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Top 6 Ayurvedic Beauty Tips For Healthy Skin

Have you ever heard of ayurvedic beauty products? They are commonly used in countries such as India to balance the body from the inside out, create a harmonised digestive system, and also to help solve any skincare problems as well. With the foundation of wholesome skincare, this is the perfect way to give both your body and your mind the ultimate detox.

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Rather than using a moisturiser from the drugstore, why not use something a little more homemade instead? Coconut oil can be used to tackle a multitude of conditions and can be used on the face, body, hair, and even ingested for good health. Aloe vera is also a great substitute if you can’t get your hands on coconut oil.

Oily skin

If you suffer from oily skin, use a chickpea flour mask at least once a week to soak up the excess oil. Rather than blotting your face with more makeup and chemicals, the chickpea flour will help to control the oil without contributing to more problems for your skin.

Milk bath

Treat your body to a raw milk bath at least once a week to soothe irritated skin. This could be anything from irritated pores, rashes, razor burn, body acne and even sun damage or peeling. The raw milk is packed with fats and lactic acid to soothe your skin and control the pH level.


Keep your skin looking bright and zit-free by regularly using a toner after cleansing and exfoliating. Not only will it help to minimise your pores, but anything with rosewater will actually soothe your skin over time.

Oil pulling

We’re such a big advocate of oil pulling, especially since it can really help your overall health. Replace your usual mouthwash with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and try to swish it around your mouth for at least 10-15 minutes.

Scalp massage

If you’re experiencing some hair loss, try a scalp massage to awaken the hair follicle. This usually happens when the seasons change and generally isn’t anything serious to worry about. Use a lightweight oil and massage your hair and scalp before washing out with shampoo and water. Leave it in for at least half an hour for a moisturising treatment.

Interview: La Mav Founder Tarj Mavi

Have you heard of La Mav before? It is the only Australian certified organic skin care brand which is packed with bio-active ingredients in each and every product. This means that your skin and cosmetic products are 100 per cent plant-based and are proven to give you anti-ageing results.

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SHESAID chatted to Tarj Mavi – creator of La Mav  about educating consumers on natural skincare, her must-have product from the entire collection, and where you can get your hands on it!

How important is it to use natural skincare?

I wouldn’t really say that buying natural is the best, mainly because a product that is labeled natural can still be “derived from nature” and be processed synthetically. La Mav tries to educate consumers about the difference between certified organic skincare versus synthetic skincare products or “natural” products. For instance, we provide a free e-book: Why Organics? which has tons of great information on why certified organic is the right choice.

It’s so important to me to have certified organic skincare because it is the purest form of natural actives and these actives are delivered the way nature intended. The ingredients work just as well, if not better than the synthetic ingredients and are good for the environment. Synthetic ingredients can cause people irritation, breakouts and other effects, so why wouldn’t you use organic skincare products?

How does La Mav differ from existing products on the market?

La Mav is the first Australian certified organic skin care brand and we were the first to offer a certified organic BB cream. We also have a unique three-tier formula that includes bio-active for each of our products.

The three-tier formula consists of active constituents, specialty oils and essential base ingredients, all of which are certified organic. We then include our special bio-actives which are 100 per cent plant based and are clinically proven effective to provide anti-ageing results. Combine these qualities with 100 per cent cruelty free and you get La Mav! We provide products that are guaranteed good for you and your skin.

If someone could only purchase one skincare product from your collection, what would it be and why?

I would have to recommend my personal favourite, Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar, ($49.95) because the nectar is lovely and rich, yet absorbs easily into the skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It helps my keep my skin youthful and vibrant!

Screen shot 2015-04-13 at 12.14.24 PM

I also recommend the Daily Vitamin-C Brightening Serum, ($59.95) because it truly helps to lighten skin pigmentation, which I suffered from after my second pregnancy.

Screen shot 2015-04-13 at 12.15.17 PM

How much damage do synthetic chemicals and other nasty additives do to the skins surface?

The largest organ of your body is your skin and that you skin is like a large sponge, absorbing anything on it or touching it. Synthetic chemicals such as paraben, a synthetic preservative, can disrupt estrogenic activity in the body and is also linked to being a possible carcinogen.

These chemicals aren’t just affecting your skin, they are absorbed into the body and cause further damage to you and your overall health. The best possibly way to manage your exposure to these harmful chemicals is to purchase certified organic.

What’s next for La Mav in 2015?

We’ve got some great makeup products coming out soon and we are looking at providing new sample packs online so customers can try us before purchasing a full sized item. We’ve got a lot more in store for 2015, but I’m not spilling all the beans now. You have to keep an eye on us to see what else we have planned!

Where can our readers purchase their own La Mav product?

For our American friends they can try La Mav through brichbox.com whom are also including us in their June Box for those with a subscription. Your UK readers can purchase La Mav at lovelula.com and we also ship worldwide from lamav.com. La Mav is currently available in 12 countries and through 150 stockists.


Homemade Facial Masks For Clear Skin

Treat your skin to a homemade and all natural face mask with ingredients straight from the garden and pantry.

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These body and facial masks are ideal for all skin types and help to bring back some moisture into dry, damaged, or acne-prone skin.


Ingredients: baking soda and water

For skin which is prone to the occasional acne break-out, it’s important to keep it simple and stick to baking soda and water. Combine them in a small bowl and make a paste using your fingers.

Wait until the mask dries, then wash-off with lukewarm water and a moist towelette for all the exfoliating benefits.


Ingredients: unflavoured gelatin, milk

To make your own DIY blackhead strips, simply combine all of the ingredients and microwave for at least 10 seconds. Apply immediately onto the face with a wooden stick and wait until it hardens. Then simply remove once the mask has tightened on your face – easy!


Ingredients: avocado, oatmeal, apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon juice

Avocado masks are the perfect way to rejuvenate the face and neck area, especially if your wrinkles are a little too prominent. Add a splash of apple cider vinegar to act as an anti-bacterial and remove any dead skin cells from your face.


Ingredients: egg whites, lemon juice

Enlarged pores are the last things you want to see on your skin, and a mask with egg whites will help to tighten them up. Apply directly onto the skin and rinse with tepid water, then pat dry.

Oily skin

Ingredients: yoghurt, apricot, clay

Oily/acne prone skin can be particularly difficult to control, so it’s important to treat it to a weekly mask. Yoghurt is an essential ingredient for oily skin since it helps to regulate the sebum, and soothes any existing acne spots.

Images via Nutrition Stripped

Essential Body Oils For Summer

Since we’re in the midst of the summer season, it’s more than important to keep skin hydrated, and sometimes using a moisturiser just isn’t enough.

Body oils are a great alternative because they soak into the skin, and soothe even nasty dry patches on the face and body. Shop from a few of our must-haves for the summer season, or simply use as a luxurious pampering treatment throughout the year.

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Argan oil

Used for years as a supplement for hair, skin, and nails, argan oil is packed with Vitamin E for optimum strength and shine. Lather over your dry patches to quickly rejuvenate the skin while you sleep.

Coconut oil

While coconut oil may feel rather thick in texture, it is one of the best products you can put on your skin. The fatty acids contained inside help to replenish dry, cracked skin without feeling too greasy.

Grape seed oil

If you have acne-prone skin, grape seed oil is gentle enough to use on a daily basis. Unlike other oils, it won’t aggravate your acne, but instead is packed with linoleic acid which has anti-inflammatory properties and heals the skin.

Olive oil

Add a few teaspoons of olive oil into your hair and skincare mask to receive the rich benefits of antioxidants. It contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E which is ideal for women suffering from skin damage, and even extremely dehydrated skin.

Jojoba oil

If you suffer from an oily skin and scalp, jojoba oil is the perfect product to use since it is similar to sebum. Jojoba acts as a lightweight moisturiser which soaks quickly into the skin, and won’t give a sticky residue afterwards.

Almond oil

Give your body a good exfoliating session by lathering sweet almond oil over arms, legs, back and decolletage. It acts as a natural exfoliator by gently removing dead skin cells, and is ideal for those who already suffer from sensitive skin.

What are some of your favourite body oils?

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The Hidden Dangers of Natural Skincare

The switch to natural skincare seems to be a most logical thought since they are free of parabens, preservatives, and other skin-loving nutrients… or so we think.

Most women who have solely transformed their skincare routine find that cystic acne, milia, and a variety of other skin disorders are the price they have to pay. But why is this the case?

Although we usually blame this as an allergic reaction, or simply due to the harsh nature of most skincare products, there is a bigger explanation on why this is happening so frequently.

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Why do these reactions occur?

Statistics show that anything you put on your skin enters your blood stream within the first 20-30 seconds of contact. While we all can’t escape using products sans-preservatives or harmful chemicals, it is important to take note of your skin type, and which ingredients don’t agree with the skin you’re in.

The hidden reality with natural skincare is that they actually contain larger molecules which the skin finds difficult to break-down. As a result, they usually sit on top of the skin, and cause additional irritation, redness, and dry patches. These molecules are larger than usual because they contain no preservatives and don’t react the same way as other products.

How can you tell if a product is 100% natural?

A large amount of harmful ingredients are often concealed under different names. Toxic synthetic chemicals are found in a number of natural products, and this could be the route of all your negative skincare reactions. Even the words ‘natural’ and ‘all-natural’ don’t mean that your skincare products are free from harmful chemicals. If you’re unsure of what an ingredient means, it’s always ease to ask the salesperson, or simply look it up! There is a large beauty and skincare community online which makes it easy to identify common problems and how to tackle them.

Invest in skincare which uses natural preservatives instead of harmful chemicals. These include hops oil and grapefruit seed oil which are both certified organic. These products are free from synthetic chemicals, and are substituted with a natural counterpart.

What are some harmful ingredients found in natural skincare?


The tiny particles are often found in natural sunscreens, lotions, moisturisers, and certain makeup products. Upon contact, there are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, and can cause long-term damage since they are mostly untested.

Parabens (methylparaben, propylparaben)

These just a few different variations of common preservatives which are used to prolong the life of skincare and beauty products. While their safety is always at the centre of dispute, they are added in most products to subside the growth of bacteria, and keep products looking and feeling brand new.


Similar to the use of parabens, they are used mostly to act as an antibacterial agent in skincare cleansers and toning solutions. Despite being named as a probable human carcinogen, it is still widely used in the beauty and skincare community, albeit under different alias.

Which ingredients offer the best benefits for skin?

Anything with plant-based essential fatty acids (EFA’s) will be the best product on any skin type. Antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, and E are all natural and won’t give your skin any nasty side effects – ever! They are also antibacterial, and will keep any unnecessary dirt from seeping into your bloodstream.

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Anti-Ageing Serums For Women At Any Age

There isn’t a right or wrong time to start introducing anti-wrinkle serums into your daily skincare routine. Sometimes factors such as age, skin damage, and sun-exposure can leave skin feeling dry and dehydrated, especially around the eyes and forehead.

Use these amazing serums if you want to brighten the appearance of your skin without going under the knife.

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Sukin Antioxidant Eye Serum, $19.99

Filled with antioxidants to make skin come alive, this lightweight eye serum is designed to reduce puffiness if used on a regular basis. Containing aloe vera, cucumber, and burdock to help dehydrated skin at any age.

Anti-Ageing Serums For Women At Any Age

Nuxe Nirvanesque Contour Des Yeux, $44.99

French pharmacy label, Nuxe have created a nourishing anti-wrinkle cream which is perfect for smoothing out those fine lines around the eyes and mouth. Over 80% of the ingredients are from natural products, so it won’t interfere with your skincare or makeup routine.

Anti-Ageing Serums For Women At Any Age


Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, $75

Skin soothing avocado makes this eye cream a great option for women who want to de-stress their face. Packed with skin-loving nutrients, the gentle cream is ideal for tired eyes, and comes in a unique, fragrance-free texture for those who suffer from sensitive skin and breakouts.

Anti-Ageing Serums For Women At Any Age

SK-II Advanced Eye Treatment Film, $125

Treat your skin to a luxurious oil-free cream which boasts long lasting hydration around the delicate area around the eyes. Apply to freshly cleansed skin, and allow the serum to settle for 3-5 minutes before following up with a rich moisturiser.

Anti-Ageing Serums For Women At Any Age

What are some of your favourite anti-wrinkle serums?

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Home Remedies for Irritable Skin

Do you, or someone you know suffer from irritable skin? This could mean breaking out due to a rough exfoliator, or even using new makeup products on your skin which cause annoying breakouts.

Below are just a few home remedies which can nurse skin back to normal, without paying a large price-tag for moisturisers and cleansers which don’t do the job.

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Avocado Mask

Perfect for skin which has dried up from cold weather, and needs a pick-me-up to lock in moisture. Mash an entire avocado with extra-virgin olive oil, and apply all over the face and body for smooth skin. Follow-up with a fragrance-free moisturiser to keep skin healthy.

Aloe Vera Shower Gel

Make your very own homemade aloe vera shower gel without the nasty chemicals included. Combine distilled water, salt, aloe vera gel, and chamomile into a bottle and mix well. The gel should calm irritable skin without overly drying it out.

Chamomile and Oat Facial Cleanser

Rather than using an abrasive scrub on your face, try the natural way and raid your kitchen for the best ingredients ever. All you need is rolled oats, organic chamomile tea, essential oil, and bentonite clay to give body to the cleanser. Transfer the mixture into a glass jar, and refrigerate for best results.

Rosemary Lavender Salt Scrub

Give your entire body a pick-me-up by creating your very own homemade scrub. All you need is salt, olive oil, lavender, and rosemary for a relaxing face and body cleanse.

Do you have any home remedies for irritable skin?

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Skincare Treatments Using Avocado

Did you know that the secret to better skin is in the humble avocado? Slather it on your body for a smoother appearance, use it as a face mask for clear skin, or apply to the ends of your hair for reduced split ends.

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Use avocado in the following body and skincare treatments to create a personalised serum for your skin type.

Face mask

Combine one avocado, egg, and and splash of olive oil and create a fine paste. Apply evenly across your face and neck, and let it settle for 5-10 minutes. Avocado’s contain a protein called sterolin which helps to reduce skin spots, harsh lines and wrinkles due to sun exposure.

Hair mask

Mash 1/2 an avocado, one tablespoon of yoghurt and honey and stir until combined. Apply from root to tip, and tie your hair up into a high bun. Leave on for 15-30 minutes for best results, then wash out with a mild shampoo. Your hair should feel super-soft!

Hand treatment

Who else suffers from dry, cracked hands all year round? Mash 1/2 ripe avocado with a handful of rolled oats, one egg white, and a splash of lemon juice. Massage into hands and apply gloves over the top to lock-in moisture, (do this with your feet if you suffer from cracked heels). Wash-off with tepid water for best results.

Deep conditioner

If your hair still needs an additional TLC, use this hair mask every month to lock in that moisture. Combine 1/2 avocado and coconut oil then apply to the ends of your hair before going to bed. Wrap hair in a towel, and wash-off well in the morning.

Body lotion

Create an natural body lotion which you can use on your skin once the weather takes a turn for the worst. Combine equal parts of avocado, sheer butter oil, lavender oil, and Vitamin E before mixing well over medium heat. Remove the mixture, let it cool down, then transfer it into a tub or jar for easy access.

Puffy eyes

Mix one tablespoon of avocado and coconut oil until you have a fine paste. Apply directly to the under-eye area before using your nightly moisturiser. Skin should feel smoother and even in no-time!

Image via Why Not Girl

Skincare Benefits of Cucumber

If you like treating your skin to homemade masks and cleansing solutions every few months, then you’re aware of the benefits of cucumber. Not only are they super-easy to find (every supermarket and green grocer sells them), but they work miracles on tired and inflamed skin types.

Create your own signature face mask or complete skincare treatment in just 5 minutes using a few of our suggestions below.

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Pore minimising

Reduce the appearance of your pores (especially if you suffer from oily skin), with this natural treatment. Equal parts of fresh yoghurt and mashed cucumber makes a cooling face mask which gives amazing results.

Swollen eyes

Just place two cucumber slices over your eyes to transform your swollen, tired eyes. The water weight in a cucumber is enough to replenish your eyes, and leave them feeling firm soft to the touch.


Juice three cucumbers and strain away the pulp so you’re left with just the liquid. Apply onto your entire face to soothe red and inflamed skin. If your skin feels tight, simply wash-off with a mild cleanser, and apply a toning solution to diminish your pores. Follow-up with a moisturiser to lock-in the hydration.

Fade freckles

Have you spent too much time in the sun lately? Grated cucumber naturally reduces the appearance of prominent freckles anywhere on the body. This is a safe way to improve the complexion of your skin, without using harmful chemicals.


Sliced cucumbers are a great way to relieve painful sunburn (especially if you have blisters – eek!) Cucumbers provide a cooling effect on dried skin, and will speed up the healing process.

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5 Fun Facts About Turmeric For Your Skin

While you probably know about turmeric as the main ingredient in your favourite curry recipe, it has been used for centuries as an alternative skincare treatment. Just one of the many helpful chemicals helps to decrease swelling and inflammation, while clearing up skin which has been subjected to skin damage or even acne.

Below are just a few facts about turmeric which should make it an essential in your skincare routine.

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Fact 1: Acne treatment

Turmeric is praised for it’s antiseptic qualities since it helps to clear away pimples, and fight against any antibacterial cells on the surface of the skin. You can make your own turmeric face mask which is perfect for even sensitive skin, to reduce oil and unclog sebaceous glands in the face and body.

Mix with lemon juice for an amazing fake tan remover minus the irritable skin!

Fact 2: Wrinkles

Put down your anti-ageing creams and whip yourself up a turmeric face mask instead. The fine particles are ideal for both women and men who wish to reduce their fine lines and wrinkles.

We’re not saying it’s the fountain of youth, but it will help to clear your skin and brighten the delicate under-eye area.

Fact 3: Stretch marks

If you suffer from stretch marks on your arms, legs, breasts, and thighs, turmeric can prove to be a natural skin lightener. Simply apply a concentrated paste of turmeric with yoghurt, milk, and water then apply to your problem areas.

Fact 4: Facial hair

Sometimes that annoying peach fuzz on your upper lip or chin can prove to be difficult to remove with waxing and strenuous laser treatments. Turmeric can help to decrease facial hair growth in these areas by mixing equal parts of chickpea and exfoliating the skin consistently for one month.

Fact 5: Cracked heels

Summer season calls for sandals and flip-flops, but cracked skin around the heels can often compromise your plans. Mix 3 tablespoons of turmeric and coconut oil and apply onto cracked skin to soften your heels without the use of a harmful exfoliating agent.

How would you incorporate turmeric into your skincare or beauty routine?

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How To Naturally Minimize Your Pores

Large pores are very common for teenagers or even women in their late 30s. The most popular areas include over the nose, directly under the bottom lip near the chin, and even on the forehead.

Have you ever wanted to minimize your pores without resorting to expensive treatments? Follow our tips and tricks to say bye-bye to irritating pores on your skin!

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What are pores?

Pores first begin as tiny hair follicles found in the skin. Although, when exposed to oil, dirt, and an inconsistent skincare regime, pores can often become clogged and appear bigger than they actually are.

Apple cider toner

The thought of applying apple cider to the face is enough to make you cringe in horror – but it’s really not that bad! Mix 30ml of apple cider and 2 tablespoons of mint leaves until you have infused a fine liquid serum. It’s better to let it marinate in a glass bottle for a few days, but is also great if made fresh.

Use as a toner and apply with a cotton pad over the nose, forehead, and chin to unclog blocked pores.


A gentle dose of steam over the face is enough to open the pores and unclog problem areas without causing additional damage to the skin. Simply boil a pot of water, take it off the stove, and put your face over the hot steam.

Make sure to keep your head 30-40cm away from the water itself, and use a towel to contain the steam to your face. After just a few minutes, the steam will help to open pores and de-clog dirt and oil locked into the skin.

Sugar scrub

Combine one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of sugar, and a few drops of lemon juice into a small container. Mix until you have a fine paste, then carefully apply to your problem areas (making sure to keep the mixture away from your eyes). Leave on for 3-5 minutes then wash off with lukewarm water.

If you will be using lemon in your skincare routine, it is important to note that you should limit your exposure to the sun. Lemon does make the skin more prone to sun damage, so stay out of the sun right after using this treatment, and keep your skin hydrated with a rich moisturising day and night cream.

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Homemade Coffee Scrub Recipe

Why spend endless amounts of money on coffee scrubs that aren’t tailored to your skin type and condition? There are many scrubs on the market which promise to erase all signs of cellulite, stretch marks and uneven skin tone – but how often does this actually work? Make your own personalised scrub at home with ingredients straight from the pantry, and avoid these unnecessary purchases.


2 cups coffee grounds

1 cup coconut oil

15 drops of essential oil


  1. Start with the 2 cups of coffee grounds, ensuring that all excess liquid has been removed from the mixture. You can choose to squeeze the liquid out with your hands, or even use a nut bag for a quicker solution.
  2. Add 1 cup of coconut oil which will create a smooth paste when used on the skin. Be sure to mix well before adding 15 drops of essential oil.
  3. Feel free to choose any kind of oil that you prefer – lavender, sweet orange and lemon grass are all popular choices which work well on even sensitive skin. These scents will also overpower the coffee smell if you just aren’t it’s biggest fan.
  4. After you have stirred in the essential oils, pour the mixture into ice-cube trays or muffin trays, then refrigerate. This allows the entire mixture to set, and will feel fresh every time you need to use it!

Image via Savy Naturalista

The Benefits of Raw, Vegan Skincare

Raw, vegan skincare products can be hard to come by but they are worth seeking out. Not restricted to the vegan community, this growing beauty trend is the purest and amongst the most effective natural anti-ageing products on the market. Irene Falcone, natural skincare expert and founder of www.nourishedlife.com.au, takes us through the benefits of raw, vegan skincare.

To be considered “raw”, beauty products must be produced below 45 °C heat so the live enzymes and nutrients are retained throughout this gentle and intricate manufacturing process. You are literally applying to your skin the all goodness of Mother Nature’s best ingredients in their purest, most natural form.

Vegan products are completely free from all animal by-products, including even the most unsuspecting and natural ingredients that you generally don’t associate with animals – such as beeswax, cochineal (the red colour derived from crushed insects) and even lanolin (the natural grease from sheep’s wool).

This combination of raw and vegan ingredients are incredibly beneficial for anyone with dry or sensitive skin, or those prone to redness. The minimal processing allows the final product to retain the integrity of the key nutrients, which help to fight free radicals and inflammation for naturally smooth, glowing skin.

If you want to start incorporating this fresh new approach to natural skin care into your beauty routine, here are our favourite products:

Dr Alkaitis Raw Holistic Eye Cream (for smooth youthful eyes)


Hurraw! Raw Vegan Lip Balms (for beautiful nourished lips)


Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip oil (try this as an overnight facial moisturiser)


Coconut Magic Coconut Oil (as an all-over body oil)


Acure Argan Oil (for healthy hair and scalp)


Have you tried raw, vegan skincare products?

How To Make the Switch to Natural Skincare

Thinking of ditching the nasties and switching to natural skincare? There are so many natural beauty products out there, it can often be intimidating finding the right natural and organic products for you. Irene Falcone, founder of toxin-free beauty site Nourished Life, shares her 5 natural beauty tips to have you glowing in no time.

 1. Start multi-tasking
Find one great, all natural multi-tasking product to replace 3-4 of your old products. I love the Egyptian Magic all-purpose skin cream, the 100% Pure Lip & Cheek tints and La Mav Organic SPF 15 BB Cream.  This is a great way to not only update your skincare routine, but it will also de-clutter your beauty drawer.


2. Choose products that keep working throughout the day
Look for skincare and makeup packed with natural antioxidants to help continually fight the free radicals we’re all constantly exposed to. The Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish range is packed with powerful antioxidants derived straight from fruit and vegetables (and is completely edible!).


3. Simplify your nighttime skincare routine
Switching to a potent natural facial oil. Pure but simple organic face oils such as Rosehip and Argan can literally transform your skin while you sleep. Good quality, natural rose hip oils contain a multitude of fatty acids and anti-oxidants which can improve the appearance of everything from wrinkles through to pigmentation (another great multi-tasking product) The Pai Organic Rosehip oil is like pure liquid gold.


4. Look for “100% Natural” or an Organic Certification logo
The great news here is that if a product carries an official certification logo, you know that it has been developed under strict guidelines and has undergone a high level of third party testing to ensure these guidelines are met. This is one of the easiest ways to filter out all those brands claiming to be natural with hidden nasties!

5. Hydrate your skin from the inside out by drinking lots of water
We hear it all the time, but this is one of the most cost-effective, simple ways to remove toxins, keep your complexion glowing and your body healthy.  If you find this hard to like me, invest in a beautiful glass water bottle with a built-in lemon reamer. The lemon juice makes the water easier to drink and adds an extra burst of real vitamin C.

Are you a fan of organic or natural skincare? Which products do you use? Tell us in the comments!

Talking Organic with Therese Kerr

Therese Kerr (yep, Miranda’s mum!) is on a mission to get more Aussies to go organic. As an Australian Organic ambassador, she’s part of a campaign to educate Australians about how to purchase 100% honest organic products, and what certified organic really means.

The simple mission of the One Logo Says It All campaign is to spread the message that when purchasing organic products, look for a certification logo before buying. There are over 14,000 products on our shelves today that are classified certified organic.  However, thousands more claim to be organic yet have not passed any testing or auditing.

SheSaid chats with Therese Kerr to find out why organic is so important to her, a sneak peak into her new organic skin care range and how she keeps calm and stress-free at Christmas.

Why is certified organic important to you?
Our body consists of trillions of cells, all needing nutrients to function effectively. We live in a highly processed, highly refined, high sugar-content world, so the food we are consuming, for the most part, is incapable of sustaining our bodies. To add further insult, we subject our bodies consistently to chemical cocktails not only in the foods we consume, but also in our homes, personal, hair and skin care products. We consume genetically modified food, eat food that is gas or artificially ripened or hormone injected and we wonder why dis-ease in every sense of the word is so apparent.

Our bodies are continually bombarded with free radicals and to combat this we need to consume and apply foods and products rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Our body even produces its own free radicals and our liver, because of all of the toxins in our world, is so overloaded trying to perform its vital role of detoxification that it can’t perform other vital roles, e.g. breaking down fat.

In saying all of that, I believe our body has the ability to heal itself. Our body is incredible, but it can’t heal itself if it lacks the nutrients to do so. That is why I only eat and use certified organic food and personal care, skin and hair care items and only use natural cleaning products in my home.

Health happens by choice, not by accident. Good health won’t just fall into your lap, in fact the opposite will be true and the key to living a long and healthy life, is education. When we educate ourselves we have the ability to make informed choices for our health and for the health of our family.

What role does eating certified organic play in your overall health and wellbeing?
It plays a huge role in my everyday life. In 2001/2002 I developed tumors in my spleen, which resulted in my spleen being removed. This was a wake up call and the start of my journey to wellness and the journey of sharing of my journey through my world of wellness. My family and I have always been healthy, and growing up in the country provided us access to the freshest of produce.

Unfortunately, like most people, I wasn’t fully aware of the dangers of the chemicals found in our everyday foods and beauty, skin and hair care products. I unknowingly used to lather myself in copious amounts of highly fragranced body wash, body lotion and perfume. Most people don’t realize that in the cosmetic industry alone (beauty, skin, personal and hair care products), according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), there are over 10,500 chemicals found in our everyday products and only 13% of these over the last 30 years have been tested for safety. That’s alarming. My goal now is to educate people and I do this through my website.  I have contributors from all natural modalities in health: Chiropractors, Kinesiologists, Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists and many others contribute to my website – all intent on sharing the message of wellness.

I am intent on creating a world of wellness and in my world of wellness, I take a holistic approach to health: physical, mental , emotional, and spiritual.  Ever since my health scare, I have been a sponge for learning new information on everything health. When we give the body the nutrients it needs it impacts every part of our life and I even have a Psychologist who specialises in the link between diet and the functioning of the brain coming on line in the new year to share her knowledge with anyone who wishes to learn about health.

My site is about providing information on health such that people can take from the site whatever it is that serves them, leave what doesn’t and in the process, hopefully, above all else, have the ability to make informed choices as to their health.

I was the CEO of KORA Organics for three years. KORA Organics is Miranda’s certified organic skincare line. I stepped down from that position in January 2013 to further develop a personal care range and to expand on my own personal wellness journey. Our goal as a family is to bring total certified organic goodness to the world and while Miranda wanted to keep KORA Organics as a certified organic skin care brand, it was my goal to share a range of truly beautiful certified organic products with the world and hence I am releasing, in February 2014 a range of certified organic personal care products, under the name of Divine By Therese Kerr namely: deodorant, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, mouth spray, hand wash and hand lotion and in April hair care products will also be released.  These products will compliment the KORA Organics range and eventually I will also bring out a baby range.

I also offer podcasts through my website for anyone interested in living a healthy life and will be adding podcasts from professionals in their fields from mid-January next year.

What are your favourite organic brands and products?
KORA Organics of course, which is my daughter’s Certified Organic skin care range. I am also releasing a line of my own: Divine by Therese Kerr, which will have certified organic personal and hair care products. This range will compliment the KORA Organics range offering even more certified organic goodness to the world.

Who and what inspires you?
Making a difference and contributing to other people’s lives, especially to the lives of young people is what inspires me most. You see, we are all incredibly unique, gifted human beings and sometimes we lose sight of that. Reminding people of that is what I love to do. Sometimes, people lose sight of how amazing they are and all it takes is for someone else to see the greatness in them and remind them of just how incredible they are. They then get the opportunity to discover it or rediscover it for themselves.

My family also inspires me; my son Matt, my daughter Miranda and my husband John. The people I work with and who share my passion for making a real difference and the people who are genuinely out there wanting to share this message of wellness inspire me daily. The manufacturers and growers of certified organic ingredients and produce inspire me because they are at the ground roots of an industry impacting and bringing about change to so many people’s lives and all of the people in the certified organic industry, without exception are doing what they do, I believe, because of their genuine intent to make a difference not only to people’s lives but to our planet. The generations that follow will benefit greatly from these innovators and they all inspire me, without a doubt, to be the best person I can be.

Sharing the world of wellness and seeing light bulb moments occur during one of my presentations or public speaking engagements inspires me, as does connecting to gorgeous souls during my presentations and via my website and social media sites.  I love seeing young people especially take up this message of wellness and adopt it totally into their lives.  Healthy can be and is simple. Healthy is also tasty and it can be reasonably priced if you know where and what to buy. I have heaps of beautiful healthy recipes on my website for you to take and use and soon will be adding products to my site such that it will become a one-stop wellness shop for all.

What are your best tips for a calm and stress-free Christmas?
Christmas is a busy time of year, but it is also a very special time of year where families come together to celebrate and create life-long memories. We often forget that while rushing around trying to make everything perfect.

My best tip is to just take time to be in the moment, to be present to the beauty of life and to those who you are blessed to share life with. If things are getting hectic or a little too much, take 10 – 15 minutes time out for yourself and meditate. I personally mediate for at least 20 minutes every single day as it allows me to shut out the world and to go deep within. This 20 minutes of a morning sets me up for an event filled, productive day where my body is transported (for the day) into parasympathetic nervous system state where it rests and digests and performs at its optimum.  Most of us operate in Sympathetic Nervous System State where we are in fight or flight and Christmas especially with us trying to be everything to everyone and be here, there and everywhere constantly find ourselves in this state. Sadly, when we are in this state (and most of us are consistently due to our hectic lifestyles) our bodies cannot digest food or burn fat and we wonder why we are feeling lethargic and worn out.  Time to meditate, eat healthy certified organic and use only healthy certified organic personal, skin and hair care products.


Best Organic Beauty Products for Summer

With summer just about here, odds are we’ll all be showing a bit more skin. Synthetic nasties have been linked to all sorts of health issues from disrupting hormones to serious skin irritations. So rather than slathering ourselves in potentially toxic products, here are our favourite organic beauty products for skin, makeup and hair.



Eco Tan
I love a fake tan, but the last few years have slacked off using such products because although I adored the honey glow, the boyfriend objected to myself, the bathroom and most of the house smelling like a toxic pineapple, which was undeniably true. Enter: Eco Tan. I am obsessed. Eco Tan has Winter Skin, which is a gradual, build-up tanning moisturiser and a regular, rub-on Invisible Tan. I’m a fan of both. The colour is in no way tandoori-esque, but super natural and has no fake-tan smell. Winter Tan is great for a slow deepening of colour, which is great for everyday, whereas Invisible Tan (named so because it’s invisible going on) has you going golden in 24 hours, making it perfect for events. Both are certified organic, vegan and cruelty free, and on top of that are the best body mosturisers I’ve ever used. I was getting changed when I was genuinely staggered with how soft (let alone bronzed) my skin had become since using it. And there’s the added bonus of being super affordable.


Kora Tinted Day Cream
I’ve been using Miranda Kerr’s Kora since it’s debut, it’s amazing. Now I’ve suffered from breakouts well into my twenties, but changing to organic skincare genuinely helped break that cycle. I now find using this tinted day cream, rather than a full foundation helps my skin stay healthy and keep spots at bay. The Kora Tined Day Cream contains sunscreen – which is great as I don’t have to put another product on my skin, and being organic, vegan and cruelty free is also a bonus. There are two main issues with this product, it only comes in one, very deep shade – which is an issue for those of a fairer tone, and the price is a bit steep. But if you’re using a tanning product, or have a naturally tanned complexion, I would definitely recommend it. It’s perfect for everyday, slap-on-and-go coverage, with the added bonus of nourishing and protecting your skin.


RMS “Un” Cover-Up
Not being blessed with flawless skin, a bit of cover-up does me the world of good, and for the last year my absolute favourite has been RMS “Un” Cover-Up. It’s really lightweight and buildable, so it covers any imperfections while leaving my skin looking dewy and fabulous. I haven’t found a stockist, but buying online was super easy, and at only $36 a pop for something that lasts, it’s a winner. The product touts healing qualities through its use of high quality ingredients that are free from being refined, bleached, deodorised, or in anyway stripped of vital nutrients. The only downfall is it’s propensity to leave the skin somewhat shiny, but a dab of powder sorts that out no problem.


RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek
I think blush is the quickest way to breathe life into a complexion. Again, certified organic and cruelty free, I adore this low maintenance colour pop for my skin. With it’s creamy texture and dewy glow it creates a really lovely natural look that I love. Better yet, it’s two in one, a fabulous short cut. Having the same nourishing properties as the “Un” Cover-Up, it’s noncomedogenic, which is wonderful for sensitive skin like mine. I’ve found Lip2Cheek is ideal for creating that healthy ‘I’ve just sauntered off a beach’ glow, with a really minimal effort. Genius.


Coconut oil hair treatment
Whether it’s skipping in and out of the sun or surf, summer can play havoc on our hair. Mine tends to go particularly dry and brittle. However, I’ve found this can be avoided (with the added luxury of gaining shiny, happy locks) by slathering through a tablespoon or so of cold pressed, organic coconut oil. Granted, it is not the most flattering look whilst you’re wearing it, because it does have the tendency of making you look like an oily-beast, but for something that is all natural and cheap as chips it’s certainly a good find. Massage through a few tablespoons and take the opportunity to give yourself and invigorating scalp rub. Leave in for an hour, or even overnight if you fancy wrapping your pillow in a protective towel, for deeply nourished hair. You may need to do a double shampoo to ensure there’s no greasy residue left on your roots, but it’s totally worth it.

What are your favourite natural beauty products for summer?

Kate H Jones is a lifestyle and pop culture writer at Clavicle Capitalism.

5 Natural Beauty Tips For Gorgeous Skin And Hair

Who doesn’t want glowing skin and strong, shiny hair? And yet  few of us are aware that natural ingredients can greatly help us with soft and young-looking skin and beautiful hair – most of these are probably in your kitchen already! Here are 5 natural beauty tips and tricks for gorgeous skin and hair.

1. Olive Oil to Clean

Try extra virgin olive oil as a cleanser and moisturiser. Dab a small amount onto a cotton ball and wipe your face with it. You can also try mixing it with castor oil for a more heavy duty cleaning, and it’s especially good for removing makeup. You can also use olive oil as a body moisturiser after your shower.

2. Yoghurt for Moisture

Unsweetened yogurt can also work wonders at cleaning your face, locking in the moisture and refreshing dull skin. Start by splashing your face with water. Gently rub some yoghurt on your face and leave it to dry. Wash off to get that natural glow.

3. Oil Scalp Massage

Beautiful hair is the ultimate style secret, and for hair care, the most important part is the condition of your scalp. A warm oil massage can be a good moisturiser for your scalp, stimulating hair growth and improving the natural shine of your hair. Massage extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil into the scalp, leave the oil on for about half an hour, then shampoo it off.

4. Avocado Coconut Hair Mask

It sounds good enough to eat, but this makes an amazing natural hair mask. Once a month use a mask made of a ripe avocado, half a cup of coconut milk, and a tablespoon of olive oil. Leave for 30 minutes, then rinse out with cool water.

5. Avoid Chemicals

Avoid using too many chemicals on your hair for the longterm health of your hair. Give your hair a detox by ditching the serums, straightening creams and hairsprays.

What are you best natural beauty tips and tricks? Tell us in the comments below!

Crazy Easter Manicures

Nail art is taking over and never more so than at Easter! Check out these incredible Easter manicures by beauty bloggers with tutorials on how to get the look – would you try Easter nail art?

Cosmetic Cupcake opts for a sweet chicken and bunny.

Mad Manis features a hatching chick and Easter egg decorations – why decorate eggs when you can decorate your nails?

Pretty Nail Swag has some amazing designs, including these stick-on bunnies!

Lifestyle for Blondes features gorgeous intricate Easter-themed nails with a detailed tutorial – get out those toothpicks!


Duckling To Swan has the steadiest hand I’ve ever seen! Her flawless nail art and tutorials make me want to get an Easter manicure pronto!

Or if all else fails, just paint your nails in pastel polishes, like A Little Obsessed.

Would you try an Easter manicure?

Anti Ageing Creams

Standfirst: Today’s beauty creams work overtime for us and they promise youth. The breakthrough ingredients target the main offender – ageing – and they seem to be working. Maybe these scientifically designed creams can actually turn the clock back.

When it comes to the latest in the anti-ageing process, we are told that youth is a commodity we can buy. Prevention has become better than the cure in the world of new millennium beauty and today’s face creams make big announcements. They claim to be the source of life, the elixir of youth and promise to restore the skin so it is almost as good as new. Scientific research in combination with vitamins and vital plant extracts has led to a new breed in skincare. Phrases like “cell activation”, “mapping” and “dermal-epidermal junction” written on super slick packaging guarantee entry into the youth club. These miracle creams are plied with new “buzz” ingredients, such as vitamins A, C and E, Alpha Lipoic acid and more. The question that remains to be answered is “do they really work?”

Vitamins play the most important role in the protection, correction and renewal of the skin according to leading dermatologist, Dr Apichati from Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok. Dr Apichati has found that Vitamins A Retinol, Vitamin C-ester, Ascorbyl Palmitate, L-Ascorbic acid, Alpha Lipoic acid and Vitamins B, E and F are all vital. They have been scientifically proven to play an important role in the preservation of the skin. Skin health preservation also occurs when the production of free radicals is limited. Put simply: it is best that we avoid sunlight, pollution, smoking, alcohol, poor diet, stress and lack of sleep. These are the main factors involved in ageing. With pollution levels in our cities reaching highs, we are at risk. Kanebo has been using a breakthrough ingredient that is derived from spinach beet and has been proven to restore the energy in the skin depleted by exposure to free radicals. Kanebo’s Sensai Cellular Performance Advance Recovery Concentrate proved its worth in just one week. Tests showed that there was an increase of 200 percent to the skin’s moisture content and also improved elasticity.

Over time, the skin’s collagen – a protein, (which gives skin its youthful suppleness) is broken down. Skin is extremely susceptible to harm from free radicals. It is these free radicals that play havoc with the protein molecules. These molecules support the skin’s structure. In beauty terms, the skin will experience dehydration, uneven skin tone and dull saggy skin when exposed to these harmful radicals. The latest anti-ageing creams penetrate more deeply into the epidermis, (which is the skin). Resilience Lift, by Estee Lauder contains ingredients that actively fight free radicals. The cream was formulated as a result of major new research into the skin’s biorhythms. It aims to prevent redness, lock in moisture and extraordinarily enough there are essential oils to promote sleep.

Thanks to the powerful properties in these wonder creams they work to repair any signs of ageing. A lot of women are discovering the miracle of the serum. Sisley’s Sisleya-Elixir is a treatment attracting a lot of attention. It is special because it is applied over a month – morning and night. The malt in the serum is used to stimulate the dermal-epidermal junction into repairing itself while other plant extracts help to revitalise the skin. These anti-ageing creams are now being touted as “jars of hope” that contain unique delivery systems for moving vitamins and anti-oxidants into the skin. This means we stay younger looking. Chanel’s Precision Eclat Originel, likewise, promises a radiant and youthful flush. It is a serum that operates with the combination of plant extracts and sea algae. Their qualities boost cell metabolism and improve the skin’s micro-circulation; hence, a glowing and pinky complexion. Tests have proven also that Lancome’s Impactive has proven its ability to combat free radicals. This uber product contains lycopene, which combined with the marine ingredient biodefensine aids in protecting the skin’s natural defences.

The super concentrated anti-ageing moisturisers and serums of today are aimed at all ages. But the new word in youth beauty is Cosmeceuticals. Cosmeceuticals equals cosmetics plus pharmaceuticals and the beauty world has become hooked. This is taking youth beauty one-step beyond. RegimA is one of the products of the future in revolutionary skincare. It is a powerful and scientifically up-to-the-minute range, (so up-to-the-minute it is not yet available in Australia as yet). Its high-powered cream, Alpha Lipoic + Vitamin C helps to increase Gluthiaone, a major repair enzyme that provides and protects the skin from premature ageing.

Stronger than cosmetics, but not so powerful that they require regulation by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), these intelligent creams deliver the goods. This is positive news because the treatments are showing faster results than therapies and traditional over the counter products. La Prairie’s The Smart Cream can be purchased over the counter and it gets nutrients into the skin fast and at exactly the right points. The Smart Cream is a cellular moisturiser that contains clever micro-sponges, which time release ingredients into the skin. It’s almost as if the products are ahead of us. The impact that these high-tech result based treatments are having on the beauty industry is phenomenal. It has also opened the door to an exciting new field of skincare treatments, which give exceptional results. The new science in anti-ageing works, quite simply because the makers have a better understanding of how the ageing process works.

Could these ingenious potions actually save us all from going under the knife? Lucy Whittaker, managing director of The Beautiful Skin Centre Group says, “Absolutely, yes. In 20 years time cosmetic surgery won’t be what it is today. People will use preventative treatment such as anti-ageing creams instead.” Good news for beauty devotees. No downtime anymore. All we will have to do is find a cream that suits our needs. No Surgetics Givenchy might just be the answer. Givenchy’s scientists have been hard at it working out ways to translate the mechanisms of procedures like Botox and dermabrasion into a cream. The result of their work is a cream, which contains Vitamin A, and an ingredient called hydroctyle. This is a plant used in Ayurvedic medicine to hasten the action of Vitamin C and stimulate collagen production. It also contains a miracle ingredient known as elhaibin-a soya-protein extract used for its protective qualities.

Guerlain has managed to move beyond itself with its latest product, Serenissima Absolute Skincare Concentrate. Serenissima is a serum that contains Or Bleu, which is the rarest concentrate of gold, originally used by the Egyptians to preserve the skin. This exotic serum also contains loquat (for moisturising) and deep-sea algae. With so many age-defying products on the market that work, it is hard to imagine the necessity for going under the knife in the future. Through science’s perseverance by delving into the past, it might just have saved our future skin. Skincare has moved way beyond us and it seems that a glowing, rosy complexion is no longer the preserve of the young. How lucky are we for the friendship of science and beauty?

Hydrating masks put to the test

Hippy is HipDesigners are embracing the love and peace vibe and updating hippy classics with a sexy, laid-back attitude. Make sure you search for anything with psychedelic colours and rainbow prints with faded denim, hip belts, fringed scarves and thong necklaces.

Hydrate your skin

We tried and tested 3 hydrating masks to see if they do what they really do. Here is what we discovered:

Now if you think hydrating masks are just for severely dry, sun-damaged skin, then you are sadly mistaken. In truth they are for normal, oily or combination. Beautician Ina says, ? They are for everyone. When your skin suffers from the over-indulgence of late nights, too much drink, exposure to smoke and unbalanced diets, a hydrating mask is really the only thing to sort them out.?

Hope in a Jar by Philosophy

This is gel-like and refreshing mask with Vitamin E, jojoba and soya bean derivatives. This

smells beautiful and does exactly what the name says it does. Your skin will feel soft and plump again. The packaging is slick and cool but we must admit a bottle of this is a little expensive but you won?t be disappointed. Check it out at www.meccacosmetica.com.auAveda Hydrating mask

This oil-free gel mask contains moisturising plant extracts, aloe, kelp, lavender and rosewater is perfect for tired, dry and stressed out skin. It is easy to apply and feels nice on your skin. After the application, the gel becomes a thin sheen that can either be removed after 10 minutes with a gentle swipe or left on overnight. If you leave it on overnight we can assure you your skin will feel fantastic. Head straight to the nearest Aveda store near you.

Lush facial masks

Lush products are fab and spooned from stainless steel bowls on ice, like dips at an up-market deli. Our fave is the Wow Wow mask, which is made of deli-fresh ingredients: oats (to soften), marigold (to tone), limeflower and mushrooms (for thread veins). It feels cool and lumpy but the messiness of the mask was off-putting and a bit of an effort to remove. Not such a great mask.