The Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oils

April 21, 2015
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Did you know that the humble frankincense oil can be used to treat more than 50 different skin conditions, as well as relaxing the entire body? If you said no, we are about to blow your mind so much that by the end of it, you’ll definitely be interested in getting your hands on a bottle for the medicine cabinet!

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What is frankincense oil?

Frankincense oil is made primarily from boswellia carteri, a type of plant which has been around since Biblical times. Tree resin is steamed down, pressed, and made into a handy little essential oil which we all know and love to this day as frankincense. It is well known for its antibacterial properties and other skin loving and relaxation elements.

Skin damage

If your skin has been left damaged by years of skin exposure or even a nasty burn, use twice a day to treat the area. Not only does it help to diminish the look of dark spots, it will help to naturally brighten the skin.


Suffering from a dry cuticle, or two? Apply frankincense oil before bed (it will soak better into your skin) to bring back the moisture in your fingernails.


Did you know that frankincense has been used for years to reduce stress? Apply a few drops onto the back of your neck, and try to sit back and relax. The sweet smell will soothe your body and mind, and help to increase your concentration.

Mosquito bites

Improve the look and feel of bug bites by applying a few drops of frankincense on the skin. Not only will it help to decrease the redness, but will also soothe the itchy feeling.


If you suffer from particularly dry or acne-prone skin, frankincense could really help to curb those future breakouts. Mix a few drops into your moisturiser and apply onto both the face and neck a few times a week.

Use frankincense as a deep cleansing mask and apply onto freshly washed skin. The antibacterial properties will help to remove any impurities and un-clog your skin.

Dry skin

Apply a few drops of frankincense oil onto dry patches to quickly hydrate and moisturise the entire area. This is a quick and easy trick if the cold weather hasn’t been kind to your skin, or similarly if it needs a bit of glow before heading out.

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