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Expand Your Knowledge With Yoga Teaching

Expand Your Knowledge With Yoga Teaching

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Yoga has become one of the most popular exercises in the world. People from many different countries in many different climates practice yoga for many different reasons. It has been recommended for stress relief, weight loss, strength and rehabilitation and is known for the amazing benefits you gain from it.

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Those who practice yoga regularly are well aware of this, but if you’re looking to take your yoga even further, maybe becoming a certified yoga teacher had crossed your mind?

There are many reasons to becoming a yoga teacher beyond just wanting to teach. Learning more in depth about the practice of yoga and broadening personal understanding of yoga is one of the top reasons that individuals are enrolling in teaching courses. In fact, Yoga Australia has seen a 30 per cent increase in the number of people registering for teacher training in the past year alone.

When you register to become a teacher of yoga, you learn so much more about the practice, including yoga philosophy and anatomy and meditation. This enables you to then gain a more thorough understanding of what contributes to physical, emotional and mental health. While this is beneficial to those around you – as with your extended knowledge you will be able to help their practice – it’s also extremely beneficial to your own practice and the way you view your own health.

Yoga Australia is recognised as the industry peak body for yoga in Australia and has the highest teaching standards anywhere in the world. The primary mission of the organisation is to: develop and promote best practice for Yoga teaching, to support and represent Australian teachers from all styles and traditions, and to educate and inform the general public and professional community about the benefits of Yoga.

When choosing to train as a yoga teacher, it’s important to register with a governing body, like that of Yoga Australia. Not only do you have more support from a wealth of teachers and knowledge, but you can also feel confident knowing that you will receive the highest level of education and also that your accreditation will be recognised internationally.

Vice president of Yoga Australia and chair of their teacher training committee, Leanne Davis (pictured) has over 28 years of knowledge in yoga teaching and loves to share her advice on becoming a teacher.

yoga australia, yoga teaching, yoga

“During teacher training students will be taught the foundations and anatomy of Yoga poses, philosophy and meditation techniques as well as practical skills such as writing class plans, presenting and getting started in your teaching career. As someone who has been teaching for over 28 years, I realised that learning is an unending process and I am constantly inspired and educated by my peers,” she says.

So, now that you’ve decided that you want to expand your yoga knowledge and training in the teaching aspect, how do you know which course to choose? Let’s take a look at Leanne’s top tips for finding the right teacher program for you:

  • Choose the style of yoga you would like to undertake your training in. There are so many different styles of yoga, which means there are just as many training programs for each, whether it be bikram, vinyasa or Hatha yoga.
  • Ask your favourite yoga teachers about where they received their training. This will help guide you and narrow down the style and potential yoga institutes and schools that you can pick from.
  • Check they are accredited with Yoga Australia. Many yoga studios offer teacher training course, but before you commit to any programs being offered, make sure you check they are accredited. This will ensure that the course is recognised and that you will be doing the correct number of hours to be qualified as a teacher.
  • If you’re interested in formally teaching yoga, it’s vital you register your certificate. This will ensure you are kept up-to-date with the world-class teacher training programs and adhere to the standards recognised across the board.

Images via Yoga Australia

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