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Belated birthday for Robbie Williams

Belated birthday for Robbie Williams

Belated birthday for Robbie Williams

Happy returns Robbie!
Robbie Williams celebrated his ‘surprise’ 30th birthday last week at Skibo castle, the same place Madonna and Guy Ritchie tied the knot in 2000. Williams’ family organised the five-day long knees-up for around 50 guests as a belated birthday at home for the star, who celebrated his official birthday days earlier with friends in LA. Williams is back in the UK following his hectic international touring for his latest album Escapology. The wild birthday celebrations apparently featured a good-natured send up by UK TV presenters Ant and Dec, of UK TV show Family Fortunes. Hilarious!

Paris, bucked and bruised
Pony Paris gets bucked
Show pony Paris Hilton has been thrown by a horse while filming the second series of her reality TV show The Simple Life. Reports from the States reveal that while Paris was taken to a local hospital following the fall, she was never admitted and left a short time later suffering only bruises. It is not know whether the celebrity fashionista was wearing pony skin boots at the time of the accident.

Heath on love and Naomi
Heath on Naomi
During a recent interview to promote Aussie outlaw flick Ned Kelly which opens this week in the US, Heath Ledger spilled the beans on his relationship with fellow thespian Naomi Watts. “Having a relationship is not challenging at all. I think people desperately try to make it challenging for us by assuming and creating stories or just being interested in us. But love is love. If you’re in love, it’s easy and it’s hard in a good way. Our relationship is everything a healthy relationship should be.” Ohhh! He sounds like the perfect boyfriend – sensitive and good looking.

Big mouth strikes again
Wedding bells for Kylie?
Rumour has it that the songbird has taken matters into her own hand, asking boyfriend French actor Olivier Martinez to be her husband! Go girl! But far from being a private moment for Kyles, news of the impending nuptials was leaked by younger sister Danni Minogue after a big night out with friends last week. Minogue the younger apparently revealed of the June wedding, “They’ve been thinking of Paris, Sydney and Barbados, but it’s probably going to be where it’s the hottest,” reports Britain’s News of the World. Thank for the free PR little sis. Not.

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