Behind the scenes with George Clooney!

November 5, 2009

Check out these exclusive behind the scenes pictures and our chat with George Clooney on the set of his latest Nespresso commercial.

This is your fourth Nespresso commercial. Is this the best job you ever had?

“The best job I ever had was working in a massage parlor … no, this is the best job I ever had because I don’t wanna talk about the massage parlor.”

You are always keen to give your thoughts on the storyline – did you have some new ideas for this one?

“Yes, unfortunately they didn’t take my idea to heart, which was that the piano should just land on John Malkovich. Just right off the bat. Just land it on him. They didn’t do that.”

Speaking of John Malkovich: you shared the screen with him in Burn After Reading. Are you looking forward to working with him on this Nespresso commercial?

“I tell you the truth: I didn’t really know that John Malkovich had been cast in the role or I would have done something to stop it. Because I don’t like him. But – since he’s here and we have to pay him anyway, what we’ve done is, we’re shooting everything on a greenscreen. So I shoot my scenes, and then he shoots his scenes and we never actually see each other. And that’s worked out pretty well, I think.”

You’ve worked with Robert Rodriguez, the director for this 4th Nespresso commercial, before – what do you like in his work?

“Mostly the nudity I like in his films. The frontal nudity is amazing.”

This isn’t even a joke – “From Dusk Till Dawn”?

“Well, you know, “From Dusk Till Dawn”, was my first film break after ER hit, and actually did me a lot of good and was really fun to work on and Robert taught me a lot about how to shoot and ways to shoot ad how to keep a set. So I learned a lot from him and working with him and I’ve worked with him on a lot of different projects, like the Spykids things. I’ve learned a lot of things, he’s really fun.”

What makes Robert Rodriguez perfect for this particular shoot?

“First of all, the truth of the matter is, when you do commercials like this you have to make fun of yourself and you need somebody who’s funny, and he is funny. And that’s why he’s sort of perfect for it.”

What is your favourite Nespresso blend?

“If you’re gonna drink a Nespresso you should drink one. So I go full caffeine full blast. The black capsule. I like that.”

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