Behind The Scenes At Batlow Cider

March 21, 2015
Interview With Rich Coombes of Batlow Cider

Ever wondered what the story is behind some of Australia’s favourite cider?

SHESAID recently chatted with Rich Coombes of Batlow Cider to find out some of their delicious new flavours, how the cider is actually created, and some sweet collaborations just around the corner.

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Tell us, how did Batlow Cider get started?

Batlow Cider was born on a sunny Sunday arvo having a few (as many a great idea is born!). We were drinking imported brands of cider asking ourselves why we couldn’t readily find great local cider made from top quality apples and the best cider-making practices.

It’s a partnership between Sam, myself and Batlow Apples, growers of Australia’s Favourite Apples in the Snowy Mountains.  We approached them with the idea and they were excited about it. The rest is history!

How important is it to use local, homegrown produce in your ciders?

It’s super important, we only use Batlow Apples and locally grown pears in our cider production. What surprised us when we started out was the lack of companies in Australia doing this. It makes total sense, our farmers and growers are responsible for some of the best produce in the world, so not only are we supporting local businesses but we’re using the best available inputs.

What are some of the best dishes to complement your cider?

One of our favourites is a whole roast suckling pig (delicious and the experience and process of the spit is a sure crowd pleaser).

Any white meats such as chicken and a variety of seafood partner well with cider. The sweetness and acidity balance in our cider partners well with these meats. 4 Fourteen in Sydney has a great dish steaming their mussels in our cider and that’s absolutely delicious too. It’s also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and cider like ours is gluten free for those intolerant.

For those of us who don’t know, how does the cider process actually work?

Cider production is very similar to wine, we actually do our cider production at a winery. The production methods vary from producer to producer: craft producers like us (Batlow Cider) crush fresh fruit (mainly apples) add a specific cultured yeast and then transform the apple juice into alcoholic cider. It’s very simple.

The mass market brands will generally use apple concentrates that come in a syrup like format (mainly from China), add water then ferment that as their base juice. That’s taking shortcuts and usually driven by financial motivations, whereas as we only use fresh fruit. Our motivation is to produce a top quality product and pay respect to the apples we use!

 Do you have anything special coming up for winter 2015?

Mulled cider has worked very well for us over the years, so that’ll be happening again this year with some tweaks on past years. We’ve just done a collaboration beer with a local craft brewer using apple juice in the ferment and have some other plans that you’ll have to watch out for!

Where are some of the best places our readers can shop the new collection of ciders?

Online at www.beerbud.com.au or www.ciderinsider.com.au and many independent bottle shops with a craft focus. Our major products are available more widely – Batlow Premium Cider in selected BWS outlets and Batlow Cloudy Cider in Dan Murphys and both are available in selected independent stores nationally.


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