Belgian Police Arrest 16 Terror Suspects In Raids

November 22, 2015

Brussels remains on high alert, with concerns mounting of an imminent attack.

A string of raids carried out in Brussels and Charleroi on Sunday have resulted in the arrest of 16 terror suspects, after the prime minister announced continued lockdown in Brussels, among mounting fears of another Paris-style massacre.

The anti-terror raids saw police evacuate restaurants, block off roads and ask residents to stay away from their windows, with two shots fired at a car that approached a roadblock during operation in the Molenbeek area, thought to contain suspected Paris attack gunman, Salah Abdelslam.

It was revealed officials have thus far failed to detain Abdelslam during a midnight press conference in which it was reported the Islamist was spotted near the city of Liege around 7.30pm on Sunday but managed to evade police.

“Salah Abdeslam was not caught during the raids,” federal prosecutor spokesman Eric Van Der Sypt confirmed during the conference.

No weapons or explosives were found during the raids, which are expected to continue for some time.

Brussels universities, schools and the metro system remain shut, with the city on the highest level of terror alert since the Paris attacks that tragically killed 130 people nine days ago.

Belgium Prime Minister, Charles Michel said the extreme measures are necessary with suspicions another attack could be imminent, telling media, “The threat remains serious and imminent.”

The raids have come about just days after France launched a series of air strikes in Syriawith French prime minister, Manuel Valls telling TF1 television,  “Our action in Syria…needs to be extended to annihilate Daesh [ISIS].”


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