Bennifer engagement ring for sale

February 8, 2005

Bennifer engagement ring for sale

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez?s ?Bennifer? engagement ring has gone up for sale. New York jeweller Harry Winston has ?re-acquired? the ring and confirms it is for sale but the price is only available to ?serious buyers?. In case there are any of you out there, the ring is a 6.1 carat pink diamond ring, only slightly used and originally bought by Ben Affleck for US$1.2 million in 2002. J.Lo returned the ring to Ben when they split at the beginning of last year.

Lara?s flighty trip
Lara Flynn Boyle reportedly made a downright spectacle of herself on a recent flight from Los Angeles to London. According to reports, the stick thin actress ?ripped out? a light fitting from above her sea, handed it to a crewmember and then demanded, “Get rid of this and get it out my sight for ever and ever.” Later, semi-dressed and ?wild-eyed? she attempted to climb into the seat of a male passenger. After yanking up his window shade, she then proclaimed that the flight was over and instructed the bewildered passenger to get his clothes on. At this point they were still four hours from Heathrow. British Airways did admit they had received reports from passengers that a female was ?behaving strangely?, however no formal complaint was made. Lara?s representatives told tabloids, “It genuinely is completely inconsistent with her character and behaviour.” However when asked whether the report was false, the rep replied, “There is no further comment.”

Haven?t heard this name for a while. Since the demise of her relationship with filmmaker Chris Weitz, Heather Graham has been busy dating Josh Lucas, former flame of Salma Hayek. Unfortunately for them, their two month relationship ended last week: Josh was seen at a New York nightclub Gypsy Tea with former love, model Liliana Dominguez on Thursday… A follow up to last month?s story about Paris Hilton’s shoplifting allegations: police have confirmed she won?t be charged over the incident. The LA county district attorney?s office dropped the case for lack of evidence.

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