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These Are the Best Adam & Eve Vibrators You Need if You Want To Come

These Are the Best Adam & Eve Vibrators You Need if You Want To Come

Trouble cumming? We reviewed our favourite sex toy brand and these are the best vibrators from Adam and Eve. 

Orgasms are tricky things. While many people consider the Big-Oh to be the indicator of a satisfying sex life, cumming isn’t as easy as we might wish it to be. Research suggests that only between 50 and 70 percent of women orgasm every time they have sex, and even alone, the female orgasm remains elusive for many of us – some statistics for women who’ve never had an orgasm are as high as 15 percent.

Engaging in foreplay beforehand and introducing sex toys during intercourse can assist with bringing on orgasms while having penetrative sex, but if you have trouble cumming, using a vibrator solo can also work to get things going; after all, practice makes perfect. In fact, regular use of a vibrator has been linked to positive sexual function, including increased desire and improved ability to reach climax (solo, or with a partner). 

If the promise of more orgasms isn’t enough, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Adam & Eve to provide you an exclusive 50 percent discount and free shipping in the US and Canada on any of the toys featured here, or on their site (*discount applies to one item; some exclusions apply). Simply enter the coupon code: SHESAID at checkout to purchase at half price.

Whether you need clitoral, G-spot, internal or external stimulation to orgasm, if you want a vibrator that will make you cum, these are the best Adam and Eve vibrators for you… 

1. Adam & Eve Thruster

Rabbit vibes are great and everything, but sometimes, a gal just wants some thrust, you know? The Adam & Eve Thruster has you covered, with a curved, G-spot targeting tip, seven-function bunny ears to nestle your clit, and a three-speed moving shaft that simulates thrusting motions, just like the real thing. Thrusting and vibrating functions can be used separately or together for mind-blowing pleasure, and the USB charger means it’s portable – you can take this baby anywhere, including the shower (it’s completely waterproof as well). Considering most women need multiple kinds of stimulation to bring on orgasm, this vibrator covers all bases – your clitoris is kindly taken care of while your G-spot is targeted, and all the while, the vibrator is thrusting away inside. It’s a triple threat! 

Buy it here(Enter the code SHESAID at checkout for a discount).

2. Adam & Eve Rechargeable G-Gasm Curve

They say variety is the spice of life, and so by that logic, this Adam & Eve vibrator is really a must-have. While some vibrators have seven – or even up to 10 – speeds and functions, this G-Spot targeting vibe has 36. Yep, 36. Each of those functions has five different intensities, making this super-curvy vibe perfect for hitting your G-Spot while you play around and see what combination of pulses and vibes really gets you to Oh-Town. With so many different combos available, you could use this vibe every day of the month and still have patterns to spare. Feel free to bring this vibe with you into the shower or bathtub, as it’s also waterproof and rechargeable. 

Buy it here. (Enter the code SHESAID at checkout for a discount).

3. Adam & Eve Magic Massager Deluxe 8x

If you have trouble cumming because you need something with some oomph, we’ve got you covered. Quieter, but more powerful than ever, this wand vibe is a must-have sex toy, and can help even the stubbornest of bodies reach climax. Touted as the strongest vibrator from Adam & Eve website, the Magic Massager Deluxe has eight vibration modes – low, medium, and high speed, and a range of pulsing pleasure patterns, perfect for using on the clitoris for mind-blowing stimulation. Just like all the best wand massagers, this one does plug into the wall, which means the orgasms never have to stop on account of dead batteries. And once you’ve used it to cum, the vibrating head feels great on tired and sore muscles.

Buy it here. (Enter the code SHESAID at checkout for a discount).

4. Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Why shouldn’t you be greedy with your orgasms? The Greedy Girl Greedy Girl Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator from Adam and Eve has three delicious speeds in the clit-stimulating rabbit ears, and three speeds and nine patterns of vibrations in the shaft. Noone needs to know of the pleasure you’re succumbing to, as this vibe is super quiet, completely waterproof, and USB rechargeable. Whether you climax because of the intense G-spot pleasure, the strong vibes tickling at your clit, or a combination of the two, this is the go-to rabbit vibe for women who want to cum. 

Buy it here. (Enter the code SHESAID at checkout for a discount)

5. Satisfyer Pro 2 – Next Generation

Tried traditional vibrators with limited orgasmic success? This might just be the toy that converts you. Using air suction technology, the toy mimics oral sex – tiny puffs of air with 11 different power settings tickle your clit, giving – sometimes multiple – toe-curling orgasms. Getting it in the right position can take a little practice, but once you’ve figured out the perfect way to make this toy hug your clit, you’re well on your way to having the most intense orgasms of your life. Many women say this toy allowed them cum again even if they hadn’t had one in years, or were on medication which made it more difficult. If it was more socially acceptable to give vibrators as spontaneous gifts, we’d purchase one of these rose-gold beauties for every clitoris-having human on the planet. 

Buy it here. (Enter the code SHESAID at checkout for a discount)

6. We-Vibe Match Couples Massager

We all know you can vibe alone or during sex, but too often, sex toys are just additions to partnered sexual activity, and not really a part of it. The We-Vibe Match Couples Massager is different because it’s designed to be worn during sex, giving both G-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time. If cumming during sex is difficult, and you don’t really feel like holding a wand massager in place while trying to keep the sex flow from breaking, wearable vibes could be a toy worth exploring. While the toy can be used alone, or as foreplay (the remote can make for some fun, teasing, pre-sex play), it’s created with penetrative sex in mind, and can deliver clitoral and G-spot stimulation at the same time as all of the wonderful sensations of penetrative sex. Winning on all fronts! 

Buy it here.

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Remember, get 50% off any of the products and toys featured in this article with our friends at Adam & EveJust enter the code: “SHESAID” at checkout to take advantage of this deal, plus free shipping in the US and Canada (discount applies to one item only. Some exclusions apply).

Join the discussion: Which Adam and Eve vibrator do YOU swear by? 

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