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Get The Balayage Look At Home

Balayage hair is still very much in trend at the moment, with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Lily Aldridge and many more adapting this look to their own locks. If you’ve been living under a rock, balayage is a gradual colour transition from darker to lighter hair at the ends. Perfect if you want a low maintenance colour, which doesn’t involve regular trips to the hairdresser for root touch-ups.

This look is super-easy to achieve at home – all you need is some inspiration, hair colour (we suggest the L’Oreal Wild Ombré Kit) and a few spare hours!


  1. Start off by using dry, unwashed hair which is free from any styling products. This is the best since the dye will cling to oiler roots better.
  2. This kit does not come with a colour mixing bowl, so feel free to purchase one or use a small container to apply the mixture with ease. A highlighting brush is also a great idea if you want to colour small strands of your hair.
  3. If this is the first time you’re using this particular product, it is a good idea to do a strand test the night before. Pick an inconspicuous part of your hair (often behind the ear) and let the colour develop. This will be a good indicator of how the colour will end up on the rest of your hair.
  4. Pour the lightening kit into the mixing bowl with the plastic brush provided. Make sure the mixture has thoroughly combined before applying it onto your hair. Use a small brush (or the ombré brush provided) to achieve natural highlights. Work your way from the ends up to your chin – or the area you want the highlight to begin. Then turn the brush on it’s side to achieve a gradual colour.
  5. Cover the bottom of the strands thoroughly to achieve a sun-kissed colour at the ends.
  6. Pin up your hair and don’t leave it past the recommended time. If you want to speed up this process, wrap aluminium foil around your strands.
  7. Wash off and condition your ends well. Since bleaching can damage hair, it is important to keep it hydrated and moisturised. Follow up with a serum on your ends.

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Get The Look: Nicole Richie’s Lavender Locks

Ever wish you could experiment with dreamy pastel tones like Nicole Richie? This season, De Lorenzo shows you how to create light violet hairstyles without the commitment.

Colour: Novasemi Dark Violet/Champagne Blonde – $21.95 

Experiment with purple tones by adding Novasemi Colour Mousse to enhance your look with no damage to your natural pigment. Add a hint of purple to darker hair colours with the Dark Violet mousse and for lighter tones try the Champagne Blonde to achieve Nicole’s pastel hues.

Enhance: Novafusion Rosewood – $26.95 

Achieve lavender highlights in blonde hair by using Novafusion colour care shampoo in Rosewood. With UV inhibitors and botanical extracts you’ll achieve a glossy shine and enhance the condition of your hair.

Style: Elements Granite Strong Hold Finishing Spray – $18.50

Simplicity is key to this look. To achieve Nicole’s sleek low bun use Elements Granite Strong Hold Finishing Spray. Providing firm hold, natural shine and volume, with certified organic fig and basil leaf extract.

Top Hair Colour Ideas for Summer

The new year is the perfect time to give your hair colour a makeover. Celebrity hairstylist and Clairol Nice’n Easy Expert Colourist, Belinda Jeffrey, shares the hottest new hair colour ideas for the summer.

Warm brunette tones
Luscious golden brown bases are great as they highlight multi-dimensional colours. The more your hair is exposed to the sun, the more your base will start to look as though it’s naturally infused with warm hazelnut and honey caramel tones and highlights. Need hair colour inspiration? Jessica Alba is our favourite brunette babe.
Try: Clairol Nice’n Easy ColourBlend Shades: Natural Lightest Brown or Natural Medium Caramel Brown


Creamy vanilla blondes
Compliment a sun-kissed glow with this season’s hottest blonde look – creamy vanilla or baby blonde shades, just like Reese Witherspoon. Pair with soft waves for an instant laid back look.
Try: Clairol Nice’n Easy ColourBlend Shades: Light Neutral Summer Blonde or Natural Cool Summer Blonde

Vibrant hues
On the opposite end of the colour spectrum, there are some bright and vibrant hues that should definitely be considered for those who are daring and like to be a little more experimental. Think fiery auburns, deep purples, or red wine.
Try: Clairol Nice’n Easy ColourBlend Shades: Natural Burgundy or Natural Light Auburn

Say goodbye to regrowth
After seeing a strong trend for two-toned balayage, beautiful, solid colours are becoming popular again, particularly on the red carpet, meaning it’s time to cover up dark roots and regrowth.
Try: Clairol Nice’n Easy Root Touch-Up Shades: Medium Blonde or Light Golden Brown

What hair colour are you going to try this summer?

Top Summer Style and Colour Trends

Who hasn’t been thinking of changing up their hair colour for the summer, or maybe trying a new cut or style? Celebrity hairdresser Dario Cotroneo has revealed his top style and colour trends for spring/summer.

“Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is our muse this summer,” says Dario. “Her hair is a fabulous mix of bold colour tones which create a healthy glow and colour palette. As the temperature rises, it’s time to brighten up and refresh your tresses to compliment your complexion.” At DARIO Salon this look is achieved with a unique technique called Riviera Lights which shapes colour around the face.

For blondes and brunettes this spring/summer, the colour palette is fresh and inspiring. Blondes become lighter with earthy tones such as strawberry and golden coppers placed throughout the top areas of the head, and brunettes are softened with golden browns to reflect a more natural sun-kissed look.

Hairstyle trends that will be gracing our warmer months are an assortment of curls, still much in demand from the red carpet to the concrete catwalk. From chic and luxe, to playful and off-duty, curls are set to be a hit this season.


In complete contrast, a very minimal style is making waves of a different kind (pictured above).

“This style is all about ‘minimal, simplistic hair’ so it works perfectly when you are wearing an outfit that is classic and powerful in design – this will show off your inner confidence,” says Dario.

However, before you hit the salon to embark on a new season colour or style, it’s a good idea to make sure you are doing everything you can to protect your hair come the warmer months, especially as the glorious sun turns up the heat!

Dario and his team of expert stylists share their top salon tips to ensure you’re locks are healthy and ready for the new season antics!

  • Always use professional products for coloured hair, as recommended by your stylist/colourist.
  • Be sure to invest in a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week!
  • It may come as a surprise, but avoid washing your hair everyday. Try to shampoo only every second or third day. If your hair becomes oily, use a dry shampoo or (sneaky tip!) sprinkle baby powder on your roots.
  • Stock up on vitamins such as silica and fish oil as these are great hair strengtheners!
  • Be sure to maintain regular haircuts and salon treatments at least every six weeks to encourage hair growth by removing split ends.

Long hair? Short chop? What’s your favourite summer hairstyle?

5 Hair Colour Ideas to Try Right Now

Are you ready to try some new hair colour ideas? If you’re feeling blah and bored with your current shade, maybe it’s time to kick it up with something exciting. Here are a few current fashion and beauty ideas to try inspired by celebrities.


Go dark

If your brown hair is more mousy than ferocious, maybe it’s time to go darker. Black may be a bit extreme unless you’re very young and have the punk rock ‘tude to go with it, but taking your hair a few shades darker can deliver a bit of added drama. Did you know that both Kristen Stewart and Sofia Vergara were born with fair locks but gained stardom after becoming brunettes?


Lighten up with highlights or ombre tones

Brightening a drab shade of blonde or brown hair with sunny highlights gives extra zip to your ‘do without making a drastic change, like Drew Barrymore has done here with ombre colouring. Start with a few subtle highlights placed where the sun naturally hits your hair, then add more if you love the look. The best thing about highlighting is that you don’t need frequent touch-ups, which is why this is one of the most popular beauty trends.


Radiant red

Red is not the easiest hair colour to wear, but when it works, nothing can turn your look from forgettable to frisky like going red. From strawberry blonde to deep auburn, there are many shades of red to choose from, so pick the one that suits both your skin colouring and your personality. Whether your redheaded role model is Rita Hayworth, Jessica Chastain or Christina Hendricks, you’re sure to find going red will heat up your life!


Sexy silver

While our mums may have reached for the dye bottle at the first grey hair, women today are feeling younger and better about themselves as they head into middle age. That’s why more confident ladies like Helen Mirren, Jamie Lee Curtis and singer Emmylou Harris are flaunting their naturally silver locks. Letting your hair go grey isn’t for everyone, but when it works, it’s fabulous!


Blonde power

Back in the 50s, Clairol revolutionized the marketing of home hair colour with the ad slogan, “If I have only one life, let me live it as a blonde!” That’s the way many non-natural blondes feel today, and it’s true that nothing turns heads like a mane of shiny blonde hair. The number of legendary ladies who’ve found fame after going blonde is too long to list, from 30’s vamp Jean Harlow to current bombshells like Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Watts.

What are your personal favourite hair colour ideas?



Clairol Nice ‘n Easy
If you?re colouring your hair for the coming cooler months, take our advice. Already brunette? Go for a chocolaty brown to achieve the deeper hues that are so popular this season. To achieve locks reminiscent of Courtney Cox or Salma Hayek, choose Clairol Nice?n Easy has Natural Dark Caramel Brown (120B). Lighter golden tones are also fashionable this season. Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Roberts are all perfect examples of girls with naturally light brown hair but have added a beautiful gold shimmer. Clairol Nice?n Easy Natural Medium Caramel Brown (118B) will add gorgeous golden overtones perfect for autumn. Available from all major supermarkets for $11.

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Australian Hairdresser of the Year
Australia?s best hair stylists have just been announced at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards 2004. The awards were judged in London by a panel of UK?s most acclaimed hairdressers and according to UK judge Beverley Cobella (2002 ? 2003 British Hairdresser of the Year), ?The collections entered into the category of Australian Hairdresser of the Year were incredible. These images could have stepped out of Vogue, Tatler, Marie Claire or any other glossy magazine.?

Jen Aniston – up with the fringe fashions
The winning prize of Australian Hairdresser of the Year award was given to Lee Cohen from Red?s Salon and Spa, Cairns. But if North Queensland is a little far to travel for a hair cut, you can always check out the state winners. Anthony Nader (Raw Hair, Sydney), Joey Scandizzo (Rokk Ebony, Melbourne), Robert Bava (Tony&Guy, Adelaide), Larry Duplock (Lexingtons, Perth) & Angela Allport (Cataldo?s Salon, Canberra).

Lee Cohen believes fringes will be one of the hottest styles for the season of autumn/winter 2004. If you have the right face shape, such as strong facial features, go for a low, blunt fringe just above the eyes. But if you don?t quite have the guts for such a change, or you have a softer features and an oval face shape, try a side-sweeping style.


DIY Hair Colour Guide (Contd)

Strand test

If you, like me, prefer to keep the element of a surprise to a minimum when colouring your hair, you should really do a strand test. While you’ve got your allergy test colour mixed up, you might as well do a strand test too. Snip a little hair from an inconspicuous part of the head, eg underneath somewhere, then tape the end with some sticky tape. Apply the colour and check the results after around 20 minute and then at 5 minute intervals. When you are happy with the colour, make a note of the timing so you know how long to leave it on when you’re colouring for real.When to wash

Don’t be tempted to wash your hair the day you intent to colour it – you want day-old dirty hair for optimum colouring results. Wash it the day before, especially if it’s full of styling products, as the residue from these products can give a less than even result.

When to colour

Colouring your hair for a big night out is a girly tradition that dates back to prehistoric time, when our cave-dwelling foremothers used the juice from crushed juju berries to add shine to their hair before a big night out, er, clubbing. But seriously… If you really want a fabulous home-colour job, you should plan to colour your hair a few days before the big night. Why? Well, you need time to do the allergy and strand tests AND you will need time to get used to your new look. You might need to adjust the shade of lipstick you usually wear, you might want to fiddle with the style a bit.

If you feel like a change, why not enter our fabulous Clairol Nice’n Easy hair colour competition? It’s easy…

DIY Hair Colour Guide

Cindy Crawford,

the new face of Clairol Nice’n Easy

Home hair colouring can be a tricky business. I’m speaking from experience, having turned myself into Ronald MacDonald only hours before a big date. But at-home hair colouring doesn’t always have to end in tears. Follow our guide to foolproof home hair colouring and you too can be a DIY hair colouring goddess! Plan ahead

Most home hair colouring disasters can be avoided by planning ahead. You may have to do an allergy test, even a strand test. This can add up to two days to your at-home hair colouring timeline. There’s things you should and shouldn’t do before you colour, to make sure you get the best possible result – but more on that later.

Read the instructions

Well, duh! Sounds simple, doesn’t it? I know you’re keen to get in there and let the transformation begin, but if you really want to be transformed into a goddess, and not reduced to a red-eyed mess, do me a favour. Read the instructions. All of them. Boring, I know, but necessary if you want to show your face in public any time soon.

The allergy test

Doing an allergy test before you use a new colouring product, or even when you switch brands, is a great idea. Sure it’s a pain to mix up a tiny bit of the colour and smear a little bit on an inconspicuous part of your body, but it’s not nearly as much of a pain as coming out in a blistering red rash all over your face, neck and scalp. Trust me on this. If you are prone to allergies, I’d strongly recommend doing the patch test. If no irritation develops, you are one step closer to being a home-colour goddess.

Hair Colour Solutions

We asked our readers to send in their hair colour problems so we could consult with the experts at Clairol. Here’s what they said.

Problem 1

Problem: My sandy coloured hair is going quite grey. I have been having it streaked as that blends the re-growth areas better. However with more grey, how can I maintain good colour and condition without showing the grey re-growth??

Solution: Clairol suggests using Herbal Essences Colour #22, Medium Blonde, which gives the best grey coverage while still keeping as close as possible to your natural hair colour.

Problem 2

Problem: My hair is naturally a reddish brown. If I use a warm brown colour, approx 2 weeks after I colour my hair is brown with orange overtones. If I use a straight brown shade, the same thing happens. How do I get rid of the orange overtones?I need the warm colour for my complexion otherwise I look ill.

Solution: Exposure to the sun causes haircolour to fade fast, so it’s very important to keep hair covered when you’re outdoors – wear a hat to prevent fading. Clairol recommends you use Herbal Essences Colour #63 Medium Rich Brown for a naturally warm brown result that will liven up her complexion.

Problem 3

Problem: I have thick, dark brown hair. I would love to lift the colour with a red shade, but every red I have tried fades within a couple of washes – even permanent colour. Can you help?

Solution: Clairol Herbal Essences Colour #44 Dark Red is one of the red shades in the Herbal Essences Colour range that is formulated with exclusive patented dye technology to maximise the vibrancy of the colour and minimise fading. Also, because red shades fade faster than other colours, it’s essential to use the correct shampoo for coloured hair – try Herbal Essences shampoo for coloured/permed/dry/damaged hair.

Problem 4

Problem: Since having my son 5 months ago my hair is dull, dry, and it seems to be falling out a lot more than usual.

Solution: Hair loss can be a common occurrence after having a baby, so you

should see your GP for medical advice about this condition.

Your natural dark brown hair can be given a colour boost with Herbal

Essences Colour #48 Burgundy, which will add rich burgundy tones. At the

same time the her hair will be beautifully conditioned thanks to the Colour

Seal Conditioner – a breakthrough dual silicone conditioning system that

delivers an incredible shine.

Problem 5

Problem: I have been dying my hair for the last five years and I seem to have naturally dry hair. My hair is frizzy and is neither very curly or straight. I find many hair dyes seem to dry my hair further. I want a hair dye that will make my hair shinier and healthier looking, with colour that won’t dull after the first week of washing.

Solution: Clairol Herbal Essences Colour #63 Medium Rich Brown. Clairol recommends that you do a strand test beforehand; if the hair is dry the colour can take less time to develop so it is important to determine how long to leave the colour on. Because Keryn has been dying her hair for the past five years, she should apply the colour on the root area first and then out to the ends for the last 5-10 mins of the developing time.

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