Bennifer Part II engaged?

April 19, 2005

Bennifer Part II engaged?

Why does she look so happy?!
Why does she look so happy?!
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are claiming the pair was planning to get engaged over the weekend! According to the News of the World, the Good Will Hunting star was planning to pop the question to his girlfriend on her 33rd birthday. “It’s going to be a complete surprise for Jennifer. He’s arranged for the engagement ring to be packed in a box within a box within a box,” a source told the paper. “The first is so big he’s hiring a truck to pick it up. Jennifer will think he’s bought her a car until she gets down to the last tiny package.” No reports have been confirmed by the pair.

Who spent three days naked in bed with Penelope and Salma?
Steve Zahn is claiming he?s the envy of every man on the planet. Why, you ask? Well he has spent three days in bed recently with none other than Latino beauties Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek. He had just finished filming Sahara with Penelope when he had to rush off to his next project ? Bandidas which was being filmed in Mexico. “It’s set in 1888 in Mexico. Penelope and Salma are a pair of Robin Hood-style bank robbers. I’m the American detective who’s sent down to Mexico to capture them. They capture me and blackmail me by taking some risque photos of the three of us. I end up tied up naked on a bed with Salma and Penelope. I spent three days naked with the girls. I think it’s safe to say I’m the envy of every man on the planet.” We think you may be right about that Steve!

Reese?s imprisonment scare
Reese Witherspoon was forced to call the police yesterday after paparazzi chased her home from the gym. The Legally Blond star was leaving the gym in Los Angeles when the paparazzi hemmed her in and refused to let her get past. “Her trainer came out and had to help her get past them so she could get into her car,” a source told the New York Daily News. “Then they boxed her in on all four sides. When she finally pulled out, they jumped in their cars and took off after her. They almost ran her off the road. They chased her all the way home to where she lives in a gated community. The security guards jumped out and had to assist her to get away from them.” The police are taking the incident very seriously, saying it is an issue of false imprisonment.

Wedding bells for Demi and Ashton
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