be anything from a cat-eye, shimmery eyeshadow, or just a plain lid. Whatever you’re doing, it is important to curl and apply a thin layer of mascara over your natural lashes.
  • Mascara will show you what your lashes will look like once their done and keep them looking fresh for longer.

Entire band of lashes

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 6.08.05 PM

  1. An entire band is usually a standard lash which can be applied from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. There are many different styles available and it certainly is the most popular one.
  2. If you find it difficult to match the falsie in your natural lash-line, then cut it into three pieces. Apply the glue onto a flat surface, then leave it for 30-40 seconds until it feels tacky – this is the perfect time to use the glue since it will hold better.
  3. Curve the lash with your fingers, then dip it into the glue (use a formula which dries clear, since it won’t look obvious). Wait for a few seconds until it dries, then look downwards into a compact mirror. This will allow you to align it directly with the natural lash-line.
  4. If the band is quite thick, you can easily disguise it with a smokey eye or cat-eye flick. Make sure to prep your eye makeup beforehand, so it doesn’t interfere with the lashes.
  5. Repeat these steps with the two other lash pieces and press downwards with a tweezer. While they should feel comfortable on your eyes, if they do tug, make sure to remove them and try again. Sometimes the glue might build-up, so remember to remove it gently with your tweezers.

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 6.07.27 PM

Eylure Exaggerate 141 Lashes Pair, $12.99

Individual lashes

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 6.09.06 PM

  1. If you’re going for more of a natural look, individual lashes are the best way to make your eyes pop. They might require a little additional prep-time, but the results are amazing!
  2. Curl your natural lashes and apply mascara as usual from root to tip. Wait until it dries completely before moving onto the false lashes.
  3. Pick up each lash with your tweezers, then dip the stem into some glue. Wait a few seconds until the glue gets tacky, then place it directly over your natural lash. The bands are actually more discrete on individual lashes, so you don’t need to apply heavier eye makeup to disguise it.
  4. Start at the outer corner of your eyes and build-up the intensity up until the centre. At this point, use a smaller lash to bring some added volume to your eyes.
  5. If you have long, straight lashes, then falsies on the corner are also a great idea. They create the illusion of curve and body without feeling too overwhelming – especially during the day!

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 6.06.04 PM

Ardell DuraLash Individual Flare Lashes Short Black, $9.99


  • Make your false lashes last longer by removing them with micellar water at the end of the day. Rather than pulling them off and causing damage, the micellar water is light and will help them keep their shape.
  • Don’t apply a mascara over the top of your lashes since it can dramatically shorten then life-span. Well, unless you want to remove the extra makeup with a cotton tip, which is always an option if you need to re-wear them.
  • As with all other makeup styles, it is all about mastering your technique. Look into a low, compact mirror which will help to align your lashes, but over-time you probably won’t even need one!
  • Give your lashes a break every once in a while and let them breathe! Even eyelashes go through a shedding period, so it’s important to lay off the falsies and mascara every once in a while.

Images via The Beauty Department, Beauty Sugar, Fashion Style

Hair Removal: What Is Sugaring?

While we’ve all heard about waxing, shaving, and threading, sugaring is often a practice which is barely mention as much as its popular counterparts.

Sugaring is actually an old Persian way of removing hair using a natural, sticky gel made from water, sugar and water to completely remove hair from the follicle.

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How does it work?

The act of sugaring actually works by using a thick paste which is warmed between the hands, applied on the legs, then quickly ripped off (somewhat like waxing).

You also place the gel in the direction of the hair to remove it completely without ripping or causing any in-grown nightmares.


  • Sugaring is actually a quick and easy way to remove hair without causing your body unbearable pain. Even though there aren’t too many salons which offering sugaring, if you find one – stick to it!
  • The process takes no time at all, and can remove lots of hair at once. Unlike waxing, if you miss a few hairs, you can easily apply the paste over without causing additional irritation to the pore or hair follicle.
  • Did you know that sugaring can actually stunt the hair growth? It can cause damage to the hair follicle and actually leave your legs, arms, and bikini line with less hair over time.
  • There are many DIY kits available both in-store and online so you can remove your hair at home. Alternatively, you could also create your own paste at home.


  • Your hair actually needs to be quick long before sugaring can take place – longer than if you’re waxing! Not a good idea if you need to show your legs off over the weekend.
  • If you have decided to remove hair via sugaring at home, just beware that it can leave your skin feeling red and inflamed. Just be careful, and use clean products, jars, and find a sanitary area to remove hair from your legs. After you’re done, wash up with shower gel and pat the area dry with a clean towel. Apply a moisturiser containing aloe vera over the top to soothe the skin.

DIY sugaring

If you would prefer to do it at home, use this easy recipe to create a gel and remove hair directly from the follicle.


2 cups white sugar

1/4 cup lemon juice

1/4 water


1. Combine all of the ingredients into a deep pan and cook on high. Wait until the sugar begins to caramelise, then remove from the heat and allow it to cool. By now, the water will evaporate out, and you will be left with the raw mixture.

2. Use a thermometer and wait until it drops in temperature. It should be of a slimy consistency.

Image via About

5 Baby-Safe Skincare Products

Since the temperature is already dropping and winter is just around the corner, now is the best time to invest in some skincare products for your baby.

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From cradle cap to simply dry skin, sometimes it’s difficult to track down products which are safe for both mum and bub. Our selections, however, are gentle, perfect for all budgets and can be delivered right to your door!

Bambini Baby Massage Oil, $4.79

Keep skin soft and hydrated with a fragrance-free moisturising oil. Use generously on dry patches to heal the skin and bring back added moisture.

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 4.36.27 PM

Gaia Baby Moisturiser, $10.99

One of the best moisturisers from the drugstore is this classic formula by Gaia. A light and non-greasy formula, which soaks quickly into the skin, and won’t cause any irritation.

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 4.26.24 PM

Mustela Bebe Foam Shampoo for Newborns, $19.95

The perfect shampoo for newborns – and even toddlers – which helps to eliminate dry patches, without removing additional moisture from the skin. Use daily, or every few days for best results. Ideal for babies suffering from cradle cap.

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 4.28.13 PM

L’Occitane Bonne Mere Rosemary Shower Gel, $22

A relaxing shower gel enriched with rosemary essential oils to calm your baby right before bed, and lead them into a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Dermatologically tested and ideal for both mum and baby.

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 4.24.46 PM

Jurlique Baby’s Soothing Moisturising Cream, $35

A gentle moisturiser which keeps baby’s skin feeling hydrated for all seasons. Use after a bath, or on a nappy rash, to subside the side effects and soothe the skin.

Screen shot 2015-04-07 at 4.31.49 PM

What are some of your favourite baby-safe products?

Image via iStock

The Dark Brow Beauty Trend

Dark brows aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, especially since celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins have added their own personal twist to the trend.

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Below are just a few wearable hair and makeup styles which work amazingly well with dark, structured eyebrows.

Top knot

The classic top knot is a perfect hairstyle for dark, structured brows since it draws attention to them! Remember to fill in any gaps with a liner brush and lashings of mascara are an absolute must.

The Dark Brow Beauty Trend

Dark lips

A dark lip is an essential part of your makeup kit since it really pulls an entire look together – especially during the autumn/winter months. Pair with carefully groomed brows for the ultimate statement look.

The Dark Brow Beauty Trend

Statement accessories

If you have a special event coming up, why not match your accessories to your hair and makeup. In this case, we’re loving the models dark brows with a beautiful red lip and huge statement earrings. Hair is best tied back to focus on the makeup look.

The Dark Brow Beauty Trend

Shimmery eyeshadow

Any type of shimmery eyeshadow is perfect for those who want to add a little sparkle into their look. Combine with groomed brows and lots of mascara for your go-to makeup look.

The Dark Brow Beauty Trend

Dewy skin

Don’t forget to moisturise your skin well before prepping it for a dewy, translucent moisturiser or BB cream. It adds the finishing touches to a ‘just rolled out of bed’ look which is perfect for those drowsy mornings!

The Dark Brow Beauty Trend

Highlight the inner corner

If your eyes are hooded, it’s a great idea to use a white eyeliner pencil to make them look bigger. An inner corner highlight is a must to bring attention to the higher parts of the face, and don’t forget that brow gel to tame those stray hairs!

inner corner

Lip liner

For instant night-time glam, start with a neutral makeup base and focus your attention on your brows and lips. For the lips, line them with a pale pink shade for longevity before adding a lipstick shade over the top.

The Dark Brow Beauty Trend

Side bun

A wispy side bun is another great way to add a little dimension to your face without spending hours in front of the mirror. Fill in your brows as usual, then dab some lipstick onto your lips with your finger before heading out the door.

The Dark Brow Beauty Trend

Images via Le Fashion Image, Bloom, Nasty Gal, Linda Steph, Beauty Editor, Latest Hair, Lovelyish

7 Timeless Style Tips From Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood could teach us all a few things, especially in the beauty and skin care department.

Take advantage of popular trends at the time including luscious bold lips, satin-looking skin, and even the occasional ringlet in their hair.

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Bold lips

Every girls makeup collection needs at least one bold lip. This is the one product which looks amazing by itself, or can even be layered with a lip liner for more of a long-lasting colour. If your lipstick application does look a little messy, use a cotton tip to even out the colour.

7 Timeless Style Tips From Old Hollywood

Big lashes

Who doesn’t love a classic set of falsies? To create more volume for your lashes, apply single lashes to the outer corner of your eyes with the help of tweezers.

For more length, apply a straight strip of lashes and blend them in with a few coats of mascara.

7 Timeless Style Tips From Old Hollywood

Bold brows

Remember Marilyn Monroe’s brows? There was nothing subtle about them!

Use a pomade to define thin, sparse brows and to create the illusion of more body at the centre. A clear brow gel will lock them in place without feeling too crusty.

7 Timeless Style Tips From Old Hollywood

Rosy cheeks

There’s one thing that old Hollywood starlets all had in common, and that was a perfect pink blush. To accentuate your natural features, use a creamy blush which is easy to blend out and brings a pop of colour to the face.

7 Timeless Style Tips From Old Hollywood

Big hair

If you weren’t blessed with voluminous locks such as Brigitte Bardot, then there is a way to fake it. Use baby powder and apply it directly onto your roots, and don’t forget to blend it out!

7 Timeless Style Tips From Old Hollywood

Cat-eye liner

Not only did a classic cat-eye liner define the 1960s, but it’s still very much a staple makeup look to this day. If you feel a little hopeless at creating such a dramatic look, use a sticky note to guide to carve out your wing. Then simply remove when you’re done!

7 Timeless Style Tips From Old Hollywood


To define the colour of your eyes (this works well with blue or green eyes), don’t forget to tight-line with a black kohl pencil. This is perfect for an evening look, and works well with a pale lip and a cat-eye liner.

7 Timeless Style Tips From Old Hollywood

Images via Harpers Bazaar, Flickr, Tumblr, Malicious Glamour, Blogger, All Women Stalk

Can Charcoal Give You Clear Skin?

Has the secret to clear, flawless skin been in charcoal all along? It has been applauded for its antibacterial properties (who knew), and is also amazing at absorbing oil from stubborn pores and clearing acne.

Now, don’t get ahead of yourself and leap for the nearest charcoal pit – there are specialised products which gently yet effectively clean your skin without damaging it.

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The scrub

The name scrub might seem a little scary, especially for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin, but we promise it’s not that bad! The formula is super light-weight and is packed with spearmint and rosemary fragrance for a fresh scent first thing in the morning.

Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 10.25.36 AM

Origins Clear Improvement Mask, $34

The cleanser

Featuring concentrated charcoal, this is the ultimate daily facial mask for oily to combination skin. The formula won’t leave your skin feeling too dry, but should be followed up with a hydrating cream afterwards to lock in moisture.

Can Charcoal Give You Clear Skin?

Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser, $10.99

The detox mask

Treat your skin to a quenching detox mask, which is the perfect way to unwind after a busy working week. Just think about all the makeup that’s been on your face! Apply onto damp skin, then simply sit back and relax. It should slowly feel like it’s warming up, then all you need to do is remove it gently with lukewarm water and a flannel.

Can Charcoal Give You Clear Skin?

Sanctuary Spa Deep Cleanse Facial 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask, $19.99

The mud mask

Although we have previously raved about GLAMGLOW before, there is nothing quite like their Supermud clearing mask. Even though it’s quite difficult to get (usually sold out online), it contains concentrated amounts of activated charcoal which helps to absorb impurities and leave skin feeling soft and clean.

Can Charcoal Give You Clear Skin?

GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment, $75

Have you tried any of these charcoal skin care products? What are your recommendations?

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Our Napoleon Perdis Masterclass Winner Tells All

“If a woman needs to get something done – red lipstick will give her the confidence she needs 100 per cent of the time.” This is one of the many makeup tips provided to our recent winner of the Napoleon Perdis Everlasting Elegance Masterclass, which was hosted by international makeup artist Perdis himself. We caught up with the lucky lady, Victoria Heenan to find out all the goss!

What was it like when you arrived at the event?

When I got to David Jones the four most gorgeous men I think I have ever seen in my life greeted me. They were spray-painted silver and had so much glitter on their bodies it was as if I had picked them out of a magazine during a ‘Build-a-Husband’ arts and crafts workshop. I almost missed Napoleon’s entrance because I was busy convincing myself that the silver men were in fact winking at me and not just trying to subtly blink some glitter out of their eyes.

Napoleon Perdis, Masterclass, Everlasting Elegance Masterclass, Beauty, Tips and Tricks

Describe the moment you got to meet Napoleon Perdis…

Napoleon was wearing an orange and blue checked suit that only he could pull off with gold shoes. Everyone in the room lost it. Flashes were going off, madame beyond mascara was streaming down a few cheeks when the girls cried with joy. It was the best atmosphere. Napolean greeted every single person who came out to see him, took a photo with absolutely everyone and gave us all two kisses each. It was as if meeting us meant more to him than it did to us.

What were some of the highlights of the class?

After a glass of champagne, Napolean started his Everlasting Elegance Master class and showed us all that beauty is not something that women only experience in their youth. The class was very personal for him as he used both his wife and his mother as his models. He told us intimate stories about his family, growing up, he showed us family videos and shared how he is truly inspired by the women in his life. I thought it was really amazing that he wanted to learn the name of every person that spoke to him. I can officially say that Napolean Perdis and I are on a first name basis now.

Napoleon Perdis, Masterclass, Everlasting Elegance Masterclass, Beauty, Tips and Tricks

Can you reveal any top tips that you learnt?

I feel as if I learnt a lot at this Master class; and the most important being if a woman needs to get something done – red lipstick will give her the confidence she needs 100 per cent of the time.

Did you get to take home any goodies?

As he promised, Napolean did not send us home empty handed. We each received over $100 worth of makeup products including his famous China Doll eye liner and the most incredible eye shadow which is so beautiful, on a scale of one to ten, I jump from a high five to a five hundred in a matter of seconds.

Was there anything you were disappointed with?

The only disappointment I felt after my fabulous day was that the spray painted men did not get to see me with my new favorite eye shadow on, because I guarantee, I looked like a treat. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and appreciated it greatly.

Napoleon Perdis, Masterclass, Everlasting Elegance Masterclass, Beauty, Tips and Tricks

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Quick Nail Polish Tips and Tricks

Creating the perfect DIY manicure and pedicure is a lot easier than you think, and will save you some money as well.

We have compiled a list of our personal tips and tricks so you can get a flawless polish each and every time.

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Start on fresh nails

Don’t go moisturising your hands beforehand thinking that this will soften the cuticle. Nail polish applies much evenly on nails which have been freshly washed and properly dried.

If your cuticle or nail bed is rather damaged, apply a nourishing cuticle oil the night before, and this should solve all your problems. Otherwise, the nail polish will just slip and slide all over your nail bed.

One coat at a time

Some lighter polishes are not as opaque and therefore require a few extra layers to achieve a vibrant colour.

While it might feel tempting to layer all your nail polish on at once and hope for the best, this will only result in a thick, blotchy colour. Apply one coat of nail polish at a time, and wait at least 30 minutes before applying another.

Orange stains

If you love red and black nail polish a little too much, then you’re probably familiar with the orange stain it can leave on your nails. You have two options here:

1. Remove all traces of nail polish with an acetone-free remover, and let your nails breathe for a few weeks.

2. Rub half of a lemon onto the nail bed to decrease the orange stain.

Either way, your nails are telling you that they need a break! In the meantime, apply a nourishing cuticle oil every night to improve the state of your nails, and take a break from those darker shades for a while.

Empty polish

If your nail polish is nearing the end of its life, use these tricks to make the most of what you already have.

Put your nail polish in the fridge for 15 minutes, this will smoothen out any clumps, and will ensure an even application. You can also add a tiny splash of acetone into the polish, then shake well and apply onto your nails.


To ensure that your nail polish distributes evenly across the nail bed, start from the middle and swipe in an upwards motion. Go back down to the cuticle, then turn the brush upwards and fill in any gaps on each side. You might also find that this method saves you from dipping your brush into the polish – score!

Dry your nails

There are a few different ways to dry your nails, all of which we’ve mentioned in a previous post. But our favourite has got to be ice water.

Fill a small bowl with cold water and a few ice cubes, then submerge your fingers by rotating every few seconds. Pat dry with a towel, then wait for the water to dry naturally from the nail bed.


Who isn’t guilty of painting outside of the nail bed, especially with darker colours which are more noticeable?!

All you need to do is dip a cotton tip into nail polish remover, and press it over the spot of colour. Don’t swipe or rub it back and forth since it can catch onto the nail bed and completely ruin your manicure.

DIY nail art

If you do want to try an intricate design, use something with a sharp tip such as a toothpick, pin, or even a cuticle stick for a precise dot or line. After each colour, clean with acetone and soak in soapy water so you can use them again.

What are some of your nail polish tricks?

Image via Cosmopolitan

9 Timeless Overnight Beauty Tips

There’s no wonder it’s called beauty sleep; it is the best time for your skin to breathe, hair to relax, and it allows your body to take a break from the stress of daily life.

We’ve rounded up our favourite overnight beauty tips which have been used for years to rejuvenate the skin and to make the most of those 8 hours per-night.

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Remove your makeup

Even if it’s 2am and you’re hobbling into bed, always take your makeup off. Just think of the state of your pores which have been wearing heavy-duty makeup and moisturiser all day long – let them breathe!

Use a micellar water and cotton pads to remove all traces of your makeup (even mascara), before hitting the sack. You don’t even need to wash it off!


If you suffer from extremely dry or flakey skin, it’s important to moisturise every single evening. Hydrate your face and body with a lightweight moisturiser which isn’t too greasy and sinks into the skin instantly.

Have a bath

Not only is a bath extremely relaxing before bed, it will also help those who are suffering from sleep apnea. Use a bath bomb or salts to create a relaxing environment and help your body to sleep better.

Lip balm

We might moisturise our face religiously, but what about those lips? Apply a lightweight lip balm right after brushing your teeth to combat cracked lips. By the next morning, they should feel so soft and nourished!

Hair oils

Apply an overnight oil from root to tip and wrap your hair in a towel before going to bed. While you sleep, the oils work their magic by nourishing damaged hair, and help to combat split ends.

Face mask

Revitalise your skin with an overnight face mask which helps to lock-in moisture and combat existing fine lines and wrinkles. Most of these formulas are actually quite rich, so a little goes a long way!

Essential oils

Not only are essentials oils good for the mind, but they work wonders on all skin types. Mix a few drops into your nightly moisturiser to replenish dry skin and relax before it’s time for bed.

Longer lashes

Apply a mixture of essential oils and a lightweight moisturiser with a cotton bud onto each lash to help them grow. The serum is lightweight, so it won’t cause irritation to your eyes and works while you sleep.

Healthy cuticles

If you change your nail polish every single week, the odds are that your cuticles aren’t in the best shape. Soothe them by applying a cuticle cream every single night and we promise you will see results in a week!

The nourishing formula penetrates the skin and leaves your cuticles looking brand new by the morning.

What are some of your overnight beauty tips?

Image via Wildfox

DIY Beetroot Lip Stain

Creating natural, organic beauty products are much easier than we all think, and today we’re starting off with a lip stain.

While it might seem a little odd to use beetroot, this amazing vegetable actually has incredible staying power – just don’t get it on your clothes.

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1/4 beetroot (sliced and chopped)

3 tbsp glycerin


  1. Carefully wash and slice the beetroot into small cubes, and fill a pot with warm water.
  2. Allow the water to reach a boil, then place the beetroot and glycerin into the pot and cover with a dish. Allow it to reduce for 20-25 minutes until the water has completely evaporated.
  3. Remove from the heat, and run the liquid through a sieve to remove any chunky bits.
  4. Before the liquid completely cools, place it into small containers and fill to the top. Over a period of a few hours, the liquid with solidify and become a balm. Use as a lip stain, or even cheek tint for instant colour!

Image via She Knows

Beauty Etiquette 101: Make-up Application Dos and Don’ts

Should you pop a pimple on a train? Is it OK to re-apply make-up at work in full view of your colleagues? And what about applying a whole face of make-up on the bus?

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Beauty etiquette can be a minefield, especially given we’re all so time poor and rushing from one job to the next.
I myself am often guilty of hurriedly reapplying make-up in the car, while at a red-light, on the way to various tasks. Rush, rush, rush!
And, I have in the past, reapplied make-up at my desk many times without thinking it through as to whether it was offending anyone in my male-dominated workplace. So, should I have cared?
For expert beauty etiquette advice, I turned to Queensland’s etiquette queen, Jodie Bache-McLean. As Director of both June Dally-Watkins (JDW) and Dallys Model Management, Jodie (pictured) is well-schooled on good manners, deportment and grooming.

beauty etiquette, make-up advice, make-up at work

Here’s what she had to say on these beauty etiquette dilemmas:

Q: Is it OK to reapply make-up at work? Are there any exceptions?

Wearing make-up is a personal preference; however in my opinion a professional woman should wear at least a minimum of a lipstick that suits your complexion. Research has proven that an essential part of being a well-groomed professional is wearing a little make-up, which will add to a powerful first impression.

If you wear make-up, it does need to be re-applied throughout the day. Depending on where you are positioned in your work environment, common sense would dictate if it is appropriate to reapply. For example, if you are the face of the company – the receptionist – I think it would be inappropriate to apply make-up while sitting on front desk.

Alternatively, if you see clients in face-to-face interactions, a quick touch-up and mirror check would be very appropriate. Remember: 55 per cent of your first impression is based on your appearance.

Q: What is the appropriate etiquette surrounding applying make-up on public transport?

I personally would not reapply make-up on public transport, one of the main reasons being: the stop-start of traffic can lead to many a catastrophe when applying lipstick!

I think you need to be mindful and courteous of your audience: a quick make-up touch-up is fine, on say a bus or train, but if you have to spread your full make-up kit out on the poor person sitting next to you, you’ve gone too far.

beauty etiquette, make-up advice, make-up at work

Q: Why does applying make-up at work make some men feel uncomfortable and should businesswomen care?

I must admit I have never asked the question about whether or not men feel comfortable around a woman applying make-up in their presence. If we reversed the situation, how would we feel, if a man groomed his beard or shaved around us, what would our reaction be?

Make-up application is deemed a part of our overall grooming, however perhaps it is best saved for the privacy of our homes or the bathroom within our offices. I do feel a quick lipstick reapply at our desk is harmless and saves time, especially if we are running out the door to an appointment.

Q: Are there any strict beauty etiquette dos and don’ts you’d recommend?

Try to apply or reapply your make-up without an audience; pick your moment. I once witnessed a colleague reapply lipstick in a meeting: the implied message was that this person was disinterested in what was going on and was more focused on the lipstick being applied, and it did make a few of the gentlemen present uncomfortable.

I am an old-fashioned gal and believe that my grooming is my business, so I am happy to go to the bathroom or an area of privacy where I can touch up my make-up and then proceed to the meeting or the appointment feeling confident in my professional appearance.

Images, in order, via;; and supplied.


5 Tips To Get Ready in 5 Minutes

We are all guilty of working late and cramming way too much into one day. Only have 5 minutes to get ready before heading out the door? Leave the house feeling polished and get ready in a flash with beauty expert and Nad’s brand manager, Natalie Ismiel’s 5 tips to get ready in 5 minutes.

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Multi-tasking products

Get the most out of your beauty products and save time and money by opting for multi-tasking products. BB and CC creams are perfect time savers in the morning as they moisturise, even out your skin tone and protect your skin with SPF. Makeup tints that work on cheeks, lips and eyes are easy to use and also great for those short on time.

Time taken in the morning = 3 minutes

Say goodbye shaving and hello waxing

Don’t waste precious time in the morning with time consuming shaving. The quick and easy option for longer lasting, hair free skin is waxing. Unlike shaving, which leaves unsightly stubble, the hair regrowth from waxing is actually softer and finer with each waxing session as the hair is removed by the root. An added benefit is that the long term effect of  waxing is less hair growth overall. I recommend Nad’s Body Wax Strips (RRP $10.95) for those looking for an easy way to remove unwanted hair anytime and in just minutes. The specially crafted natural beeswax formula effectively removes hair gently and moulds to all your curves, making it easy to reach those tricky areas.

Time taken in the morning = 0 minutes (your legs are already silky smooth!)

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a miracle product for when you are too busy to wash and style your hair. Not only is it great for soaking up excess oil, it can add volume, leave a nice fragrance in your hair and can lengthen the life of a blow dry.

Time taken in the morning = 1 minute

Red lipstick

Don’t have time for a full face of makeup? A simple slick of brightly coloured lipstick can instantly pull together your whole look and have you looking and feeling polished. Corals, pinks and reds freshen up your face and are on trend for Summer.

Time taken in the morning = 1 minute

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Organise the night before

Take 5 minutes out the night before to choose what you’re going to wear and store everything in an easy to reach place for the following morning. Organise your makeup and beauty products and streamline your routine so that you know where everything is and are not having to spend time trying to locate things in the morning.

Time taken in the morning = 0 minutes (it’s already done the night before)

Total Time Taken in the Morning = 5 minutes

Image via

Turn Oily Skin Into Dewy Skin

Do you struggle with oily skin turning your makeup into anything but matte?

Why not use this natural glow to your advantage, and transform oily skin into a dewy, satin-inspired finish. We have hand-picked just a few products to make the subtle transition, which are also packed with skin-loving nutrients to keep your face feeling hydrated.

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Use a dry oil

Many women with oily skin believe that using a dry oil will only encourage their skin to produce more natural sebum. It’s actually quite the opposite! Try and use a dry oil a few times a week before going to bed, since it is wonderful for all skin types.

Rather than leaving your skin feeling oily and sticky, a dry oil is actually more hydrating than a moisturiser. It also leaves your skin with a natural glow which cannot be replicated through any other product.

Screen shot 2015-02-11 at 9.51.29 AM

ModelCo Rosehip Luxury Facial Oil, $20

Hydrate with a gel

Gel products are amazing for oily skin since they don’t feel thick and cakey immediately after application. Rather than using a basic moisturiser, use a hydrating gel to lock-in moisture and help to revitalise skin from the inside out and with added radiance!

They can be used as a primer before applying makeup, an eye cream, and also to cool-down aggravated skin.

Turn Oily Skin Into Dewy Skin

L’Occitane Angelica Hydrating Vital Gel, $52

Use an SPF of 30

Rather than blotting your face with a sheet or translucent powder throughout the day, control the shine by limiting the amount of SPF on your face. Sometimes foundation with too much SPF (we’re talking 50+) can leave even dry skin looking completely oily and unmanageable. Apply a thin layer of translucent sunscreen on your skin, to avoid a shiny, white flashback by the early afternoon.

Turn Oily Skin Into Dewy Skin

This Works In Transit Skin Defence SPF 30, $46

Try an illuminator

One of the best tips is to limit the amount of foundation you put on your face. Sometimes skin can completely freak out from the layers of makeup used to achieve a ‘natural’ finish. Fake it with an illuminator which you only need to apply on the angles of your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and through the brow bone for that subtle, sun-kissed glow.

Turn Oily Skin Into Dewy Skin

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash, $76

Image via Shop Style

Summer Skin Hydration

During the warmer months, keeping your skin soft and supple can be a challenge. A combination of dry warm days, swimming in chlorinated pools and a little too much UV can leave your skin feeling dry and dehydrated in no time.

Here’s a few simple key skincare tips to help you hold onto that dewy glow.

Keep your beauty routine simple

Summer Skin, Hydration

The cleaner your beauty and makeup routine, the better. Especially in the warmer months as your skin is already dealing with increased changes – being exposed to harsh sunlight which can lead to skin dehydration and warm days which means more sweating.

If you can afford to, keep your daytime makeup to a minimum. This is when heat is at its peak and you’re more likely to clog up your pores with makeup and perspiration. Leave your detailed makeup looks for the evening when you’re less likely to get hot and bothered.

Use a hydrating mask

This is a great way to plug back in that lost moisture after a long and hot day on the beach. Cloth face masks are especially good for thorough, instant moisturisation and hydration, as they are literally dripping with nutrients and sit right next to the dermal layer of skin. Try Skin Republic’s CoQ10 + Caviar Face Mask Sheet for intense hydration and improved skin elasticity.

Use an SPF

Summer Skin, Hydration, SPF, sunscreen

Use sunscreen and use it wisely. Starting the day with an SPF moisturiser should be the first step in your beauty routine. Opt for something that provides UVA and UVB protection to make sure you’ve got all bases covered.

If you’re out in the sunshine all day, remember a hat and be sure to reapply every few hours.

Use a spritzer

This is a handbag must-have especially for those long, hot summer days. When your skin is feeling down and dry, simply pump a few sprays onto your face, neck, arms and legs. Cool off and add back that lost hydration!


summer skin, hydration, water

Easier said than done but you must drink water, and lots of it! There’s no point trying to keep your skin moisturised if you neglect nourishing your body from the inside out. We recommend eight glasses a day – and more if you’re out and about in the heat.

These summer skincare tips are brought to you by Skin Republic. For more on nourishing and hydrating skincare products visit

7 Cult Beauty Products You Need

Whether you’re new to makeup or simply in-need of a cosmetics refresh, then you’re definitely in the right place.

We share some of our cult-beauty products you need to create almost any makeup look, and more! They are a mix of high-end and drugstore products which are easy to find if you’re in-store, or just shopping online.

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1. Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara, $19.95

Probably one of the best drugstore mascaras which helps to create the illusion of long, thick lashes with just one application. Use on both your top and bottom lashes to boost their volume without the need for falsies.

7 Cult Beauty Products You Need

2. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, $50.60

A chic eyeshadow palette which boats four matte shades, two exclusives to create any makeup look. It makes the perfect gift for those who like to keep their eyeshadow looking nice and simple, but can also create a perfect smokey eye.

7 Cult Beauty Products You Need

3. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, $59

Not only is Nars famous for creating a number of different foundation shades, but this is also the best way to achieve glowy, radiant skin. Apply onto a freshly moisturised face, and buff into the skin with a cosmetic sponge, or flat-top kabuki brush for a ‘your skin but better’ look.

7 Cult Beauty Products You Need

4. Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow, $11.95

If you suffer from oily lids, then this is the perfect shadow which stays on for hours. Apply with your fingers, and dab on the eyelid to set the shade. Use a translucent finishing powder over the top to keep it in place all day.

7 Cult Beauty Products You Need

5. Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna, $49

There’s a reason why Laguna by Nars is one of their best selling products. The light-infused bronzer suits all skin tones, and brings a warm glow without leaving an orange tint to the skin. If your skintone is a little too dark for this shade, use Casino which is also well-loved.

7 Cult Beauty Products You Need

6. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, $17.60

Undoubtedly one of the most popular primers ever, this is the perfect base to almost any eyeshadow look. Use a tiny amount over your eyelid, and pat down before using any other cosmetics. It will stay on for hours!

7 Cult Beauty Products You Need

7. L’Oréal Paris Infallible 2-Step Longwear Lipstick, $29.95

A highly pigmented formula which is packed with hyaluronic gel to create soft, smooth lips and won’t cause any irritable dry patches. Apply the colour onto freshly exfoliated lips, then use the other side to lock-in moisture.

7 Cult Beauty Products You Need

What are some of your holy grail makeup products?

Image via Swide

Get The Look: Miranda Kerr’s Luscious Berry Lips

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has the perfect base for almost any makeup look, with just one of our favourites including a deep-red lip stain. This trend is really easy to master (even for beginners), and lasts for hours even if you’re eating and drinking.

We share some of the best ways to apply your lip stain, and how to get Miranda’s trendy look this season.

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Most lip stains are quite opaque, meaning they are packed with colour and rarely give you a natural, glossy look. Use a liquid lip stain to create a subtle pop of colour on both your cheeks and lips. The best way to apply this is with your fingers, and pat gently onto moisturised lips.

Get The Look: Miranda Kerr's Luscious Berry Lips

ModelCo Cheek and Lip Tint, $26


Just like liquid lip stains, crayons are easy to apply and give you a lot of control. Start by lining the lips, then colour the inside. Fix up any errors by dipping an cotton bud into a micellar water, and dabbing the surrounding area.

Get The Look: Miranda Kerr's Luscious Berry Lips

Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint in Lively, $30


If you want your lip stain to stay on for hours, then a stick is your best option. Use a lip brush to carefully fill in any gaps, and reach those difficult places. Make sure to moisturise and exfoliate your lips before using a dark shade, since these colours have the tendency to emphasise cracks and dry patches.

Get The Look: Miranda Kerr's Luscious Berry Lips

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella, $36


While the thought of applying a marker onto to your lips may feel rather unsettling at first, it’s one of the best ways to maintain a bright colour. Make sure to firstly line your lips, then dab the product from top to bottom. It will take just a few minutes for the first layer to dry, before applying a second for a deep glow.

Get The Look: Miranda Kerr's Luscious Berry Lips

3CE Lip Marker, $31


Keep your lips feeling hydrated by moisturising well before applying a lip stain. These formulas are known to be a little more harsh, and can disrupt the delicate nature of your skin. Add one coat, and wait for it to completely absorb before applying a lip stain over the top.

Get The Look: Miranda Kerr's Luscious Berry Lips

Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm, $19.95


If you’re not a fan of the matte look, use a clear gloss over the lip stain. Not only does this help to lock-in the colour, but will also create the illusion of luscious lips – just like Miranda!

Image via Allure Magazine

5 Products For Extremely Damaged Lips

Admit it, taking care of your lips is probably the last thing you want to be doing.

Even though it takes just a few minutes to exfoliate and apply a balm before going to bed, this can often be forgotten (especially if you just want to hit the sack). If your lips are looking a little worse for wear, try some of these hydrating lip products which will repair them in no-time.

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La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Lips, $13

A intense formula enriched with natural vitamins to cure chapped, dry lips overnight. The fragrance-free formula is perfect for those suffering from sensitive skin, since it won’t interfere with your current routine, or leave a nasty smell. Used as a high-strength formula for patients on Roaccutane.

5 Products For Extremely Damaged Lips

Nuxe Reve De Miel, $19.99

Now you’ve probably heard us proclaim our love for this product before, but it’s just so good!

The formula dries matte, and leaves lips feeling so soft and silky. Apply a tiny amount before going to bed, or use it to prime your lips before applying lipstick. There is also a stick balm, which unfortunately is only sold in the United States and Europe.

5 Products For Extremely Damaged Lips

Avene Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream, $9.59

Packed with various antibacterial properties, Cicalfate is the ultimate 2-in-1 skincare secret suitable for the entire body. Apply a tiny amount (a grain of rice), and massage in circular motions over the skin.

5 Products For Extremely Damaged Lips

Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight Intense Lip Therapy, $22

A luxurious overnight treatment which helps to repair lips by conditioning and soothing. Packed with nourishing shea and mango butter for a pleasant smell which lingers all night long.

5 Products For Extremely Damaged Lips

L’Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Lip Balm, $15

A heavy duty formula ideal for the colder weather, and helps to repair broken lips. Apply over clean, dry lips before going to bed for best results. Use daily until lips are completely repaired, or apply onto other dry patches on the face and body.

5 Products For Extremely Damaged Lips

Image via iStock

6 Easy Tips For Stronger Nails

Taking care of your nails is easier than it sounds, especially if you love nothing more than a manicure/pedicure every few weeks. Regularly exfoliate, moisturise, and file your nails to create a flawless base for nail varnish.

Not only will it last longer, but you won’t suffer from stained nails and irritating breakage. Here are a few of our basic tips on how to care for your nails at home.

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Cuticle cream

The secret to flawless nail polish is to keep the nail bed clean and tidy. Regularly use a cuticle cream to moisturise the area around dry nails, and avoid any dry patches which can be caused by the weather, salt water, and even fake tan. Apply a tiny amount of cuticle cream on the nail bed, and massage gently until the skin soaks it up.


Body oils are a great way to indulge and give your nails a little extra TLC. Just before going to bed, apply a moisturise-rich oil onto the hands, feet, and heels to soothe dry patches. Even though these products might take a little longer to soak into the skin, they are essential in keeping your nails looking their best.


To avoid breakage, there are a number of supplements which encourage healthy hair and nail growth. Biotin is found naturally in eggs, but can be taken in the form of a multi-vitamin to treat brittle fingernails over an extended period of time.


Take a small nail brush and regularly exfoliate your nail beds. It doesn’t have to be too harsh; simply use circular motions to remove any dead skin or bacteria away from the surface of the nail. Rinse hands with lukewarm water, then apply a hand cream before going to bed.


Treat your nails to a weekly soak which helps to balance out natural oils released from the skin. Use a combination of rose water, chamomile, and green tea to soak your nails for about 5-10 minutes. Moisturise afterwards to avoid over-drying, and create silky smooth hands and feet!

Nail polish

Always use a base and top coat if you want a subtle shine without the colour. Many nail polishes make quick-drying formulas which are perfect if you’re constantly on-the-go, or don’t have time to treat your nails. Always use a base coat to avoid discolouration on the nail bed (often an orange tinge), but if this does occur, use lemon juice to reverse the damage.

What are some of your tips for healthy looking nails?

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