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11 Reasons To Go Bronde This Season

Say hello to the greatest hairstyle of your life.

How To Save Damaged Hair

Aggressive styling techniques, like straightening, curling and colouring, or over burdening with products, long hot showers, or even excessive exposure to the sun and elements, can have a dramatic impact on the condition and health of your hair. As a result, your hair could be in desperate need of some rescue remedies.

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Short of chucking a Britney Spears and shaving your precious locks off, how to save damaged hair is a mystery to many, however, it’s not as hard as you may think. Some simple routine changes and careful selection of the right products can completely transform your hair making it one of your best features!

Avoid the heat

The worst thing you can do when your hair is already fizzled out, is expose it to heat – artificial heat in particular. When you wash your hair, ditch your beloved hairdryer and towel dry it before letting it air out naturally. It may also be time to let your natural wave or kink reign supreme, rather than drying your hair out with constant straightening. Straightening your hair, however, is perfectly fine allowing that you’re not doing it every day and you use heat styling products and ensure your hair is 100 per cent dry before you let the iron hit your hair.

Great heat-free styling tips

Roll your damp hair up in an old tee shirt for some natural waves, or go old school with some foam rollers. Loose braids and messy buns are also great ways to rock a carefree, stylish look minus the heat.

Ditch the bleach

Peroxide ridden hair isn’t as popular as it once was and giving this bygone trend a miss will leave your hair screaming its thanks. Excessive bleaching or colouring can not only turn your hair into hay, in some situations the bleach will strip your hair of its natural nutrients, thin your hair, or even cause it to start falling out – literally!

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Try using softer hair colours that closely resembles your natural colour. Avoid extreme, harsh colours like bleached blonde, red, or blue – these colours may get their 15-minutes of fame, but they’ll be washed out before you know it! Also consider natural looking highlights or foils. These styles will be much gentler on your hair follicle and will help you to avoid the inevitable damage that accompanies drastic changes in hair colour. If you’re still pining after that trendy red style, try to remember that no hair colour will suit your natural skin tone and colouring as well as your natural hue.

Invest in natural or sulphate-free shampoo

If you have dry hair, using a harsh shampoo with lots of chemicals isn’t going to do it any favours. Some traditional shampoos are harmful to your hair, scalp, body and environment because of the harmful chemicals and carcinogens they contain. Natural shampoos will help improve the condition of your hair and the natural oils in it will help promote new hair growth.

Image via dailywt.com

Throwback Thursday: How To Change Your Look In An Instant

Expert hairstylist James Nicholson says clip-in fringes are a great way to change your look in an instant, without opting for the chop. Whether you’re after a blunt, choppy or side-swept fringe a clip-in fringe is your safest option. Plus it’s a great way to see if it’s a look you’d like to go for on a more permanent basis.

Here is his simple and quick step-by-step guide to get the look:

1. Wash and blow-dry your hair as normal

2. Section the first two inches of your hair from the middle of each of your brows and pin it back tightly at the crown (use hair pins that are the same colour as your hair). Also, for women with really fine hair you may want to back-comb the roots slightly to give you a solid foundation.

3. Apply the hairpiece by clipping in the centre clip first, then pull the hairpiece tightly across the forehead and snap shut the clip, repeat on the other side.

4. Release the hair from the crown and let the hair fall into its natural parting. Then style as usual, as the hairpieces are made from 100% human hair, you can apply products and heat style the fringe.

Throwback Thursday: How To Change Your Look In An Instant



Gliders Bobby Pins 36pc; RRP $2.95

Available at thebeautyoffice.com.au

Headlines Hairpieces Clip in Fringe; RRP $79.20

Available at headlineshairpieces.com.au

The Best Shampoo And Conditioner For Your Hair Type

Whether your hair is damaged, dry, or frizzy, every great style starts in the shower. Using the right hair care products is the first step to achieving those lush locks that you’ve always wanted.

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However, a trip to the supermarket to select the right shampoo and conditioner can feel like you’re sitting in high school chemistry with no idea what’s going on!

Smoothing, volumising, moisturising, ant-dandruff, colour-safe – it’s a jungle out there. That’s why we’ve put together some tips to help you choose the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair type so you can meet your perfect match.

Your hair texture, thickness, and how often you wash and style your hair are all contributing factors.

Dry or damaged hair


Hair prone to dryness needs moisture rich shampoos that don’t contain sodium laureth sulfate (which is a stripping detergent). Your shampoo should gently cleanse your hair with rich conditioning ingredients like shea butter that smoothes and detangles the hair.


A moisturising shampoo should be used from the ends of your hair to the root, with the least amount of product being used on your scalp. Natural oils, shea butter, and protein are essential ingredients for dry and damaged hair. Leave-in conditioners applied to the ends of your hair can also help to re-invigorate dull hair.

We recommend: Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Barbary Fig Oil Restorative Shampoo 200ml and matching conditioner.

Curly, wavy, or thick hair


Like dry and damaged hair, thick and curly hair is prone to drying out and frizz. As such creamy and moisture rich products should be your best friend. Avoid washing your hair every day and instead let your scalps natural oils work their magic.


Curly and thick hair types work particularly well with conditioners that contain silicone and proteins, which coat the cuticle of the hair and reduce frizz. Conditioners with smoothing properties like wheat protein and soy will also give your hair an extra boost of moisture.

We recommend: Aveda Be Curly Shampoo and Conditioner.

Coloured hair


Coloured hair needs hair-products that keep your treatment looking bright and fresh. Therefore, colour-protecting shampoos that contain fewer harsh cleansers are great because they prevent fading. These types of products will help to re-hydrate your hair and restore shine.


Once again, targeted conditioners that are developed specifically for colour-treated hair. These products contain UV filters that act in a similar way to sunscreen that prevents colour fading.

We Recommend: Biolage Delicate Care Shampoo and Pureology Hydrate LightConditioner.

Image via wisegeek.com

Most Iconic Hairstyles Of The Past 50 Years

There have been some memorable hair trends in recent years: Ombre hair, pastel-colored hair, medium-length waves… but none are quite as enduring as the trendy tresses of these famous ladies. The ‘dos influenced whole generations of women and how they styled their locks, but went one further, to catalyze entire movements of fashion and beauty standards. All hail the hair icons!

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Twiggy was an unprecedented style and beauty tidal wave. Her waif-ish body shape became the most desired, her mod style and quirky eye makeup continue to influence fashion trends. But most of all, her pixie haircut inspired modern woman to sport the cropped, elvish style.

Farrah Fawcett


This Charlie’s Angel was the definition of hair inspo for the 70s gal. Everyone wanted the Farrah Fawcett flicks. Even still, she is the poster girl for this layered, windswept hairstyle.

Jennifer Aniston


I can’t imagine the number of photographs of Jen were shown to hairdressers throughout the 90s and early 00s. During her run as Rachel Green on Friends, Aniston sported a variety of hairstyles, all of which became the “next big thing”. Her face layers, her cute bob, her long extensions – which is your favorite Rachel?

Posh Spice


Any young woman or teenage girl in the early 2000s will appreciate the frenzy that surrounded Victoria Beckham‘s hair. Remember the Pob? For those who may not, Pob is the combined and abbreviated version of Posh (Spice) and bob (like the haircut). That’s right – her hair had it’s own name!

Gisele Bundchen


Gisele’s beachy waves gave life to the term “model hair”. Her long, sunkissed locks were both effortless and glamorous, straight from the beaches of Brazil to the runways of Victoria’s Secret. Who hasn’t spent too much time with a straightener, curling iron or “beach spray” trying desperately to get Gisele’s tresses?

Images via elle.com and Shutterstock

Get The Look: Cara Delevingne’s Pastel Pink Hair

Supermodel turned actress Cara Delevingne has abandoned her bronde locks in favour of something a little more festival for summer. She was recently spotted at the Osheaga music festival in Montreal supporting girlfriend, St Vincent. Get this cotton candy hair colour, which is also temporary, with a few of our tips.

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1. Make sure your hair is light enough to take in the colour. There are a number of pre-lightening formulas available from the supermarket or the drugstore which are easy to try at home.

Get The Look: Cara Delevingne's Pastel Pink Hair

L’Oréal Feria Extra Bleach Blonde, $9.99

2. If you’re using a cream colour, apply it first to your scalp then onto the ends of your hair. Use a comb to evenly distribute the colour without leaving any patches of hair uncoloured.

Get The Look: Cara Delevingne's Pastel Pink Hair

Manic Panic Classic Semi Permanent Vegan Hair Colour in Cotton Candy Pink, $19.95

3. Another way to wear this trend is with hair chalk. It’s a great alternative if you want to test out the colour for one night – it’ll wash-off in the shower. Apply the chalk directly onto your hair, then rub it in gently to become more pigmented.

Get The Look: Cara Delevingne's Pastel Pink Hair

Splat Hair Chalk in Dusty Rose, $5.99

Nina Dobrev’s No-Fuss Top Knot Tutorial

Keep your hair frizz-free this summer in one of the easiest hairstyles to master, the top knot. Actress Nina Dobrev was recently spotted rocking a top knot on the red carpet, and we were so inspired to try a tutorial of our own!

The is the ultimate summer hairstyle which is so flattering on all hair types, and takes just 5 minutes to complete.

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1. To keep your hair from falling out of the bun, using a volumising mousse while it’s still damp. It will also make the rest of the bun look quick and full!

Nina Dobrev's No-Fuss Top Knot Tutorial

Apply to damp hair (avoiding the scalp), and leave to dry naturally or use a hair drier on a cool setting so it doesn’t harm the hair follicle.

Nina Dobrev's No-Fuss Top Knot Tutorial

Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Body Booster Mousse, $15.99

2. Pull your hair into a high ponytail, then secure tightly with a hair elastic. You might need to use 2 if your hair is super-thick and textured.

Nina Dobrev's No-Fuss Top Knot Tutorial

Scunci No Damage Hair Elastic (18 Pack), $8.99

3. Take small sections from the ponytail, and use a flat iron to give them some extra shape. This is ideal for creating extra volume for thin hair!

Nina Dobrev's No-Fuss Top Knot Tutorial

VS Sassoon Str8 Up Straightener, $44.89

4. Once you’re done with the flat iron, comb out your curls then twist your hair around in a bun. To create the illusion of extra hair, take small sections and pin them under the elastic.

Nina Dobrev's No-Fuss Top Knot Tutorial

Lady Jane Comb, $6.89

5. Keep everything together using a medium-strength hair spray. Tease out any additional parts of your bun to make your hair look thick and healthy!

Nina Dobrev's No-Fuss Top Knot Tutorial

Hair Nutrition Dry Shampoo, $6.00

Images via Starity

5 Instant Face-Slimming Hairstyles

Who knew that a hairstyle could slim your face? From Alexa Chung’s wavy bob to ombré, we have found the best hairstyles that flatter your face in an amazing way. Simply take a picture of your favourite celebrity below and let your hairdresser do all the hard work!

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Long bob

Try a long bob, which perfectly frames all face shapes. Emma Stone is the ultimate candidate for this style since it flatters her face and the colour is just right!

Emma Stone Long Bob Hairstyle

Short layers

Shorter layers that fall against the chin are perfect for framing a heart-shaped face. A few highlights is another way to make this look work for longer hair, as seen below on Aishwarya Rai.

Aishwarya Rai with Layered Hair

Shaggy bob

If your hair is curly and textured, a shaggy bob is the perfect hairstyle. Don’t go for a blunt cut which can look a little harsh on thicker hair.

Kate Beckinsale shaggy bob hairstyle

Wispy bangs

Bangs are a fantastic hair trend that is always in style and looks amazing with lighter hair colours. Make sure your fringe hits the area between your eyebrows and eyelashes, anything shorter won’t look too flattering.

Whispy bangs

Beachy waves

Sun-kissed waves are so easy to achieve, especially if your hair has a hint of existing ombré. This look is so flattering on all skin tones and is easily replicated with sea-salt spray and a good curling wand.

Beachy wave hairstyle

Images via Redbook Magazine, ELLE, Daily Makeover, Beauty.com

Top Sulphate-Free Hair Products

Looking to protect your scalp from harmful silicone and sulphate additives found in shampoo’s and conditioners? Not only can these ingredients lead to a dry scalp, but they can also strip your hair of its vibrant colour. Shop from our list of sulphate-free products below, and protect your hair from the harmful elements.

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The Colour Shampoo

If your hair has just been freshly coloured, it’s best to keep your haircare routine as low-maintenance as possible. Avoid sulphate’s and silicone’s which can strip the colour from your hair, leaving it brittle and lifeless. Look for ingredients which contain vitamins and nutrients to give your hair extra shine.

Hair: Top 5 Sulphate-Free Hair Products

Kiehl’s Since 1851 Sunflower Colour Preserving Shampoo, $27.59

The Conditioner

Treat your hair to a fortifying conditioner which will lock-in moisture, and leave it feeling super-smooth. Apply it onto your ends, and carefully comb through the product to remove any existing knots or tangles. Wash in cold water for best results, and pat your hair dry with a towel.

Hair: Top 5 Sulphate-Free Hair Products

MooGoo Cream Conditioner, $17.50

The Dry Oil

Use a dry oil once a week to lock-in moisture, or simply apply it to your hair just like a mask. The concentrated particles help to soften split ends, and make your hair feel like brand new.

Hair: Top 5 Sulphate-Free Hair Products

L’Occitane Shea Fabulous Dry Oil, $52.27

The Hair Mask

If your hair needs a bit of a pick-me-up, a hair mask is your best option. Not only does it help to strengthen and nourish the follicle, but it can repair damaged ends.

Hair: Top 5 Sulphate-Free Hair Products

Sukin Protein Hair Treatment, $12.95

The Dry Shampoo

We all need a little dry shampoo once in a while, but it doesn’t need to dry-out our entire scalp. Luckily, Klorane is a lifesaver from the French pharmacy and it’s so affordable! Packed with oat extract (and without those nasty sulphate’s) to soothe hair from the outside.

Hair: Top 5 Sulphate-Free Hair Products

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Extract, $7.50

Image via Vogue Paris

Going Bronde: The Hottest Hair Colour Of Summer

Celebrities such as Blake Lively and Elizabeth Olsen have paved the way for one of the most sought-after hair colours of the season – a mix between blonde and brown. Bronde is a combination of ashy brown tones, blended with blonde highlights which are perfect for summer.

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We countdown some of our favourite bronde hairstyles for you to show the hairdresser!

Cara Delevingne

The model turned actress recently debuted her new bronde locks on the promotional tour for Paper Towns. The muted tones are perfect for her skin tone, and match the colour of her eyebrows.

Going Bronde: The Hottest Hair Colour Of Summer

Elizabeth Olsen

The youngest Olsen sister is a fan of bronde since it’s so easy to maintain. Add a few tousled curls using a curling wand to look like you just came back from the beach!

Going Bronde: The Hottest Hair Colour Of Summer

Anna Selezneva

International supermodel, Anna Selezneva shows us the perfect way to make bronde work for her olive skin tone. Pair with dewy, minimal makeup for those off-duty days.

Going Bronde: The Hottest Hair Colour Of Summer

Blake Lively

Although Blake Lively was known for her fabulous blonde locks in Gossip Girl, the new mum made a low-maintenance change this year by going bronde.

Going Bronde: The Hottest Hair Colour Of Summer

Jennifer Lopez

Bombshell Jennifer Lopez is also on board with bronde since it’s so easy to maintain – even for dark-haired girls! She was spotted on the red carpet with voluminous curls over the summer.

Going Bronde: The Hottest Hair Colour Of Summer

Would you try the bronde trend? We’re already on board!

Images via Cosmopolitan, Sheer Luxe, Stardust and Sequins, Instagram, I Know Hair

Get The Look: Ashley Benson’s Side-Swept Curls

Actress Ashley Benson was giving us serious hair envy when she was recently spotted at Justin Bieber’s Comedy Roast in Los Angeles. The actress wore a floor-length gown with diamond earrings and side-swept curls. Create this hairstyle in just 10 minutes with our easy tutorial below.

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1. If hair has just been freshly washed and dried, apply a heat protectant to your ends. This will help to seal the hair follicle and will prevent any additional damage from the curling wand.

Ashley Benson's Side-Swept Curls

Redken Styling Duo Shield, $30.95

2. Divide hair into three sections (one at the back and two at the front). This will make it easier to curl the hair in a short amount of time. For short hair like Ashley’s, wrap the hair around the wand twice, hold for 7 seconds, then release. Shake the hair from side-to-side; this will increase the amount of volume.

Ashley Benson's Side-Swept Curls

Cloud Nine Curling Wand, $315

3. Repeat this step on your hair, leaving the fringe until last. Lower the heat on your curling wand and hold for 2-3 seconds. This will make the hair look more natural. Take a wide-tooth comb and carefully brush out the curls.

Get The Look: Ashley Benson's Side-Swept Curls

4. Spritz your roots with a touch of dry shampoo to give hair extra body and lift.

Ashley Benson's Side-Swept Curls

Nak Dry Clean Dry Shampoo, $19.95

Images via Zimbio

What Happens When You Straighten Your Hair Everyday

It should come as no surprise that styling your hair with heat – straightening irons in particular – can potentially damage it. But what happens when you straighten your hair everyday?

A third of all women own a hair straightener to smooth down unruly hairs, but the hair-raising facts behind using a straightener might make you think twice before reaching for your heated tongs.

Brace yourself ladies, because yes, your hair straightener can cause some serious breakage that could potentially lead to your tresses falling out!

According to Dr. Tim Moore, Chief Technical Officer at ghd’s Research and Development Facility in Cambridge, “A lot of irons on the market have temperature dials up to 230 degrees, which is very bad for hair… it literally melts it.”

Consistently styling your hair at these high temperatures can change the colour of your hair permanently and dramatically reduce its ‘tensile strength’ – meaning that your hair strands will break halfway and then fall out. So basically, all that hair breakage that’s living in your brush is actually avoidable. But before you freak out and think you have to toss your beloved hair straightener, you can still use it, just on a lower heat setting.

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When it comes to overheating, women with thick or curly hair tend to be the worst culprits. It’s a common misconception that going hotter will wield better results, when in fact more pressure will see your hair flattening a lot better than pumping up the heat.

“This is a physics thing – there’s a difference between temperature and heat,” explains Dr Moore. “When you’ve got really thick hair, you need to pump in more energy, but you don’t need any more temperature.”For the best results, use a straightener that responds quickly but maintains a consistent heat level.

The worst thing you can do for your hair is straightening it while it’s still wet or damp. You know that cringe worthy sizzling sound you hear when you clamp down on damp hair? That’s not supposed to happen.

“The temperature at which damage to your hair occurs actually drops with wetness. The glass transition phase temperature does the same thing. So for instance, if hair is 50 per cent wet, the temperature at which you can damage it has dropped to around about 100 degrees celcius,” he explains.

“So if you put a styler, even one of ours at 185 degrees, onto wet hair you’ll cause considerable damage. Essentially, water in the hair is suddenly expanding, it’s basically exploding the hair.”

He also warns that although some hair straightener available claim to work from wet to dry – this technology doesn’t actually exist. You should always ensure your hair is completely dry before exposing it to any heat based styling.

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To try an overcome the damaging effects of hair straightening, deep conditioning treatment, or simple hair TLC can make a difference. When you wash your hair, leave your conditioner in for 5-minutes so your locks can soak in the extra moisture. Although, once you damage your hair too much, the only way to repair it is to grow it out entirely.

As much as we might want to – it’s probably best to air on the side of caution when it comes to using heated products.

Image via sheknows.com

Throwback Thursday: 5 Celebrity Hairstyles For Date Night

It’s date night and you’ve got the perfect outfit, a sexy new lip gloss…but what about your hair? If you’re struggling to find the perfect look, here are five celebrity hairstyles that are ideal for a romantic look and how you can recreate the look at home.

Gwyneth Paltrows sleek and straight hair

Gwyneth Paltrow loves a sleek look and it’s easy to recreate at home. To create this stylish celebrity hairstyle, use an anti-frizz serum on damp hair before blow-drying with a paddle brush. Separate hair into sections, clipping the top sections out of the way. Use a flat iron to smooth the bottom section first, and then continue with the other sections. Mist with a shine serum for healthy, shiny-looking locks.

date night hairstyles

Reese Witherspoons side-swept waves
For Reese’s soft, side-swept waves, start by using a lightweight styling cream on damp hair to create hold, then blow hair dry with a round brush. Create a deep side part and curl 1” sections of hair, being careful to curl all hair in the same direction. Lightly brush out your curls, then gather all hair over one shoulder.

date night celebrity hairstyle

Jessica Chastains half-up style

To recreate Jessica’s romantic half-up hairstyle, begin with hair that has been blow dried and parted in the middle. Section hair into two parts by dividing the hair at the crown just above the ears and use bobby pins to secure the top section, wrapping the hair to create a soft twist. Pull a few face-framing pieces from the top section for a more romantic look.

latest date night hairstyle

Kim Kardashians perfect ponytail

Kim’s sleek, low ponytail is a perfect look for a first date. To get the look, start with dry hair free of products and part hair on the side. Create volume at the crown by teasing, brush hair to smooth out any bumps. Smooth the hair with a small amount of straightening balm. Using an elastic hair tie, gather hair in a low ponytail at the base of your neck and spray with hairspray to tame flyaways.

cool date night hairstyle

Jennifer Lopezs romantic waves

For Jennifer’s romantic look, blow dry hair with a diffuser attachment for extra volume. Section hair into two or three sections (depending on the thickness), and clip the top sections out of the way. Begin by curling the bottom section in 1” pieces away from the face. Finish with the remaining sections, then let hair cool completely before flipping your entire head over to shake out the curls. Spritz with a medium-weight hairspray to hold the look in place.

Female Hair Loss: Why It’s Happening To You

Female hair loss is both common and affects women of all ages. Think it won’t happen to you? Think again. There are many health causes for it, ranging from anaemia through to vitamin deficiencies and the simple, unavoidable aging process.

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Twice in my life, I’ve lost considerable amounts of hair. The first was due to stress: I was working crazy hours in a full-on job for a media giant and was stupidly neglecting both my physical and emotional health. My fine, shoulder-length, blonde hair started to thin out to the point that it resembled fairy floss, as my husband unhelpfully (but not unkindly) pointed out when we met during that time. Boy, has he lived to regret those tactless words! It didn’t help too that my hairdresser at the time was obsessed with giving me platinum locks, making my naturally-fair hair even weaker from all the vigorous bleaching and overstyling.

It was only after I left my full-time media job while on maternity leave when my hair began to thicken and grow like wildflowers. This was partly due to the wonder of pregnancy hormones, whereby increased levels of estrogen prolong the growing stage, there are fewer hairs in the resting stage and fewer falling out each day, so you naturally have thicker, more luxuriant tresses. However, I firmly believe my rapid hair growth was also largely as a result of my great personal joy and immense relief – mind/body and spirit – at no longer having to work under such stressful conditions.

Of course, my hair fell out again somewhat, as is natural and normal, following my having two babies very close together. Postpartum hair-loss is common due to a massive dip in estrogen levels and, rest assured, it does grow back again soon! It’s a tad confronting at the time though, granted. My postpartum hair loss during breastfeeding both children was quite dramatic; so much so, I remember asking my new, fabulous hairdresser – a few months after giving birth to my second child – if I was in fact going bald!

hair, hair growth, female hair loss

Today, my hair is super-healthy, strong, thick and mid-way down my back. It’s the best condition it’s ever been in, but I do take great care of it, spending a small fortune on it every six-eight weeks with a regular trim and colour, if needed. Here, senior Queensland hairdresser Elyse Louise, 22, answers all my questions on hair loss, from her expert point of view. Of course, you may also want to see your GP if hair loss is a problem for you.

Why is female hair loss so common?
I think in this day and age our lifestyles are changing; there are always new and improved diets – which aren’t always so good for us – and we’re under more stress and taking more medications than ever before. There are so many reasons why your hair might start to thin or fall out. The real issue is figuring out what reason it is for you. Even if it’s none of the above, there is still something we [hairdressers] can do to slow it down or even stop it.

Whom does hair loss most affect?
A lot of people don’t realise it, but hair loss affects women just as much as it does men. Both genders struggle with it – the only difference being is that a lot of women like to keep their hair to look feminine and feel good about themselves, so you do start to see a little bit of thinning and patchiness unfortunately, whereas the vast majority of men decide to go really short to disguise the start of hair loss.

What products can you use to combat female hair loss?
I’m a Kerastase-trained hairdresser. So, first of all we need to look at what has caused a client’s hair loss. I always like to tell my clients to talk to their doctor and to see if it could have anything to do with medication they’re taking. Next up, I recommend Kerastase Aminexil an intensive hair protection treatment which reduces the rate of hair loss. It goes into your scalp and helps sort out the problem from the source: your hair’s bulb. This is where you hair grows out of and it’s vital to your hair’s growth and strength.

When this bulb hardens due to health conditions and/or medication, it strangles your hair to a point it gets thinner and eventually may not even be strong enough to grow anymore. Therefore, you feel your hair thinning and losing density. This great product contains a series of vials with a weightless serum in them which you apply morning and night to help reenergise and strengthen your hair. Then, in three month’s time, clients should be able to see brand, new hairs growing through. I recommend my clients apply the treatment twice a year, leaving about three months in between to give their hair a break, and see if thick and healthy hair has been restored.

How To Easily Manage Thick Hair

Images via becomehealthier.net, ritualshairsalon.com

Get The Look: Alexa Chung’s Tousled Waves Tutorial

There’s no denying that Alexa Chung has one of the most enviable hairstyles in Hollywood. Where do we begin?

Just the right amount of sun-kissed strands coupled with a few tousled waves – it’s difficult to believe this hairstyle could be so easy! We show you just a few products which could help create Alexa’s signature hairstyle.

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1. Work with day-old hair which still has a bit of natural oils at the roots. If you’ve just washed yours, not to worry!

Get The Look: Alexa Chung's Tousled Waves Tutorial

Run a few drops of dry oil into the ends to emulate this look. It will also make your hair look super-shiny and healthy.

Celebrity hairstyles: Alexa Chung's Tousled Waves Tutorial

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil, $39.99

2. Lightly mist the hair with heat protectant spray, making sure to avoid spritzing the roots. It could make your hair feel crunchy and oily.

Celebrity hairstyles: Alexa Chung's Tousled Waves Tutorial

Redken Styling Iron Shape, $30.95

3. Use a curling wand to carefully wrap small sections of hair. If you want this look to feel a little more tousled, take larger sections of hair and leave them around the curling wand for longer.

Celebrity hairstyles: Alexa Chung's Tousled Waves Tutorial

BaByliss Pro Siren Titanium Ceramic 34mm Waving Wand, $120.40

4. When this is done, comb out your hair to loosen the curls. Before heading out the door, carefully mist your ends with a bit of sea-salt spray. It’ll give the hair a touch of body and bounce without weighing it down like hairspray.

Celebrity hairstyles: Alexa Chung's Tousled Waves Tutorial

Nak Style Surfer, $24.95

Images via Zimbio

What Your Hairdresser Really Thinks: Salon Dos and Don’ts

A good hairdresser is worth their weight in gold. They’re a rare and highly covetable breed whom you may find yourself incredibly invested in – so much so, you contemplate moving cities if your beloved “hair engineer” – gasp – moves to a faraway salon.

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Okay, maybe not quite, but you get my drift: I’m addicted to the high of good hair and so my beloved, talented hairdresser occupies a special place in my heart. I tell her all my secrets and have laughed and cried under her care and then, like my own fairy godmother, she makes my hair look better and better each time I visit. I fully understand and support celebrities spending thousands of dollars to fly their hairdressers with them all over the world. Wouldn’t you, if you could?

But have you ever wondered what your hairdresser is really thinking? The secrets only they possess in their quiet, calm reverie? Read on, for senior Queensland hairdresser Elyse Louise, 22, was kind enough to share her top 5 salon dos and don’ts. Here, Elyse dishes the dirt on big industry no-nos and the appropriate hair etiquette we should all adopt.

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  1. Creepy crawlies: One of Elyse’s pet hates is, understandably, coming across a client with a head full of nits! Gross! As heinous as this is, it does happen, she says, and leaves hairdressers with no option, but to refuse their services and send the client home. Aside from being totally rank, it’s against hairdresser workplace health and safety to work on a nit-plagued ‘do. Elyse says she’s seen young kids through to teenagers with the dreaded infestated hair.
  1. Celebrity lookalike: There’s nothing a good hairdresser hates more, says Elyse, than a client bringing in a photo of celebrity and saying: “Make me look like that”. For starters, you may not resemble your fave celebrity in any way and hairdressers are expertly trained to match your hair style to best suit your individual facial structure and hair type. This means that as much as you might think and hope your hairdresser can suddenly transform you into the likes of supermodel Gisele, it just ain’t going to happen.
  1. Clients with no idea: Another big hairdresser hate is clients who say: “Just do whatever you want”. This is a big gamble: how do you know your hairdresser isn’t a complete sadist who will shave off all your hair just for kicks? Elyse says hairdressers much prefer it when you come into a salon with a strong idea of what you want; otherwise you’re just wasting everyone’s time.
  1. Invest in a change: If you’re looking for a major, new ‘do – for example going from black to blonde – be prepared for the fact that you can’t do it in one session, Elyse says. A big change will take many salon visits to accomplish unless you want less-than-amazing results. So, be patient and persist with it. Hairdressers, as amazingly talented as some of them are, still cannot perform miracles (bugger).
  1. Hairdressers aren’t psychics: The next time you’re tempted to say to a new hairdresser: “Do it exactly the same as the last person” – give yourself a little slap, Elyse says. Hairdressers aren’t mind readers and it’s inevitable they’ll cut and colour your hair differently than the last stylist. Sure, you can carefully instruct them on exactly what you want, but they most likely will not give you exactly the same result as a hairdresser from another salon. Be open to change, or don’t ever go to a new hairdresser.



How To Naturally Lighten Your Hair

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Get The Look: Rachel McAdams’ 90s-Inspired Bob

Give your hair a style re-fresh this summer by chopping off those dead ends into a fashionable bob.

Since just about everybody is obsessed with replicating the nineties, we have compiled an easy hair tutorial using Rachel McAdam’s bob as inspiration. It only takes about 5 minutes, and is oh-so-effortless!

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Get The Look: Rachel McAdams' 90s Inspired Bob

1. Stay with second-day hair for extra texture (and those natural oils), but if you can’t help it, shampoo your hair with a volumising formula. Really work it into your roots, then rinse with cool water.

Celebrity hairstyles: Rachel McAdams' 90s Inspired Bob

KMS Add Volume Shampoo, $28.95

2. If hair is on the thin side, let it dry naturally and apply a light mist to the roots. It will give your hair an extra lift without making it feel crunchy.

Celebrity hairstyles: Rachel McAdams' 90s Inspired Bob

Juuce Sea Air Mist, $23.95

3. Section off your hair, then use a pair of flat irons to keep it looking super-sleek. Part your hair on an angle for the illusion of extra lift and texture.

Celebrity hairstyles: Rachel McAdams' 90s Inspired Bob

GlamPalm SimpleTouch Hair Iron, $269

4. To keep hair in place all day, use our cult-favourite mist which won’t make your hair feel dry and lifeless. Dry shampoo also works to create instant texture.

Celebrity hairstyles: Rachel McAdams' 90s Inspired Bob

L’Oréal Paris Elnett Normal Strength Hairspray, $9.99

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Winter Hair-Saving Remedies

How you care for your hair should vary between the seasons – in winter it should be all about rehydrating! Which is why we’ve put together some of the easiest winter hair saving remedies.

During winter we need to go into major damage control mode, with chilly temperatures causing hair strands to become fragile making them prone to splitting and breakage. To help combat this, the first step is to switch to shampoo and conditioner for dry hair, accompanied by nutrient-rich oil as a deep conditioning treatment or daily styling aid.

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Leaving the house with wet hair or constant exposure to heating indoors can also wreak havoc on your locks. In low temperatures wet hair can freeze (not completely, but just enough to increase the risk of breakage). The number one recommendation for this is to wear a hat when you’re outside to protect it from the elements. And to stop your hair from dehydrating in ducted heating, a dehumidifier or a large bowl of water in the corner of the room can counteract the effects of the heating.

Coloured hair is in a high-risk category and can be in the greatest need of some handy winter hair saving remedies during the colder months. Coloured hair is prone to fading in winter, especially red. Red hair usually fades quicker than other shades and this is especially the case at this time of year. However, some at home remedies can be the solution to this problem. Rinsing your hair with carrot juice can add a beautiful vibrancy and deepen the depth of your colour. Or for more of a purple-red, a beetroot rinse will work wonders!

Now that we’ve covered the basics, a little extra TLC goes a long way to protect your locks and nurture them back to manageable health.

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Make regular trips to the hairdressers

It may seem obvious, but people get busy and the hairdresser slowly gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. But, regular trims will keep split-ends at bay, while an at-home gloss will ensure your colour remains rich and your shine is mega-watt.

Take some prenatal vitamins

As it turns out, prenatal vitamins do more than just keep pregnant women the picture of perfect health, they also work wonders on your hair, skin and nails. Eating right and taking supplements are perfect for giving your hair an extra boost all year-round.

De-frizzing products

De-frizz products are a must for fending off unruly hair on rainy days.

Hydrating shampoo and conditioner

An intensely hydrating formula will nourish your hair without over-burdening with product. They will also protect your hair from drying out.

These simple steps are all you need to fend off the elements during the harsh winds, rain, and cold temperatures that hassle us during winter.

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Emma Stone’s Beachy Side Bun Hairstyle

Give your hair a style re-fresh with one of the hottest styles of the season – a side bun. This popular summer hairstyle is the perfect way to keep your hair frizz-free, plus it looks amazing with a little wear!

Actress Emma Stone was recently spotted with the much-coveted style at the premiere Irrational Man in Los Angeles, California.

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1. This style is best on day three hair since it will give enough hold, and won’t feel too frizzy. If you are starting from scratch, use a volumising shampoo which will give your roots some much-needed lift.

Emma Stone's Beachy Side Bun

Joico Body Luxe Volumizing Shampoo, $29.65

2. To create some beachy waves, spritz your hair with some sea salt spray and scrunch it with your hands.

Emma Stone's Beachy Side Bun

Pure Sea Salt Spray, $27.95

3. Take the rest of the hair and secure it in a low bun at the nape of the neck. If your hair is on the thicker side, use a translucent hair tie to keep it all in place.

Emma Stone's Beachy Side Bun Hairstyle

4. Use a teasing comb to carefully sift out the shorter layers of hair which will frame your face.

Emma Stone's Beachy Side Bun

Evo Tyler Teasing Brush, $29.95

5. If your hair needs it, spritz lightly with some hair spray to keep it all intact.

Emma Stone's Beachy Side Bun

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Hair Spray, $31.70

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5 Easy Ways To Style Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a fun way to switch-up your look, add some volume and give your hair some extra length without committing to just one particular style. Make the most of your extensions this summer with some of the hottest hairstyles that emphasise your long locks, rather than drawing attention to the tracks.

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Ballerina bun

One of the best parts about having hair extensions is the extra volume it gives. Brush hair into a slicked-back ponytail, then wrap it around the elastic to form a sleek, ballerina bun. Feel free to use extra bobby pins to keep shorter layers and stray hairs away.

5 Easy Ways To Style Hair Extensions

Voluminous curls

Wear your hair down for a special event by creating some instant texture with the help of a curling wand. Take small sections of hair, wrap them around the wand for 7-10 seconds, then release and shake the strand of hair. This creates instant volume without the use of hairspray!

5 Easy Ways To Style Hair Extensions

High ponytail

For a day at the gym, keep hair away from your face with a high ponytail. This style is also friendly for extensions, since you can easily hide any tracks.

5 Easy Ways To Style Hair Extensions

Half-up half-down

Who else feels like this hairstyle is a not-so-subtle nod to the nineties? Make the most of your extra length and volume by dividing hair into two sections and making the top into a high ponytail. It gives the illusion of extra hair without getting into your face!

5 Easy Ways To Style Hair Extensions

Fishtail braid

Keep your extra hair looking tangle-free in a popular protective hairstyle – the fishtail braid. If you find it rather difficult to master (YouTube tutorials are always easy!), then a standard braid is also ideal.

5 Easy Ways To Style Hair Extensions

Images via Inspiration Luv, Pinterest, Desi Perkins, Liz Marie Blog, Pop Haircuts

Emma Roberts’ Heat-Proof Summer Braids

Looking for a quick, heat-proof hairstyle for a summer party? Actress Emma Roberts was recently spotted with these stunning summer braids, which are perfect for keeping the frizz away and take just 5 minutes to prepare on medium-length hairstyles.

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1. Use a conditioning treatment on the length of your hair, making sure to let it absorb for 5-10 minutes before washing out with lukewarm water. It will help to keep any excess frizz away – especially mixed with the summer heat!

Emma Roberts' Heat-Proof Summer Braids

KMS TameFrizz Conditioner, $28.95

2. Let your hair air-dry, then apply a hydrating serum on the outer layer.

Emma Roberts' Heat-Proof Summer Braids

Davines MELU Mellow Split Ends Repairing Sealing Serum, $36.95

3. Divide your hair into two sections, and comb out any knots or kinks. Separate your fringe or smaller layers and pin them to the side, then start a small braid from the top of your ear. Take the braid over your parting (just like a headband), then pin it down.

Celebrity hairstyles: Emma Roberts' Heat-Proof Summer Braids

4. Repeat the same step on the other side, then set it all with a hairspray.

Emma Roberts' Heat-Proof Summer Braids

Joico K-Pak Protective Hairspray, $30.75

Images via Starity

Jet Set Hair Care Essentials

A long-haul flight can mean that your hair can really take a turn for the worst. The texture can change, humidity is never a good thing and it can just feel flat and lifeless. Make sure you have the following products in your carry-on luggage to give your hair a spruce before heading off on your next adventure.

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Volumising shampoo

Before stepping foot on the plane, make sure your hair has been freshly washed and dried. Don’t apply too much product at the roots since it can make the follicle feel sticky and oily. Use a volumising shampoo to give the illusion of extra body without getting a professional blow-dry.

Beauty tips: Jet Set Hair Care Essentials

Malin + Goetz Peppermint Shampoo, $26


Eliminate frizz by keeping a finishing spray in your handbag at all times. This is an essential in warmer climates since the hot air almost always ruins a slicked-back hairstyle.

Beauty tips: Jet Set Hair Care Essentials

Joico Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray, $25.95

Dry shampoo

A can of dry shampoo is a must-have for saving hair that is starting to feel oily around the roots. Simply give it a quick spritz and make sure to comb it out to get rid of any white residue.

Beauty tips: Jet Set Hair Care Essentials

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Dry Shampoo, $10


To keep any bangs or layers away from your face, make sure you have a soft headband packed in your carry-on luggage. Keeping your hair down on a long-haul flight is just impossible, especially if it’s constantly in your face.

Beauty tips: Jet Set Hair Care Essentials

Lady Jayne Headband, $8.99

Sea salt spray

Who knew that sea salt spray could be so versatile? Simply spritz it into your ends and scrunch up the hair for extra volume and texture.

Beauty tips: Jet Set Hair Care Essentials

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, $35

Image via Refinery 29

Beat The Frizz: Hairstyles For Humid Weather

Is the humid weather ruining your chances of straight hair? Instead of blow-drying, straightening or even curling your hair, only for it to go frizzy, try these humid-friendly hairstyles which will keep you looking cool and stylish all summer.

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Slicked back

Even if your hair is naturally straight, curly, thin, or thick, this hairstyle will mask any concerns. Comb hair and apply a serum to keep it looking extra shiny and nourished. Fasten the hair with a thin hair band (you might want to use 2 if your hair is extra thick).

5 Hairstyles For Humid Weather


To keep your hair from getting tangled, braid it on the side when it’s still wet. This is also a protective hairstyle which keeps the follicle from getting damaged and will also give your hair a bit of texture after you take it out.

5 Hairstyles For Humid Weather

Ballerina bun

A slicked-back ballerina bun is a great option if your hair is wet from the shower and needs to be taken care of ASAP. Use a sock bun if your want some extra volume on your hair, just make sure to disguise the bun with strands of your own hair. Bobby pins also come in handy to control stray hairs.

5 Hairstyles For Humid Weather

Milkmaid braids

Don’t let the title fool you, this is a seriously cool hairstyle! If you’re suffering from an oily fringe simply braid the hair and pin it into your bun or ponytail. A quick spritz of dry shampoo is the best way to set it all in place.

5 Hairstyles For Humid Weather

Top knot

If your hair is too short for any of these styles, try a classic top knot instead. Divide your hair in half, then use some hair mousse to keep it all in place. Fasten with an elastic band, and use hair spray to keep any strays from getting into your eyes throughout the day.

5 Hairstyles For Humid Weather

Images via The Energy Collective, My Fashion Cents, Glam Asia, Carolyn Collardo, Camera Press, Pinterest

Kate Mara’s Slicked Back Hair Tutorial

Actress Kate Mara might be known for her long brown locks, but her brand-new pixie crop is right on trend at the moment. Not only is shorter hair extremely easy to style, but you can master the slicked-back look in less than 5 minutes with our tutorial below.

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1. Apply a shine serum onto damp hair concentrating on the very ends. Blow-dry hair on a cool heat with a round comb in a backwards motion. This will help to give the hair some extra volume.

Kate Mara's Slicked Back Hair Tutorial

ghd Smooth Finish Serum, $22

2. Part your hair in the middle (or on the side as preferred), and apply a high shine pomade from root to tip. This will help to give the hair the hold it needs without falling out of place. To distribute the product throughout the hair, use a wide-tooth comb in a backwards motion. If your hair is shorter than Kate’s, you won’t need to use a comb.

Kate Mara's Slicked Back Hair Tutorial

Reuzel High Sheen Pomade, $27.95

3. Pin back any longer layers such as bangs or a fringe with a bobby pin, then set it all in place with a medium strength spray.

Kate Mara's Slicked Back Hair Tutorial

KMS Hair Stay Style Boost, $31.96

Images via Celeb Mafia

Get The Look: Nicole Richie’s Pink Pixie Hair Style

Give yourself a temporary makeover by colouring your hair with a wash-out, just like Nicole Richie. This fabulous hair trend is easy to achieve at home – it’s just like colouring your hair, and there are so many colours to choose from! So, for a simple way to achieve pink locks like the reality TV star, check out the following steps.

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1. Most temporary hair colours will require you to wash your hair with shampoo before hand – this will give the colour a vibrant shine and allow it to last longer on your hair. However, if your hair is already naturally light, you can skip this step.

2. Apply the colour from root to tip, or simply highlight your ends for a dip-dye or balayage look. Feel free to use a brush to help you apply the colour onto your hair.

Celebrity hairstyles: Nicole Richie's Pink Pixie Hair Style

Manic Panic Temporary Colour in Cotton Candy Pink, $24.95

3. Leave the colour to develop for 30-40 minutes, then wash-off with lukewarm water. If the colour is looking a bit too bright, use a violet shampoo to neutralise any harsh tones.

Celebrity hairstyles: Nicole Richie's Pink Pixie Hair Style

Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo, $19.99

4. Apply a serum to your ends, then leave it to air dry or style as usual.

Celebrity hairstyles: Nicole Richie's Pink Pixie Hair Style

OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil, $24.99

Image via Instagram

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