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Gel Nails At Home: Fact Vs Fiction

UV gel nails can be an asset to anyone’s beauty closet; they last longer, stay stronger and give an unbeatable finish. But common misconceptions about gel nails meant that some girls are hesitant to try them at home. When applied, maintained and removed correctly gel nails are perfectly safe, easy and quick.

Opallac founder, Ruby Serobian, outlines the top gel nail myths and the underlying truths:

1. Fiction: You need to ‘rough up’ nails to have gel stick

Fact: Never buff your nail before applying gels, this causes damage to the nail and means it’s much more likely that the removal will be difficult. All nail adhesives work best when nails are clean and dry.

2. Fiction: Gel nails don’t allow my nails to ‘breathe’ 

Fact: Nails don’t breathe – they are made up of around 100 layers of dead keratin. Dead is dead and they do not need to ‘rest’! To replenish nails, give them a good dose of cuticle oil or jojoba oil in between treatments – this will combat dryness.

3. Fiction: UV lamps are bad for your skin

Fact: The rays from a LED UV lamp, like the one Opallac uses, are no stronger than sitting under a florescent light like the one in your office. Also, the depth of the lamp means that your hands are not exposed so there is very minimal chance of any damage.

4. Fiction: Gel nails need to be scraped or filed off

Fact: Scraping and filing is really common in salons and a lot of people assume this is the only way to remove product. Scraping can be quite harmful and definitely not what we’d recommend. Use Opallac nail wraps to gently soak the nail (not the finger!) and the gel will simply peel off.

5. Fiction: There’s a real lack of gel nail colours

Fact: There are currently 25 colours in the Opallac range and we’re now launching 8 more! From blacks and greys to glitter and fluoro, there really is a lot of choice and it’s easy to mix and match and even do nail art.

Are you a fan of gel manicures?

Crazy Easter Manicures

Nail art is taking over and never more so than at Easter! Check out these incredible Easter manicures by beauty bloggers with tutorials on how to get the look – would you try Easter nail art?

Cosmetic Cupcake opts for a sweet chicken and bunny.

Mad Manis features a hatching chick and Easter egg decorations – why decorate eggs when you can decorate your nails?

Pretty Nail Swag has some amazing designs, including these stick-on bunnies!

Lifestyle for Blondes features gorgeous intricate Easter-themed nails with a detailed tutorial – get out those toothpicks!


Duckling To Swan has the steadiest hand I’ve ever seen! Her flawless nail art and tutorials make me want to get an Easter manicure pronto!

Or if all else fails, just paint your nails in pastel polishes, like A Little Obsessed.

Would you try an Easter manicure?

5 Minutes With Celebrity Makeup Artist Dean Nixon

He’s done the makeup for Miranda Kerr and Jen Hawkins and now celebrity makeup artist and Dr. Lewinn’s Skin Perfect brand ambassador Dean Nixon shares his favourite beauty products, his tips on creating flawless skin and his clever anti-ageing makeup tricks…

What are your top five can’t-live-without beauty products?

I think every good makeup starts in the set-up of the skin, so my first must have would have to be a good hydrating moisturiser. I personally love the Dr. Lewinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream.

In the warmer months an SPF with a minimum of 15 is a must applied over the moisturiser to protect against premature ageing from our harsh sun.

Next, it would have to be a foundation primer to smooth the texture of the skin, lock in the goodness from your skincare and give a longer wear to your foundation.

A great bronzer is a good staple to anyone’s makeup bag to give the skin soft sun kissed colour and last but not least, I love it when the skin has a beautiful radiant glow so definitely an illuminiser. Apply it to the highpoints of the cheeks, nose and brow to give a softer youthful look.

How do you create a flawless, radiant base?

“Flawless” will always start with your skin, so make sure you use a great skincare routine and a moisturiser which keeps the skin soft and smooth. Next, apply a primer to smooth out the texture of the skin and prepare it for your foundation. When it comes to applying your foundation, I like to use a foundation brush to give me more control. Make sure your foundation colour blends easily into your skin without having to work it in too hard.

Then, starting at the centre of the face, apply only where you need it and blend out and down. The look you should be heading to is perfect even tone, but a barely there appearance. If a little more coverage is needed, add a little concealer to the under eyes and any blemishes. Be light on the powder when setting your foundation, you don’t want to lose the “radiance”. Finish off with a little illuminiser, applied to the highpoints of the cheeks, nose and brow to give you a controlled glow.

What are your favourite anti-ageing makeup tricks?

I think my favourite trick would have to be my “combat annoying lines” tip. I believe by trying to cover your lines you will more often than not only highlight them, but I have come up with a simple technique where you mix a little of the Dr. Lewinn’s Anti-ageing Skin Perfect Illuminiser with the Dr. Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Concealer and tap it on to the affected lined area with your ring finger. The combination of the two products will give a little coverage while diffusing the lines at the same time.

For an even better result, set up the application by applying the Dr. Lewinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Corrective Line Filler as part of your daily skincare routine.

What’s your favourite summer beauty trend?
I love beautiful fresh, youthful looking skin no matter what age a woman is or for that matter what time of the year. However, I find it’s much easier to achieve it in the warmer months as we all tend to drink loads more water than in the colder months. With this in mind, it’s easier to get a perfectly blended out soft base to even out the skin. Instead of heading straight to your usual foundation, try mixing a little of the Dr. Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Concealer with a little of Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Illuminiser and use as an alternative.

We also show a little more skin in the warmer months and I love a little “Hollywood Glow” on the legs and arms. To achieve, mix a little of the Dr. Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Illuminser with the Dr. Lewinn’s Tone-up Body Moisturiser and apply generously all over the body.

How do you summer-proof your makeup so you don’t look shiny?
I always start my makeup process by applying a primer to the skin to set it up. It will leave the skin looking smoother and less lined while allowing the foundation to lock onto it for a much longer wear.

Less foundation in summer is definitely more. To help with the wear and control the moisture or oil on a hot day, I would suggest you carry a pressed powder with you and apply when and where needed. It will keep the moisture out of the foundation and keep your makeup looking fresh all day.

Online Makeup Wars – Is Your Makeup Genuine?

With so many online beauty stores and bargains out there, ask yourself if the makeup you’re buying is genuine, and if the website is safe to shop from. James Patten, the co-owner and director of authorised cosmetic e-commerce site,, shares his top six tips for online shoppers to ensure they are buying genuine products from authorised online retailers.

1. Do your research

Google the company and look for reviews of their services in forums.

2. Look for a physical street address and phone number

If you can not contact them you can not be confident they are legitimate.

3.Check for Australian authenticity guarantees and warrantees when buying products

Without these you may have difficulty receiving a refund, exchange or repair if the product is faulty.

4. Know who you are buying from

Read the privacy policy, terms and conditions, refunds and returns policy before you purchase.

5. Ensure that you can pay securely

When you reach the shopping cart the page should either start with https:// or a small image of a padlock should appear on your browser. Once you have paid keep your confirmation – online stores often need a name or an order number to make an exchange, chase a missing product or issue a refund.

6. If in doubt call the wholesaler or online store

The wholesaler can verify if the website is an authorised distributor of their product. If it is a query about purchasing call the site itself and chat through their procedures with a member of staff.

Where do you shop for hair and beauty products?

Get The Look: Glam Holiday Makeup In 10 Minutes

Party dress, glam heels, sparkly jewels, check! Now complete your holiday look with this quick masterclass from Bobbi Brown, and you’re out the door in 10 minutes!

Step 1: Face

Apply your favourite foundation with light-to-medium coverage. You don’t want anything to heavy. Touch up any blemishes or dark areas with concealer.

Smile and apply Pale Pink Blush on the apples of the cheeks.

Step 2: Lips

Use a lip brush to apply Party Rose Lip Color. For a little sparkle, apply Silver Pearl High Shimmer Lip Gloss.

Step 3: Eyes

Apply Lava Long-Wear Eye Paint from the Onyx & Silver Eye Paint Palette on the lower lid up to the crease using a dry or damp eye shadow brush. For a dramatic evening look, apply Blue Onyx Long Wear Eye Paint in the crease using a dry or damp eye smudge brush.

Apply two to three coats of Black Extreme Party Mascara. If you’re feeling brave, finish with a coat of navy or indigo mascara.

Line the upper lashline with Jet from the Jet & Chrome Dual Ended Eye Liner.

Are you a fan of this holiday makeup look?

The eyes have it!

1. Model Co Lashcara + Lash Wand Heated Eyelash Curler
By far the best mascara tested by the SheSaid Beauty team. First up, apply the Heated Eyelash curler to your lashes, and in seconds you?ll be treated to never before seen curls in those short stumpy lashes. Follow it up with the Lashcara, and don?t be surprised by its appearance as unlike traditional mascaras, it doesn?t have a brush. The design of it works like a paint brush ? paint your lashes and don?t blink as it will leave marks on your face but it does lengthen your lashes like no other product tested!
RRP Lascara $24; RRP Heated Curler $29.95 Stockists: (02) 8354 6700

2. Becca Eye Colour Powder
If you are a sucker for fantastic packaging then this is the eyeshadow for you, this little wonder looks too good to leave in your makeup bag. Becca products don?t disappoint in the quality either, this eyeshadow comes in a great range of colours and stays on really well unlike some other cheaper brands.
RRP $39.00 Stockists: (08) 9485 2100

3. Bloom Eye Base & Shadow Liner
Ever had those days where eye shadow doesn?t apply evenly or by half way through the day had settled into the eyelid fine lines? Eye Base by Bloom is an excellent product to give your shadow long lasting wear and even application. The creamy consistency turns to a soft powdery finish makes it a great product to use, particularly with the Bloom Shadow Liner. Got to love this product for its versatility ? eyeliner one day, eye shadow the next. The colour is strong and long lasting. The pencil is crayon style ? use the narrow side for lining and flat end for wider coverage. A great dual product but it?s a limited edition so get in quick!
RRP Bloom Base $25; RRP Bloom shadow liner $22 Stockists: (03) 9421 0200.

4. Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow
Add a bit of shimmer to your eyes this winter. This shadow is perfect for highlighting and has subtle sheen with no garish glimmer. Good long lasting colour to use through every season.
RRP $42, stocked in David Jones

5. YSL Intense Lengthening Mascara
This is definitely worth the extra money! The YSL mascaras come in a range of colours even bright blue for those blue eyed babes amongst us. The design of the brush coats the lashes while separating them giving a brilliant effect. Worth splashing out on if you are keen on luxurious long lashes. For a bit of extra colour, try out the YSL Eye Shadow Palette ? it?s a circular disc shape and has some brilliant, creamy colours for winter. Divine!
RRP Mascara $50; RRP Eye Shadow Palette $89 Stockists: (02) 9965 9722

6. Korres Eye Makeup Remover
It’s hard to find an eye makeup remover that is strong enough to remove the heaviest of eye makeup but still feel light on the skin. Korres manages to pull it off though! Its clear consistency is perfect for the delicate eye area – Jasmine, Calendula, and Cucumber soothes and calms while Wheat Proteins and Provitamin B5 moisturises.
RRP $33.95 Available from Kit (02) 9360 7711

7. Versace Fabulous Mascara
Fabulous it certainly is! This mascara has an angle brush so it covers all of your lashes with creamy colour, even the little light lashes in the corner! The colour is rich and stays on the eyes all day. It provides a little curl, although this dissipates throughout the day, but lashes do look noticeably longer.
RRP $48 Stockists: (02) 9663 4277

More Eyes have it!

Secrets for Flawless Makeup

Secrets for Flawless Makeup

Applying makeup seems to mystify many people, which is why we?ve decided to share our insider makeup tips and secrets with you. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get picture perfect, flawless makeup every time.

Prepare, prepare, prepare
Want your makeup to go on flawless? Preparing the blank canvas is a crucial step in preparing your face for makeup. This means moisturising or using an under base. You will find your foundation glides on more easily and especially important for those with dry skin.

Buy the proper foundation
An off-color base will make every other cosmetic you apply look not quite right. Splurge on foundation and when trying to find the right shade, blend a little from your jaw line and down to the neck to make sure the colour blends with your neck. Don?t listen to those who try to tell you that you need apply a test patch to your inside of wrists. Your skin colour here is totally different to your face.

Let’s Cover Up
Want perfect coverage? Apply foundation first and then your concealer. Foundation will hide about 75% of all the discolorations you see on a bare face. Then just go in with concealers on the most obvious. You save time and product this way.

The eyes have it
Want eye shadow to be picture perfect all day? Before you apply shadow or liner, prime lids with a concealer on the lids and a little underneath the eye, blending with a sponge of foundation followed by powder. Not only will this even the tone of your eyelids, it will also make your shadows go on more smoothly and last longer.

Set makeup with loose powder
Loose powder is easier to control and more versatile than its pressed cousin. What’s more, it sets every type of cosmetic, from foundation to eye shadow to even lipstick and helps to reduce shine. Choose a loose powder with a yellow undertone to ensure it works with your skin tone, and apply with a fluffy powder brush.

Use great brushes
Your makeup application is only as good as the brushes you use, because high-quality brushes allow you to apply and blend better than anything else. At a minimum, you need a fluffy powder brush, a flat eye shadow brush, a tapered blush brush, and a lip brush.

Secrets for Flawless Makeup continued

Secrets for Flawless Makeup (con’t)

Secrets for Flawless Makeup (con’t)

Blushing Beauty
Blush is a sure fire way to look 5 years younger, instantly. How? With the right color. Look for the most natural flush color you can find. Sweeping on cheek color in stripes in an effort to create cheekbones only succeeds in making you look dated and like you’re trying too hard. For a more classic, attractive look, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion, and avoid swiping the blush out toward your hairline.

Eyebrows give expression
Even if you wear no other makeup, keeping your brows groomed perfectly gives you an instantly polished appearance. If yours need filling use and eyebrow pencil which is 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color. The same color can look too overpowering on a face and darker than your hair color is just too severe.

Lash Curling – make it an essential
Nothing opens up eyes more than curling the eyelashes. Make it easy by curling at the base of the lashes, hold for 10 seconds, walk 1/2 way out, and then curl for 10 seconds more. Always curl on clean lashes.

Mascara Basics
Want model length lashes? Do what the pros do. Apply mascara to the tops of the lashes as well as the underneath. Look down into your mirror, and brush your mascara wand on the upper side of your lashes…then look up and brush through again on the bottom side.

Lip Tip
Want a perfect lip line? Use your light brown eye pencil to line lips. Apply a bit more on the inside corners of the lip on both top and bottom to create a depth on the outside of the lips. Apply your lipstick or gloss over. You’ve just created a 3-d effect lip. Larger, brighter, fuller. is an online beauty store that sells unique, hard to find beauty products including make up, cosmetics, bath and body products, gifts and nail care. Cristina is a make up artist and searches the Globe for new and innovative beauty treats?things to make you feel healthy, glamorous an above all? Absolutely Gorgeous.

The Rules of the Belt

It might sound funny, but have you every struggled with the way of certain belts to make your look work? Believe it or not there are rules when it comes to belts and we want to save you having to learn them the hard way. These belt tips are tried and true wisdom from stylists we trust.

Here are the golden rules:

  • When it comes to dangling style belts, one must always wear the dangling part to one side-not straight down the centre.
  • One can really look like a fashion disaster site by doing this. Don?t ever wear a low slung belt with a shirt that is tucked in. Two choice: Either wear a loose shirt tucked out with the belt over it or wear a top that sits snuggly above the belt.
  • When in doubt, go for a hip-slung belt. They look good on most body types.
  • There?s no nice way to say this but if you buckle a belt on the last hole, you are going to look…well a couple of sizes bigger. If the belt only does up on the last hole, buy a bigger size.
  • Keep it clean. If you?re going for the urban cowboy princess look-don?t mess it all up and slip a gold Glo-mesh dangling type through your jeans. Don?t mix your looks up.
  • Sometimes less is more. Stand back, have a good look in the mirror at the finished product. Does the belt cut you in half? You be the judge. If it does?then lose it.

Emergency Makeup: From Desk to Dancefloor

We’ve all been there. It’s after six and you’re still at your desk, you’ve got to be across town at a swanky new cocktail bar in less than an hour and you feel like hell. Don’t fret. Follow our sexy shape up plan and you’ll restore your inner goddess quicker than you can say “Taxi”.Step one – turn off that computer so that your tired skin won’t be zapped by radiation a second longer.Step two – switch on the kettle and while it’s boiling, do a few simple stretches. Stretch your arms out in front of you and lock your fingers together then turn your hands so that your palms are facing outwards and away from your body. Really extend and push your hands forward so you can feel the stretch in your shoulders. Then slowly lift your arms (fingers still locked) above your head while lifting your chin up so that your eyes are looking skyward. Hold for the count of 5 and release. Repeat 3 times.

Step three – make yourself a refreshing cup of peppermint tea. Peppermint tea is

digestive aid, perfect if you’ve had a rushed lunch at your desk and the peppermint aroma will revive your senses. What’s more peppermint is a natural breath freshener, and who knows where cocktails will lead? Step four – time to make up. Clever chicks know to have an emergency supply kit stocked for just such an occasion, be it a desk draw or a zip up cosmetic bag. Here’s what you need and what you do with it…

  • Make up removing cleansing wipes– Do a quick tidy up around your eyes and to remove all traces of lippy
  • A stick foundation or compact foundation – easy to blend and gives that little bit of extra coverage you need in the evening. Apply around the eyes and lip area (and any tell-tale imperfections)
  • A smoky eye colour – big, smudgy colour crayons are easy to use. Apply in

NIVEA Deo Compact DRY

crease and outer corner of your eye and use a little under the eye for added sultriness. (Go easy though!).

  • A little bit of sparkle – choose a highlighting shimmer powder, or a new-season vibrant coloured eye shadow to add some sparkle to your evening look
  • Bronzing powder – there’s nothing like the kiss of summer to brighten up a drab post-office complexion. Take a big brush and sweep colour across the apple of your cheek.
  • Lip liner – choose a deeper shade in the family that you usually wear. Line your lips then colour in with the liner pencil for long-lasting colour
  • Lip gloss – will instantly transform your day time drab into sexy night time – just add a dab to the centre of your bottom lip for instant glamour.
  • A pocket sized deodorant – the perfect confidence booster NIVEA Deo Compact DRY deodorant is tiny but powerful – a full-sized product in a James Bond-style package that’s barely bigger than a marker pen!

A quick spritz of your signature fragrance (you do keep a stash of department store samples in your desk draw don’t you?) and you’re ready for anything.

Spring Clean Your Make-up bag

Make-up bag makeover

The crusty old mascara, that leaking lip-gloss and that ancient oxidised concealer that has been sitting in the bottom of your make-up bag now for three years – ringing any bells ladies? You’re not alone. Our make-up bags are part of who we are. There comes a time when they need a clean out too. The time is now. Spring in the air and love on the way, an organised kit is part of the package. Grab a wine, a plastic bag, some antiseptic wipes, (this is to clean your make-up and any leaking make-up) and pen and paper to finally get the make-up kit you always dreamt about.Also don’t forget to choose a make-up bag that is strong enough to withstand the sea, sand and travel, and fashionable enough to double as an evening bag for apres-beach cocktails. Our favourites are Bloom, Uchi, and for total deluxe chic, check out Christian Dior’s cosmetic bag.

Here’s the list of the top products you may just need in your make-up bag:

Lip Gloss

Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment ($20)

Lancome Juicy Tube in Cerise ($35)

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream ($28)

Nail Polish

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in clear ($7.95)

Estee Lauder Nail Polish in Rosy Pink ($31)

Tony & Tina’s Millennium Key Nail Polish ($50). The best nail polish if you’re in a hurry. The clever bottle is designed so you hold it between two fingers. For stockists telephone George Giavis salon (02) 9328 6700.


Maybeline 8-Pan Designer Selections Shadows ($13.50)

Clinique High Impact Eye Shadow Trio in Walk in The Park ($43)


Prescriptives Luxe Soft Glow Moisture Makeup ($65)

Becca Luminous Skin Colour in Nude ($58) from Mecca Cosmetica


YSL Touche Eclat concealer pen ($70)

Avon Flawless Face Concealing stick ($14.95)


Orlane Blush in Orange Doree ($59)

Red Earth Duo Blush in C1001 ($16)


Avon Beyond Colour Nutralush in Uptown Pink ($24.95)

Maybelline Wet Shine Lipcolour in Nude Glow ($10.95)

No7 Colour Lock Lipcolour in Moulin Rouge ($17.95)


Guerlain Terracotta Moisturising Bronzing Powder in No 4 ($74)


Maybelline Eye Duets in Double Latte ($13.50)

Kiss NYC Eyeliner in Black ($7.95)

BeneFit Sketching Pencil in Sable ($28)


Maybelline Great Lash Mascara ($12.95)

CoverGirl Professional Mascara ($10.95)

Oh Fudge!

Fudge Session tools of the trade

Organise a Fudge Session with your best girly friends (think Tupperware with attitude), a few bottles of bubbly and a dip or three and let a trained Fudge hair and makeup expert take you through the impressive, wearable and most importantly, affordable range.

SheSaid recently hosted a Fudge Session of their own and what a night! Check out the photos!

Our host Lucy arrived on the dot of 6 as we were settling in to a well-earned glass of post-deadline bubbly. Our boardroom was soon transformed into Glamour Central ? a to-die-for beauty parlour – cosmetics, lotions and potions as far as

More champers please!

the glitter-shadowed eye could see. Lucy then guided us through the extensive range of Fudge products ? and those of you who think Fudge is just about hair, you?re in for a surprise. There were styling products, shampoos and conditioners, make up, body glitter, body paints, hair colours and underwear to test out and try on.

The products are produced by an Italian manufacturer who also makes cosmetics for mega-makeup houses such as MAC, Maybelline and L’Oreal.

We were impressed by the ‘No Crust’ Ultra Lash Colour mascara, that while being utterly budge-proof was surprisingly easy to remove amd didn’t

Every colour imaginable

rip your eyelashes out! The quick drying Supersonic Nail Polish in every colour you can imagine were also a hit – with the girls and boys!Hair-wise, we loved the De Frizz product that instantly smoothed nasty flyaways and calmed down frizzy hair too. Headpolish is perfect for those of us wanting to get a bit of shine in their lives!

For those who love a party, you have to try Fudge Warpaint body and hair paint for wild nights. And if you’ve ever wanted to try liquid eyeliner but couldn’t quite get the hang of applying it, the Fudge

Amy chooses the colours for her makeover

Eyeliner is virtually foolproof and comes in black (of course) and our favourite Sound – a metallic grey-mauve hue.A couple of girls opted to have mini-makeovers with some of the products that caught their eye, and the results were pretty amazing. Even the boys couldn?t resist dabbling with the body paint and even a coat of nail colour!

Far from the ?sell, sell, sell? style of some party plans, the Fudge concept is very laid-back. Ask questions and get expert advice from the funky, friendly Fudge girls. Plus you can take advantage of some great discount-priced products and packages

Zak gets a pink mohawk

available in store.A Fudge Session is a great idea for your next girl?s night in ? who doesn?t love the chance to play with groovy hair and make up products and sip a wine or two? Organise a Fudge Session of your own, contact Fudge on 1300 727 892 or check out the Fudge website.

Pretty in pink!

Makeup Emergencies – How to Cope

Must have purchase

We can’t get enough of hot make-up bag label Uchi. Available in all shapes and sizes to fit not only your make-up brushes but also all your necessary pruning potions for both boys and girls. Think Japanese cherry blossom designs and wild black and white patterns. The secret to these fabulous make-up bags is in the design. You will love the jumbo bath bag version for $44.95. Available from David Jones, Orson & Blake, tel: 02 9365 5542. Or contact for further information.Make-up emergencies

You’re running late and while you’re hurrying you discover dry patches of skin after applying your foundation and then you whack your brow bone with the mascara wand. What to do? Well, don’t panic. Here are some make-up emergency tricks that will save your day:


If you hate dry patches as much as we do then you will heave a big sigh

of relief once you read our insightful tips. Make-up artist Ina from Ciao Bella in Sydney says, ‘Dry patches are easy to sort out. All you have to do is mix the foundation with a little moisturizer to give it more slip.’ But you are running really late so you are not going to have time to re-do your make-up are you? Here are several ways to fix this make-up emergency without doing a complete re-do:

Take a small amount of moisturizer and use that to blend out the heavier patches. Never rub the moisturizer into the dry patches, just pat it over the problem areas.Try blending over the foundation with a creamy compact foundation. A cheap version of creamy foundation is a must-have investment because it will not only save dry patchy skin but tidy up shadows and lipstick and help blend heavy blusher.


Never clean a mascara mistake up straight away. Resist the temptation and allow it to completely dry. Once it is dry you will literally be able to lift the dried chunk of mascara off without damaging your make-up job. Another excellent tidy tool for mascara is to dip a cotton bud in your foundation, remove the excess and use the bud as an “eraser”. The moisture of the foundation will pick the mascara off much more easily. If your mascara has gone into five lovely spikes instead of a luscious fringe, then do your lashes one eye at a time and when wet, brush through with a dry mascara brush.

Blush Blow-out

There is nothing worse than a bad blush problem. However this is easier to fix than it looks claims Ina. Just:

  • Simply, use your foundation to blend away the blush problem
  • You could also use a cream foundation compact to blend away excess blusher
  • If you have used a powder or want a more matte finish, use additional powder on a powder puff or a piece of cotton wool to blend the excess way.Prepare for a gold rush

    Here is some solid fashion information that you have to take very seriously. Prada started it then Matthew Williamson followed with their spring/summer collections. Think gold – major gold. Lots of designers showcased gold-whether it was a gold blouse, gold pants or gold shoes, it was everywhere. So, start searching vintage shops for “that great gold something” and be a step ahead of the fashion pack. If you don’t want to add gold to your wardrobe then add it to your eyes. This season gold was used alone on the face, not upstaged by vivid lip colours or vibrant blushes. It was literally applied to the eyelids or more subtly along the lashline accompanied by just a natural glow and a slick of black mascara. Our must-buy product is Chanel’s gold eye make-up. Available at David Jones and Myer nationally.


The 5 Best Lip-Glosses

We?ve road tested the best lip-glosses on the market, so take a look at the 5 we believe are beauty must-haves. All products are available at David Jones, Grace Brothers and selected pharmacies nationally.

  • Estee Lauder Pure Colour Crystal Gloss in Lemon Pop

    This will create a gleaming sheen that is the look for now. Just make your eyes heavy and slap on the gloss

  • MAC Lip Glaze in Angel Blush

    It?s a brillant soft lip glaze that is ideal for a day-to-evening transition.

  • Clinique Glosswear in Kissyfit

    You must get your hands on a pot of Kissyfit. This latest pot of magic from Clinique has more of a pink tone than the best-selling Air Kiss plus SPF 8.

  • Bourjois Effet 3D Ultra in No. 83

    One of the best golden shades of gloss on the market. The metallica look is back so don?t sit there run and purchase. Be ahead of the rest!

  • Lancome Juicy Tube in


We can?t get enough of Lancome?s juicy tubes. They are fast becoming a cult beauty necessity. This colour will look just like you?ve been kissed. It tastes as good as it smells. Mmmmm mmmmmmspan class=”articleTitle”>Mascara ? how do you wear it?

These days mascara?s can almost do anything, lengthen, thicken, add volume, define, curl? and find you a husband, no just kidding. So, is it really necessary to spend a lot of money on them? Make-up artists do admit that the more the mascara costs the more it will probably do and be easier to apply; need fewer coats and have a better brush.

Now we hope you are not panicking. If you don?t have enough money to spend on expensive mascaras don?t fret. A cheaper version, if applied properly will give the same result. One of the tools you do need is an old mascara brush ? any type of brush will do. Remember, make-up artists insist that the brush is the most important tool when applying mascara.

The Tools:

  • Mascara
  • A dry brush ? check out Body Shop or David Jones make-up brushes
  • Eye-lash curlerWhat to do:

    To get your eyelashes to bend, try running the eye-lash curler under hot water, blotting it and then curling. The warmth will increase the curling process and increase the hold. One make-up artist suggested you heat the eye-lash curler up with your hairdryer. But do be careful that you don?t touch your eyelid with the curler when it is that hot. Ouch! One of Naomi Campbell?s hottest tips from the 90s.

    After you have curled your lashes, start by tilting your head back and raising your brows. This will help you hitting your eye socket with the brush and ruining the application.

    Now, for the mascara application. Pick up the lashes with the brush and wiggle it back and fourth and push the brush toward the eyelid. When you feel the brush touch the lid you then release it. That way you are actually coating the lashes right the way down to the base of the hairline which will give you the thickest and most natural coverage.

    If you find that your mascara brush has not been the best or your lashes aren?t separating evenly, use the dry mascara brush to smoothe them out.

    Once you have applied one coat of mascara, apply a second one. If you can try to apply the second coat before the first coat dries to avoid flaking you will then have beautiful, perfect eyes.


5 Eye Makeup Techniques

Always wanted to know how the models have eyes to die for? Sick of ending up with smudgy black eyes by the end of a night? Follow make-up artist Charlotte’s tips and you never look like an 80’s goth again.

  1. To accentuate and heighten the colour of your eyes, choose shades that offer a contrast so the eye colour will definitely stand out.
  2. When applying eye colour you have to remember that light shades emphasise and make an area appear larger. Dark shades diminish and make an area look smaller.
  3. If you suffer from eczema or dry eyelids never use shimmer colour all over the lid.
  4. To give the appearance of thicker lashes and to enhance eye colour, dot between the root of the top lashes with a very black eye pencil.
  5. To obtain full lashes make sure you wiggle the mascara wand at the root of the lashes and work up and out. For longer lashes tilt wand down and lightly apply to full length of lash.

Make-Up Tips: Cover it Up!

For the best results you have to apply foundation to a well-prepared skin. Cleanse your face and apply moisturiser and allow the skin to absorb it before making up. Make-up artist Ina says, “Make sure your moisturiser is rich enough and covers any dry patches because the foundation will make the dry patches look worse.” Ina also stressed that if your skin is really dehydrated and dry you should concentrate on improving that rather than covering it up.

Now for a completely natural look, use your foundation sparingly on the areas of the face that require coverage. Apply with a small brush to spots such as dark circles under the eye, corners of the nose and any blemishes you may have and then blend.

I think the best way to blend in foundation is to do it with your fingertips. All you do is gently press and pat until the concealer/foundation is rubbed in. Don’t use a sweeping action because this will just wipe the product away.

Now if you are going out on a really big night and you want to apply a full coverage, apply first your foundation with a dry sponge, pressing and blending as you go from the centre of the face to the outer edges. Please don’t forget to blend the makeup down into the throat area to avoid the dreaded tide mark around the jawline.

5 Must have Makeup You can’t Leave Without

You can’t leave the house without certain beauty products but I definitely wouldn’t walk out my door without:

  1. Johnson’s Baby Lotion This is one of the most versatile products around. The best way to use Johnson’s is to use it as a primer under make-up or for a leave-in-hair conditioner and styling product. The great thing about this product is that it is great for anyone who has really sensitive skin.
  2. Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara This is what all the models and pro’s use. If you want your eyes to stand out you have to apply mascara to both your upper and lower lashes. The other great thing to Great Lash is the GREAT price.
  3. Benetint Benetint is great for everything? for blush and lips. It gives you a really natural colour that looks like you have just been kissed.
  4. Carmex Lip Balm A lip balm that I love. It has salicyclic acid in it which will help to exfoliate the lips and is incredibly moisturising. A pot of gold.
  5. Clinique’s Black Honey lipstick This is the ultimate version of a great berry-coloured shimmer lip gloss. It is a perfect lip colour for every type of woman.

Substitute for Red Lipstick

While I love glamorous red lipstick looks on other people, no matter what shade I try, I somehow end up feeling like a porn star. As red is one of this season’s looks, this presents somewhat of a problem. So, I begged the experts for an appropriate substitute. M.A.C’s Gordon Espinet advises to go silvery-lavender with its Rockin’ Rudi lipstick. Prescriptives has come up with the ultimate crimson compromise: Starry, a lipstick with a glimmery pink shade on one side and an opalescent glaze on the other. It transforms any lip colour into a softer, more shimmery shade. Go to David Jones or Mecca Cosmetica in any capital city for these MUST HAVES!!!

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