Makeup Ideas

You little beauty

Eye know

When wearing black go the unpredictable and try gloss above the eyes in green or pastel pink. Sweep over the top of the lid and the lighter shade will lighten up the weight of black.

Stilla Eyeglosses are easy to use. Hot Pink and Cosmic Purple are our faves.Use a cream or white coloured eye-pencil on the inside of the bottom lid. It will make your eyes look bigger. We can all do with a bit of that!

Nailing it

Best to go exotic in the nail department. We like:

Chanel silver flecked Le Vernis for around $36

Lancome Vernis Instant Magnetic. No. 235. Around $29. L?Oreal Jet Set Quick Dry Nail Enamel in Luscious Lavender.

Lady in red

Clarins, Shiseido and Napoleon all do great reds to help you acquire the perfect pout. Drip gloss over the top and you have the look. Chanel?s Levres Scintillantes Glossimer for Lips in Pulsar we love.

Available for around $38? as long as they haven?t run out! Rock chick eyes

Try flicking a smoky eyeliner up and the ends of the eyes. Then smudge with a cotton bud. Grrr!

The right chemistry

It can be therapeutic going to the chemist up the road and stocking up on product. Here are some of the basics that can be mixed and matched with your premium products for custom skin care (without the budget blowout!).

Cetaphil At the bottom of any in-the-know make-up artist?s kit you?ll discover a little find called Cetaphil. Available in most chemists, this generic and reliable product is a cleanser and moisturiser all in one – perfect for the girl with extremely sensitive skin. All clean packaging in blue in white for as little as $10? you can?t get cheaper than this.

Nivea If it?s good enough for Dame Edna Everage then it?s good enough for us! No Australian girls beauty kit is complete without at least one item from this extensive range and Nivea just keeps getting better. The classic Nivea product to look out for is the Ultra Moisturising Body Lotion for dry skin. You?ll just keep going back to it, not only for price but also for its hydrating qualities. Available from selected pharmacies.

OlayWe can?t get enough of Olay?s Total Effects Intensive Restoration Treatment. This is a powerful anti-ageing product. It is also the ultimate over-the-counter Retinol product. Need we say more? Another hot Olay product is Total Effects with Vita Niacin. This is a product for under $30 that helps fight the war against ageing. Most users experience an immediate boost to skins texture and appearance. Vitamin B5, E and B3 moisturise and help to soften those ever impending fine lines.

Neutrogena With no detergents or colours is probably one of the first products mum handed you when you were a little girl. And not too bad now that you?re a grown up too! It?s definitely not drying and it leaves skin clean and fresh. Available at selected pharmacies.

Witch Hazel Toner Our tip? Don?t skimp on the super premium serum or moisturiser and save on the toner. This is a classic and it does what you want it to.

Simple Simplify your life with Simple skincare products that are designed for the sensitive types. Available at selected chemists.

Blistex The only lip balm, (besides our beloved eight hour cream, by Elizabeth Arden, of course) that protects against wind, water and sunshine.

When Black is Black and White is White

It?s easy. Black and white is back. (In that order.) Think slick and sassy. We don?t have to think about it too much when we wear them together. And when black and white are accessorised the right way it is a look that really works. Any colour will do as long as it?s black or white. They transfer well from day to night and they can make you look like you just stepped out of the pages of a Gucci advertisement – and that you?re majorly cashed up – even when you?re not.

Our suggestions:

  • Witchery is cool and cutting edge for variations on black and white.
  • Scanlon and Theodore: their black and white is classic and unforgettable buys.
  • Marcs: Chic, stylish and timeless black and white pieces.

When faking it is okay

We?ve all seen it. We can spot it a mile away because we know the look when we see it? and let?s face it, we?ve all been guilty of making that mistake ? and that?s what it is..a major fashion boo boo. We?re talking fake Gucci sunnies, fake Louis Vuitton hand luggage, fake Dolce and Gabbana jacket, fake Prada wallet, fake diamond jewellery on her right hand with a fake ruby necklace around her neck. In fact, we?re talking fake everything -the whole kit and kaboodle. This is not the way to do fake.If all of the above were authentic, we would be talking somewhere in the $20,000 mark on accessories alone. This is where you?ve got to be really careful with your choice of fake. One piece will do the trick just nicely. If you are lucky enough to have a real pair of Gucci sunglasses, then it?s okay to mix up the look with a fake hand-bag and wallet. No one will know any better. The key with fakes is that if you throw one in with a really strong look, no one will doubt the authenticity. The thing you don?t want to hear is ?Where did you get that fake Prada?? but you do want to hear, ?Hey, I love your Prada.?

Don?t wear them all at once and don?t make a point of telling, (or go out of your way to tell anyone) that your necklace is not real. What they don?t know won?t hurt them and remember that a little mystery is a beautiful thing. We say go fake, but do it with style. Less is definitely more. Choose your fakes with precision. Don?t pick up something that is going to look like you just robbed a bank to get hold of it. Get something in line with your current style and pair it with your old favourite jeans. You want the look to be believable. You also don?t want people counting the amount of fake in your wardrobe, but rather, you want them to admire you for your financial savvy in being able to save up to buy the original Gucci saddle bag. And how great would that look, by the way with your old faded jeans, white t-shirt, cowboy boots teamed with your fake Gucci sunnies. That, sister, is what we call doing fake in style.

And the winner is…

Australia! With an overload of beauty products coming into Australia from all parts of the globe, (and don?t we love them?) it?s easy to get really, really confused and to forget about supporting this big and expansive country of ours. There?s no need to shop further than Australian when it comes to beauty products that do the job and have also been designed to suit our particular climate – and at the moment it is very, very dry. We?ve had a bit of a look around and come up with 6 of our top pics. We say spend on Australian product and please? may it rain!


  • Think gold, with MIKI Jungle Juice Safari Suit Skin Shimmer.

    A great trick to re-enforce positive thought is to think that everything around you is gold?that you are literally surrounded by it. The hands-on approach exists in a little cute as a button tube. Whether you?re the sun drenched surfie girl type or the click glamour type, you?ll love this product.

  • Aesop Rind Aromatique Body Balm. (approx $28)

    Aromatic and heavenly, Aesop has become internationally known for its handmade preparations jam-packed with botanical extracts. Our favourite is Bitter orange, grapefruit seed and lemon peel for the ultimate in hydration. It?s worth every cent.

  • Bod Body Cleansing Bars. (approx $9)

    This range is all herbal princess with its combination of Eastern philosophy and modern therapy. These skin bars are not tested on animals and they are also vegan. Try Sandal Wood. It?s the kind of scent you?ve always searched for.

  • Beauty and The Beeswax Lip Balms.

    All organic and made in Tasmania, this product understands the climate control the average Aussie girl needs to be aware of. This balm moisturises and protects at the same time and tastes pretty good too?leatherwood honey and olive oil. Need we say more?

  • The Natural Source Hi-Shine Haircare Shampoo and Conditioner.

    Made from micro brewed beer, which gives shine and promotes gloss. The Natural Source is Australia?s top naturopathic range – so good, it probably makes you feel better on the inside too.

  • Becca Tinted Glow Enhancer

    Hot, new Australian cosmetics line specialising in the kinds of make-up that is just right for girls like us. Glow Enhancer is cheating, but we love it. Gives you the warmest honey glow for summer. 

How to Make Your Pout Look Fabulous

Get fit on the Net

Can’t be bothered going to the gym? Then jump straight onto your computer and burn off post-holiday flab with just a click of the

This site literally has everything to do with diets and nutrition plus 24 hour access to a personal trainer.

If you really want to burn some flab this is the site for you. It comes complete with images and exercises anywhere from belly dancing to hard-edge cardio.

This is the best site if you don’t really enjoy aerobic classes with an instructor. Here you can do a step class without the crowd or ‘painful’ instructor.

Perfect for the yoga addict. You can learn the dog pose or do the lotus. It has easy-to-follow pictures which make it fun and enjoyable while toning.

Perfect Pout

Whether you have thin lips, thick lips or ‘nothing’ lips, it is important to know how to make both your lips and lipsticks look fabulous.

Problem: Lips too thin

There are several ways to fix this problem. The first one is to give up matte lipsticks as they make your lips look smaller and smaller. The second is to wear lighter shades. If you do however want to wear a darker colour for night time make sure you spend a bit of time applying the pencil. Then apply a bit of gloss to the centre of your lips as this will definitely make them look bigger.

Problem: Lips to big

You have to give up glossy lipsticks as gloss immediately makes your mouth look bigger. Never wear a darker lip pencil with a light lipstick as it will draw attention to what you are trying to down play. To make your lips look smaller apply a lip pencil that is matching with your lipstick and draw it right on your natural lip line. Be careful not to be to extreme or you will be able to see the little ridge where the stain of your mouth is and it will look false.

Problem: ‘Nothing’ Lips

If you suffer from lips that are uneven then you have to balance them out by using a slightly deeper colour on the larger lip. You can also add a bit of gloss or shimmer to the smaller lip. If your lips are imbalanced from side to side, use the same method as enlarging finer lips.

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