Benefits of Rose Water For Skincare

February 26, 2015

Have you ever ever wondered why rose water is so relaxing? There are actually properties found in rose water which correspond with specific acupressure points in the face and body.

Whether you make it yourself, buy it from your chemist, or borrow it from your mum, there are a number of ways rose water can transform your skin.

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Many toners are packed with the essence of rose water because they act as an astringent. But what does this mean? It helps to restore the glow back to your skin, and is gentle enough to use on both your face, neck and even the entire body.

Benefits of Rose Water For Skincare

Natio Rosewater and Chamomile Toner, $13.95


Invest in a rose water cleanser since they carefully help to clean the skin (without over-drying it), and make your skin look and feel brand new.

Benefits of Rose Water For Skincare

Nuxe Lait Demaquillant Confort, $24.99

Facial mist

Refresh your face and body in the humid months of the year with a rose water mist. They help to bring back that youthful glow without making your face feel sticky or thick.

Benefits of Rose Water For Skincare

ModelCo Replenishing Rose Mist Facial Mist, $20


Not only are rose water moisturisers extremely relaxing, but they also smell incredible as well! Use daily on all skin types to nourish the skin from the inside out.

Benefits of Rose Water For Skincare

Trilogy Rose Hand Cream, $26.99


Any product with rose water will ultimately help those suffering from any kinds of acne. Not only is rose water antibacterial, but it isn’t harsh on the skin like other agents such as tea tree oil. You only need a small amount of product to treat a spot, and remove gently with lukewarm water to diminish its appearance.


Rose water is perfect for those suffering from rosacea since it’s clinically proven to subside any side effects. Apply onto a cotton pad, and dab into your problem areas before applying moisturiser or makeup for a perfect base.

Skin burn

Use rose water in the same way to treat sunburn and relieve dry, cracked skin. This is even applicable for those suffering from extremely sensitive skin, since it won’t further irritate the area.

What are some ways you use rose water?

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