The Surprise Benefits Your Morning Coffee Gives You

April 14, 2015
benefits of caffeine

We know you love your morning coffee and that you really don’t need an excuse to drink it, but it’s great to give good news where it’s due, isn’t it? Just to justify that large double shot soy latte that you pick up every morning, caffeine has a huge range of benefits that you may not have even known you were sipping on.

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It wakes you up

Which we already knew, hence the coffee in hand when you walk into the office every morning. Caffeine blocks the receptors in the brain that tells you you’re tired and keeps you more alert when sleepy. It’s great for those early mornings at work and those late night reports to keep your brain going when you are struggling.

It helps burn fat

The answer to our prayers: Caffeine is a proven fat burner! It increases the amount of fat burned by the body and it increases the metabolism, which helps you to keep the weight off – as long as you don’t add those sugars into your beverage of choice. This really has to be up there as one of the best benefits of caffeine.

It makes you a better athlete

Caffeine may help you on the track or in the gym, especially if you will be participating in an endurance event. You see, caffeine increases the amount of fatty acids being released into the blood stream. The muscles then burn these and use them for fuel, storing carbohydrates for later on, when that marathon gets tough.

It helps protect your liver

Good news for those who indulge in a coffee break and happy hour! Caffeine may help to protect the liver from alcohol consumption and other related diseases such as liver cirrhosis and fatty liver. Well, that obviously calls for cocktails at 5pm and coffee the next morning!

Caffeine lowers your risk of certain diseases

Diseases like Parkinson’s, skin cancer (for women), type 2 diabetes, dementia and strokes are reported to have lowered risks if you regularly consume caffeine.

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