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Instagram Accounts For Wedding Inspiration

Are you or someone you know getting married soon, and need an extra bit of inspiration for the big day? Pinterest and Instagram are bursting at the metaphorical seams with many wedding-related accounts that offer tips, tricks, and even ways you can DIY – minus the hassle.

Browse the following accounts if you need an extra bit of inspiration (or are just starting out early).

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Wedded Wonderland


With more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, Wedded Wonderland is filled with venue, hair, makeup, and outfit ideas (for both the bride and groom). You will find yourself browsing through all their photos in complete awe, especially if you need a little pick-me-up for your own wedding plans. Warning: Can cause untreatable side effects of #weddingenvy.

Instagram Accounts For Wedding Inspiration

The Lane


Edited by Karissa Fanning, this account is perfect for the bride who loves a little (or a lot) of white lace, and dreams of a bohemian wedding.

Instagram Accounts For Wedding Inspiration

Most recently drawing inspiration from London and New York Fashion Week, The Lane offers specialised dress, flowers and venue inspiration for a low-key wedding.

Steven Khalil


Sydney based fashion designer Steven Khalil makes fairytale weddings come true, by creating the perfect princess-style bridal gown. As you can imagine, his official instagram account is packed with brides bringing their own touch to custom-made Steven Khalil dresses on their wedding day.

Instagram Accounts For Wedding Inspiration

Djula Jewellery


This Parisian based boutique stocks amazing costume jewellery which is a match made in heaven with your perfect wedding dress. With a large selection of rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, Djula stocks some of the most unique pieces in the entire world.

Best of all? Available in major cities such as Paris, New York, Sydney, Moscow, Geneva and Miami.

Monique Lhuillier


With celebrities such as Ashley Tisdale, Carrie Underwood, and Reese Witherspoon walking down the aisle in one of Lhuilliers custom-made gowns, the A-list have certainly given this designer the tick of approval.

Instagram Accounts For Wedding Inspiration

Her account is exactly as you would expect it to be – filled with florals, table-settings, and even hair and makeup tips for the big day.

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Top 5 Fashion Apps

For the girl on-the-go, mobile apps are the best way to source, style and purchase the latest looks. Now you can check out your fave style icons, plan your outfits for the on the weekend, and make friends with fellow fashionable folk all on your lunch break! For the trendiest technology, download these amazing apps.

Stylebook is your ultimate fashion planner! Upload pieces from your closet, style a look, and save it to your calendar and avoid the stress of having to pick an outfit right before a big meeting or date. You can log and track your measurements and purchases, and also plan what to pack for your next vacation. Stylebook will set you back $3.99, but that’s a small price to pay for you fashion die-hards.

Don’t believe me? Ask Rachel Zoe – a self-identified fan of Pose. Post or browse clothing or accessories for sale or trade. Post your outfit of the day and tag your pieces for others to browse. Make friends and scope out each others wardrobes and style advice. Purchase your favorite items straight through the app.

We must warn you – once you start on Wanelo, it’s difficult to stop! The app collates items from all over the web, from boutique designers on Etsy, to your larger brands and department stores like Zara and Calvin Klein. It offers you an ever-evolving feed of products, catering specifically to your tastes. You can follow other Wanelo users, keep up-to-date with new products from your favorite brands, create your own looks and “collections”, and share them with friends.

Chic Feed
Chic Feed does you the favour of collating the best street style snaps from our favorite blogs and photographers, including Face Hunter, The Sartorialist, Jak and Jill, and LookBook.

Instagram is the ultimate app for fashion stalking. Follow your favorite fashion bloggers, stylists, designers and celebs for inspiration – or merely a sneak-peek into how the other half live! Not sure who to follow? Take a look at SHESAID’s fashion industry picks.

Q&A With YouTube Beauty And Fashion Guru Shaaanxo

When we wanted to talk about the latest fashion trends and beauty must-haves with an expert, we knew the perfect girl for the job. Meet Shannon Harris, a.k.a. Shaaanxo, one of YouTube’s most-watched beauty and fashion gurus. With over 400,000 subscribers, this blonde bombshell, who hails from New Zealand, shares her favourite latest fashion trends and gives us some insight into what it takes to be a YouTube style star.

In your vlogs, you always look totally gorgeous. If you had to sum up your style in one sentence, what would it be?
Why thank you! I would say my style is always changing, but it’s simple and girly most of the time.

What are you loving, fashion-wise, for the winter of 2013?
Infinity/loop scarves! So boring, I know, but I love the way they look. Bright ones (I have a bright coral one) really amp up my boring winter outfits. I usually stick to black skinny jeans and a cute jumper.

When the seasons change, a lot of women decide that it’s time to make a hairstyle change. Your long blonde locks are very pretty, but have you ever rocked a different look? Maybe even one you ended up regretting?
I used to have brown hair, ombre hair, and the one I regret – half-red and half-brown hair. The whole “underneath one colour, and on top another colour” kind of deal. It was awful! I want to go bright Rihanna Red one day, though!

Okay, imagine that you’re going on a ski trip during the coldest week of winter. You can only bring three beauty products. What are your three winter survival beauty must-haves?
I would bring Trilogy Rosehip Oil to hydrate my skin – it’s a lifesaver when my skin looks and feels dull and dry. I would also bring my lip balm – I love Maybelline Baby Lips and Nivea Lip Butters…they’re super hydrating and smell awesome. And mascara so I could look a fraction better! Its a beauty must-have for all seasons, of course.

What advice do you have any advice for aspiring YouTube style and beauty gurus?
Be yourself and don’t give up. Your own personality will bring you out from amongst the crowd. Don’t expect your views to blow up in a week, month, or even a year. Persistence is key! I went for months without more than 50 people watching me. And lastly, only do it if you have the passion for it! Seems silly I know – but if your heart and soul is with the topic you are talking about, people will see that and connect with you!

Would you take Shannon’s advice and take a stab at YouTube glory? Tell us in the comments!

Image: Shaaanxo