Before They Were Famous

August 28, 2010

Before They Were Famous

Sandra Bullock hasn’t changed a bit – she’s in the centre with her cheerleading team in 1982.

Brad Pitt moping around school circa 1980 but still cute as a button!

It wasn’t that many years after this photo was taken that Demi Moore fell for Ashton Kutcher!

Guess who? All the best blondes were originally brunette, and Pamela Anderson is no exception!

She’s one of the most stylish women in the world but doesn’t Sasrah Jessica Parker look like any other geeky teen in this shot!

Talk about a transformation…can you believe this is Kate Hudson?

Nicolas Cage looking aloof in his 1979 yearbook.

The original diva looking so sweet and innocent. Yes, that’s Christina Aguilera!

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